Monday, December 26, 2016

SWTOR Gathering Node Decorations

If you are a Premium Player / Subscriber to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and you complete a Planetary Conquest Personal Objective (20000 points) during the weekly Conquest period, you can receive a Bound package of 3 random decorations that let you gather materials or lockboxes. (If you are Preferred or Free-to-Play you cannot get this reward).
Crew Skill is apparently irrelevant and you can also gather from these decoration nodes if you do not have the relevant Crew Skill.

If you have other decorations of this type and know the materials dropped, please post a comment and I will add it to the list.

Archaeology - Colored Crystal Formations
These provide Artifact Fragments, Power Crystals, and Color Crystals.
Amorphous (colour) Crystal Formation1
(colour) Diaphanous Crystal Formation7
Damind Crystal Formation6
Igneous (colour) Crystal Formation2
Lucent (colour) Crystal Formation5
Opaque (colour) Crystal Formation3
Polychromatic (colour) Crystal Formation6
Solid (colour) Crystal Formation4

Archaeology - Archaeological Finds and Other Crystal Formations
These provide Artifact Fragments and Power Crystals only. No Color Crystals.
Alien Archaeological Find6
Ancient Archaeological Find1
Bondar Crystal Formation2
Carbonic Crystal Formation7
Damind Crystal Formation6
Eralam Crystal Formation2
Firkrann Crystal Formation4
Galactic Archaeological Find4
Hypertech Archaeological Find5
Lost Archaeological Find1
Nextor Crystal Formation2
Opila Crystal Formation3
Perfect Upari Crystal Formation8
Phond Crystal Formation5
Prehistoric Archaeological Find2
Primeval Archaeological Find6
Primordial Device7
Rubat Crystal Formation1
Sacred Archaeological Find2
Upari Crystal Formation6

Alien Contagion Fiber4
Bacterial Colony1
Biennial Bud1tooltip reads "Luminescent Bud"
Bio Energy Fiber3
Bioengineered Fungus7
Blue Nutrient Bud3
Cytocidal Seeds6tooltip reads "Immunity Seeds"
Dielectric Tendril1
Fossilized Tendril4
Genetic Symbiotic Growth2
Green Deciduous Stem1
Inert Growth4
Medicinal Fungus3
Mutagenic Growth6
Mutagenic Seeds2tooltip reads "Microscopic Symbiote Colony"
Nerve Damaging Fungus4
Noxious Fern7
Nutrient Fiber5
Parasitic Stem5
Photophilic Seeds2tooltip reads "Hallucinogenic Seeds"
Psychoactive Fungus5
Quick Growth Colony5
Red Vascular Tendril6
Toxic Phosporescent Stem2
Unknown Microorganism Colony3

Aluminium Salvaged Heap1
Bondite Jetsam2
Bronzium Wreckage2
Chanlon Vehicle Debris2
Desh Junk Pile1
Diatium Cargo4
Durasteel Shipwreck6
Electrum Cache5
Enriched Durasteel Cache8
Multi-Alloy Debris7
Phobium Barrel3

These provide variously named Lockboxes with an Item Roll rating. The higher the Item Roll rating, the more credits received on average. Lockboxes are Bound to the character that obtained them, unlike normal Slicing nodes.
DecorationItem Roll
Biometric Footlocker30
Biometric Safe Box40
Coded Safe Box16
Computer Terminal24
Cybernetic Supercomputer42
Data Station14
Durasteel Footlocker48
Electronic Brain50
Electronic Safe10
Encrypted Terminal55
Holographic Microcomputer36
Security Footlocker20
Security Mainframe28

Friday, September 16, 2016

League of Angels II - Why you are not getting X-Server Matches

If you have been waiting an excessive amount of time for an X-Server Match in League of Angels II, this may be the reason:
(from GTArcade forum post by a Moderator)
Go to your ranking tab > go to level > look at the person at rank 100th and check what level they are at.  There are 2 reason for long queue time, you are either over leveled (higher than the average on your server/bracket) this will cause you to have long queue time because there are not enough players at your level to create a match, so you will have to be matched to a lower bracket, but in low priority queue.  Second reason is if you are too low level, if the average level is 80+ and you are 70-79 you will never find a match as the system will not try to place you in a higher level bracket match.
It is of course absolute garbage programming.
And WTF? Can't they provide some in-game documentation so people aren't wasting their time making a character on an older server?
In fact, you can't even know if this garbage programming will affect you until you've levelled your character far enough to access the X-Server menu.

And people wonder why older servers die. Because there is no point starting a character there after 2 weeks.

HOWEVER there is apparently a workaround: Accept an invitation into a X-Server Match by someone who can get matches.
But it's rather pointless since you're just weakening the team by being of a very much lower level. And you can't AFK with Little Helper doing that.

Monday, September 12, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - X-Server Group Deal and Turkish Costume

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

September-13 to September-14 was the X-Server Group Deal across all servers. The X-Server Group Deal was primarily to sell Hero Skins (costs Topaz) and a few other items at discount of 20% up to 60% (which is close to the daily Special Offer which can be 50% to 60% straight off).
It's not clear what the "X-Server" part of this offer is because checking between S563 and S651, the servers do not have the same stats for purchases.

Mythic Hero Outfits
  • Mythic Hero outfits sell for 2000 Topaz for 20 shards. You need 100 shards to synth, so in reality it costs 10,000 Topaz.
  • It is initially discounted to 1840/2000 and the basic deal is 4% off, and can go up to 10%.
Legendary Hero Outfits
  • Legendary Hero outfits sell for 2000 to 2500 Topaz for a full outfit.
    • If you have 2-3 outfits of a set (for three Legendary Heroes), additional bonuses are activated.
  • They are initially discounted to 1920/2000 to 2400/2000.
  • The basic deal is 4% off, and can go up to 10%.
  • Every 10 Topaz or Diamond you spend earns you 1 Voucher and 1 Credit.
  • You can use 1 Voucher to reduce the cost of every 10 Diamonds spent in the X-Server Group Deal.
  • Credits get you additional prizes, starting at 100 credits (1000 Diamonds or Topaz spent).
Turkish Costume
  • Concurrent with the X-Server Group Deal, but lasting one extra day, was the Turkish Costume Event.
  • You have to recharge at least 800 Topaz on any one day of the event to get the entire costume. Recharging at least 800 Topa on Days 2 and 3 of the Turkish Costume event awarded Mythic Hero Shard chests.
    • Presumably you would also be spending a heap of Topaz on they X-Server Group Deal, the timing is actually really fortunate for anyone intent on getting the Turkish Costume or spending a lot in the X-Server Group Deal.

Friday, September 9, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Charm Rankings

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

LOA2 Charm Rankings event 1

Charm Rankings was an event across all servers to let players have a chance to get the new Angel Academy outfit. Theoretically you can also get that in the Mall, according to the tooltip for the outfit components, but this is actually unlikely.
There are two parts to the Charm Rankings event -- Getting feathers to Rank, and getting Points to redeem. To do anything, you first need Feathers. Normally, Feathers are purchased from the Charm Star interface at 10 Topaz per Feather.
Unfortunately, concurrent with this event was a rerun of Treasure Seeker, another pricey event.

Feathers - Various Events (all 3-day, the same period of Charm Rankings) reward Feathers:
  • One-Day Recharge - Recharge 200 to 20000 Topaz to receive 0 to 200 Feathers and 10 to 310 Pickaxes for Treasure Seeker.
  • Fallen Feather - Feathers are random drops in Elite Dungeons during the event.
    • Concurrent with this event was You're Elite, which gave prizes for 10 to 150 Elite Dungeons cleared. Pickaxes were given at 80 and 150 Dungeon clears.
  • All Rounder - Completing all the tasks for All Rounder in the same day awarded 10 Feathers in addition to 100 Engraving Stones and 1 Relic Crystal.
    • In order to complete all tasks, Diamonds must be spent as well as at least 1 Recharge of any amount.
    • Tasks that required Diamonds or Recharging also awarded 2 Pickaxes each. 
  • Feather for VIP - Feathers can be purchased in limited quantities daily with Diamonds, based on VIP level -- 2 for VIP 0, up to a total of 37 for VIP 9. 10 Diamonds each.
  • Stamina Tycoon - Prizes for buying Stamina 4 to 13 times per day (to buy Stamina more than 5 times a day requires VIP 1). Buying Stamina from stores do NOT count. Buying Stamina 13 times awards 5 Pickaxes and 5 Feathers in addition to the regular prize of 30 Aptitude Codexes.
Charm Star
  • The more feathers you RECEIVE as GIFTS from others (including yourself), the higher you get on the ranking. Only the top 5 persons will get any sort of prize.
    • Feathers are received anonymously unless 99 are given at the same time.
    • Prizes include a TEMPORARY bonus title and materials to craft or upgrade high-level Accessories.
  • To gift a feather, use the special blue button in the upper right corner to open a special menu.
    • Giving 20 to 2000 Feathers in total during the event also awards prizes in the "Feather Bonus" event.
  • It is recommended that you DO NOT actually participate in trying to Rank from the very first day. Instead, accumulate your feathers and decide later.
    • If you will have so many feather points that you will hit the daily purchase limits in the Points Shop, then spend only enough feathers to get what you want and try to save the rest for later.
    • On the last day, look at the rankings and determine how badly you want a particular spot. At that point, spend Topaz if you have to in order to secure your spot.
  • For accounts that are not going to bother trying to rank at all, it is also recommended that you save as many feathers as you can till the last day in order to help your friends or guildmates keep their rank.
    • Alternatively, help someone who cannot cash-compete with the top "wallet warriors" and gift them your feathers to boost their rank. But check how close they are to actually getting on the board before you commit.
LOA2 Charm Rankings event 2

Points Shop
  • When you give away Feathers, you get 1 point for each. These points can be redeemed for items including Mythic Hero and Mythic Gear shards.
  • The top prizes can be redeemed by anyone: Angel Academy outfit pieces -- 500 points per piece of the outfit. Without spending Topaz, it is basically impossible. An absolutely vast amount of Stamina would be required to get 500 feathers from Elite Dungeons over the three days.
  • You cannot save feathers or Points in the hopes that the event will run again.
Event - School Memories
LOA2 Charm Rankings event 3

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Buy 1 Get 1 Free and Spender Bonus

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

These two events appeared to be on every server at the same time. One is a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" special menu with a variety of pricey items and some event-only items such as Anima. Whatever you bought (already at a small discount), you got doubled.
For example, you could buy 10 units of Anima, normally selling at 100 diamonds for 10 units in the Mall. The BOGO event sold this at 80 diamonds for 10 Anima. If you bought it for 80 diamonds, you received 10 + 10 free, or a total of 20 Anima or 60% off the regular price. This works out to 4 Diamonds per Anima, which is much better than buying additional Anima's Path attempts, although those attempts would also give you 50 XP, gold, and one unit of material required for an Anima upgrade.
Items in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free event also included some items for sale with Topaz only.

Possibly cleverly in tandem with Buy 1 Get 1 was an Event called "Spender Bonus", where you got additional prizes for spending 500 to 35,000 diamonds over the event period.
Since this event overlapped with the Wheel of Fortune, Lotto Tickets for the Wheel of Fortune were part of the Spender Bonus at 7000 diamonds, where you could get 5 tickets in additional to other prizes (200 Anima and 10 Mythic Hero Shards of choice). In total, just these three prizes are worth 3500 diamonds.

All in all, Buy 1 Get 1 in tandem with Spender Bonus is a very excellent event, but one that is liable to clean you out of diamonds entirely.
Remember to save enough for Domination betting (1440 diamonds) as well as various other daily expenditures such as buying Stamina and Guild Donations.

The best use of this event is to WAIT till the last day. At that point, decide how much you want to spend and try to target one of the Spender Bonus reward milestones. Then look in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free store AND elsewhere -- such as the daily Special Offer, which can give you as deals just as good -- and purchase your way up to the diamond spend milestone, AFTER regular daily expenditures.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Wheel of Fortune

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

Days 15-17 was the Wheel of Fortune event for Server 651-Maggex-GMT, instead of Treasure Seeker. Therefore the Wheel of Fortune looks like possibly a recurring all-server event.

X-Server Wheel is basically a wheel of fortune with chancy prizes. The ultimate goal is to get the special new mount "Divine Steed". This was a special event to auction the Divine Steed by making players compete against each other in spending.
For other servers, it is likely that Day 15-17 will be the Wheel of Fortune. Although the prizes appear to focus on Mythic Hero Shards, the key prize is actually in the "Supreme Exchange" Event for the Wheel of Fortune.

LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - general wheel

General Wheel
  • To spin the Wheel of Fortune "General Wheel", you need Lotto Tickets.
    • You can get tickets from Events not-related to the Wheel of Fortune but with with tickets as additional prizes.
    • There is also a "VIP Lotto" event where you can buy 2-10 tickets depending on your VIP level.
    • The Mall sells a 5-pack of tickets (with other things) for 499 Diamonds.
  • There are 12 places on the wheel and presumably you have an equal chance of landing on each slot. Two of the 12 places (16.67% chance per spin) are for your choice of 5 shards for one of the three Mythic Heroes. You need 100 shards to synth a Mythic hero.
    • In the Hero Shop, Mythic Hero shards start showing up when you are level 60. Five (5) Shards cost 600 Souls or 500 Diamonds.
    • Eventually you will be able to blitz Elite Dungeons for Mythic Hero shards, but that is a long way past level 60.
  • Most of the other prizes on the Wheel are also excellent value compared to buying them in the Mall -- around 50% discount. Most are hard-to-get items, so there's value in participating in even the General Wheel. The issue is whether you want to spend the diamonds or not.
  • Each spin also gets you 10 Points and 10 Lucky Coins, the event currency to exchange for prizes in the Lucky Shop. In the Lucky Shop, 10 points will get you a single shard for a Mythic Hero.
    • Therefore, if you spent 100 Diamonds for a spin on the wheel, you have a 16.67% chance of getting 5 mythic hero shards, or 500 diamond value.
    • And you also get a guaranteed 100 Diamond value in a single mythic hero shard. So your ROI is approximately 83.33%.
LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Premium Wheel

Premium Wheel
    • To spin the Wheel of Fortune "Premium Wheel", you must spend 100 Topaz per spin AND be VIP 4+
    • You get 33% to 100% more prizes compared to the General Wheel.
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Rankings

    • The top Wheel of Fortune spenders get additional prizes IF they have at least 200 points (20 spins).
    • "Super Rewards" are also available if you have at least 1000 points.
      • The top Super Reward Prize includes a Mythic Hero Pack where you can choose a single Mythic Hero (full hero, not just shards); and a Giant Eternal Chest where you can get 50 shards of your choice of one type of Eternal Equipment (100 shards required to synth a piece of Mythic gear).
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Lucky Shop

    Event: VIP Lotto
    • Depending on your VIP level you can buy 2-10 tickets per day at 100 Diamonds each.
    Event: Spin Combo
    • Each day, spin the wheel 10-200 times for extra rewards.
    Events: Supreme Exchange
    • Spin the Premium Wheel (Topaz Wheel) 10x in order to qualify for Supreme Exchange.
    • Once you qualify, you can exchange the Wheel of Fortune event currency (Supreme Luck Coupons) for shards toward the Eldorado Suit, Eldorado Wings, or the Armored Leopard Seal.
      • You need 100 shards to synth the Armored Leopard Seal.
    • Resets each day.
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - tickets in Mall

    Sunday, September 4, 2016

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Pyramids of Destiny

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    The last 3 days of Week 4

    The Pyramids of Destiny is a mini-game using either Diamonds, Pyramid Coupons (sprinkled throughout regular Events), or Topaz (for the Pyramid of Eternity, which has superior treasure). Each time you use a token or spend 50 Diamonds or 50 Topaz, you get one random treasure and 10 Points, or you get the Signet event currency and 5 Points.
    • IF that treasure is in the leftmost position, you ascend 1 level up the pyramid where you can get SLIGHTLY better drops, as well as a better chance of ascending the pyramid again because there are fewer spots.
      • The bottom/first level is 7 potential prizes, so you only have a 1-in-7 chance of moving up.
      • The next floor, Level 2, has potential prizes, so you have a slightly better 1-in-6 chance of moving up.
      • Level 6, the top floor, has only 1 position.
      • Best case it takes 6 attempts. Average case takes (7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3) = 25 attempts or 1,250 currency units to reach the top. Theoretically the worst case is an infinite number of attempts because you are not guaranteed to ever move up the pyramid at all.
    • More attempts do not improve your odds of moving up since an attempt can land you on the same treasure you won previously.
    • The treasure is basically slightly better than buying the equivalent item from the Mall, which is overpriced in Diamond cost to begin with.
      • For example, you could get 6 Bless Stones from the Pyramid of Infinity, which costs 50 Diamonds per attempt unless you earned a token somewhere. In the mall, this would cost 60 Diamonds.
      • You could potentially get a Signet, which lets you swap for items in the Infinity Shop.
        • For Infinity Signets (from the Infinity Pyramid that costs Diamonds), the exchange rate works out to be slightly more favourable than the Mall.
        • For Eternity Signets (from the Eternity Pyramid, which costs Topaz), the exchange rate is slightly WORSE compared to the Infinity Signets for the most mundane items, BUT you have access to special items: Ocean's Heart outfit pieces (1000 Eternity Signets each), and the Spectra Tiger Seal (1500 Eternity Signets).
    • The treasure in the leftmost position is the best and has a much higher value than the others.
    • Along with this special event are supporting events under the Events tab.
    2016-Sep-4 Pyramid of Infinity

    2016-Sep-4 Pyramid of Eternity

    More Coupon (3 days, resets each day)

    • VIP4 to VIP11 can exchange Diamonds for more Pyramid Coupons, basically getting attempts at a discount.

    Step Ahead

    • If you get 800 Points in Pyramids of Destiny, you can exchange 6999 Topaz for prizes (including the Spectral Tiger Seal).

    Pyramid Points Rewards (2 days, resets each day)

    • Get 50-600 points in Pyramids of Destiny to get prizes. Mostly they are pretty weak compared to the outlay in Diamonds and Topaz required except at the 600 point tier.

    Thursday, September 1, 2016

    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Rail Nomads Camp

    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Rail Nomads Camp

    Play Wasteland 2 risk-free with money-back guarantee from Good Old Games.

    A great place for maps and general information for Arizona is Here, we provide additional information about the various locations, and/or specific to the Director's Cut.

    Rail Nomads Camp is not hard to get to but the challenges there starting around level 4 and going up to around level 7.
    • Perception 5-6 is required to spot some buried caches (with nothing important in them); to help you get that score, you can complete Quarax's quest for the video game cartridge and get the Clay Wizard Figurine for +2 Perception when equipped.
    • In some cases, even if you do not succeed in Perception on something, you can still manually use a skill from your hotbar on it. For example, you can know the generator is rigged to an alarm because there is an alarm right above it on the wall. So you can manually target your Alarm Disarming skill and disable the alarm.
    Watch out for timed quests. You get one right away when you first meet someone in this map. You don't have a lot of time to succeed at Brute Force on the pillar on the right to kick it into the water as a lifeline.
    Another instance occurs when you (hopefully) spot a bomb in the playground. If you don't disarm it before the nearby conversation ends, someone will walk over, trigger it, and get blown up.

    Honest Jon

    • The CD-i for Quarex is here but you can also turn it in to Mercaptain at the Ranger Citadel for a more interesting reward of a Requisition.

    • Samuel, the Snake Squeezin's man mentioned by Ace in his log book, will reveal information only if you have Ace's Log Book, Smart Ass 6, or Hard Ass 4. If you get far enough in dialogue with Angela Deth in your party, she will kill him afterwards.
      • Angela kills Samuel in a cutscene and apparently nothing can prevent this.
      • You can temporarily dismiss her, but if you leave the area or reload a game, she will disappear from the game and you cannot get her back.
      • If you abort conversation he leaves the bar for the Hobo Jungle and exits the map at the north end of that area. You can still talk to him if you catch up with him before he leaves the map. Otherwise he disappears from the game.
    • You can ask him about Hell Razor before OR after you talk to him about Ace. His responses are different.
    Town Hall
    • After you make peace between the two tribes (if you want to) you can loot the place without triggering hostility. You can also go in before that but access is limited and you can't be spotted in certain areas without making everyone go hostile.
    • Lots of high-level Alarm Disarming, Demolitions, and Open Lock skills checks.

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 4

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
    Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses.
    Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

    Royal Treasure Surprise
    • Open chests in Battle Royale for additional prizes.
    X-Server Group Deal and Group Buy Bonus (day 23-25)
    • There is a X-Server Group Deal icon where the more people buy, the cheaper the item (up to 20 percent discount). However items are in limited quantities and all cost either Topaz or Diamonds.
    • When you buy, you get points. At various milestones you get prizes through this Event. Counter resets daily.
    • When you buy you also get vouchers and credits.
      • Credits are used to redeem for prizes separate from the Event and done through the X-Server Group Deal menu.
      • Vouchers are worth 1 diamond or topaz each and can be used to reduce a purchase through the X-Server Group Deal by up to 10% of the price.
    Gifted Hero (day 23-25, resets daily)
    • Challenge Anima's Path 20-70 times for additional prizes every 10 times.
    Angel's Fund (day 23-25)
    • Similar to the first week Angel's Fund, you buy into a fund and receive diamonds and rewards over 5 days.
    All-Rounder (day 26)
    • Complete various tasks for additional rewards, such as reaching Daily Quest milestones.
    • It is called "All Rounder" because the tasks are from a variety of events, instead of aiming to do a lot of one event.
    Elite Double Drop (day 26)
    • Special 1-time event to celebrate "League of Angel II's stunning full CG cinematic".
    • Elite dungeon rewards doubled today. This is actually incorrect -- normal Rewards of XP and gold are NOT doubled. Only the random drops are doubled.
    • ALSO, it looks like you are guaranteed a drop, whereas normally there might not be any drops at all.

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Lucky Tree

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    Days 23-25 is the Lucky Tree event, which may repeat over time.

    The Lucky Tree is a whole server cooperative event. There is a personal tree and a World Tree. As people water their trees, the World Tree benefits and everyone can collect benefits.
    Watering your tree using Water Essence costs Diamonds (limited times per day) or Topaz but you can also get Water Essence as part of the World Tree benefits. The more people spend, the more everyone benefits. (In practical terms you are benefiting from the heavy cashers on your server.)
    Key prizes you can purchase with the Lucky Coin event credit include several mounts (or shards for the mounts): Primal Dragon, Spectral Tiger, Armored Leopared shards, Panda shards, Lunar Beast shards.
    Each time you water your plant, you get a bit of treasure from the tree and you collect points which can be redeemed for additional rewards under the Points Reward tab.

    Events: Water Essence I and II
    • Water Essence I - Use 200-2000 Topaz to be allowed to exchange more Diamonds for Water Essence. Resets daily.
    • Water Essence II - Recharge 200-10,000 Topaz per day to get 2 Water Essence per 200 Topaz.
    Event: Lucky Bargain
    • Recharge 800 Diamonds to be allowed to exchange Lucky Coins at a huge discount.
    Event: Lucky Tree Bonus
    • Bless your Lucky Tree 10-250 times per day to get prizes at various milestones. Count resets daily.

    Monday, August 29, 2016

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Carnage Blade

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    Days 21-22 (Aug-30-31) was the Carnage Blade event. However, this event was definitely not server age related as younger servers also received this event.

    Carnage Blade
    • When you clear Elite dungeons, you have approximately a 50% chance to get one Carnage Blade, which can be exchange for prizes.
    • There are three Events menus to exchange Carnage Blades: Normal Exchange, Lucky Exchange, and for all but the youngest servers, there is also Supreme Exchange.
      • With Normal Exchange, you exchange a fixed amount of Blades for fixed treasure.
      • With Lucky Exchange, you exchange blades for a chest with random drops. The types of treasure is fixed, but the amounts you get can vary wildly. Lucky Exchange is generally better than Normal Exchange.
        • For example, 30 Blades will get you 10 Anima's Path challenge tokens. This translates to roughly 10 Anima and 10 tokens to be found on Anima's Path.
        • Instead for 20 Blades, you can get a chest that will drop 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 Anima. The opportunity to get a lot more Anima, which is tedious to do on Anima's path, is probably worth the gamble.
      • Supreme Exchange allows you to spend a LOT of Topaz and a lot of Carnage Blades for event-only items such as skins for the healers A'ishah, Flora, and Thera. Something like that would cost you 1000 Topaz plus 200 Carnage Blades.
        • Note that some deals are very bad, such as 25 Topaz and 25 Carnage Blades for a Cerebus Seal shard. You can get a Cerebus shard in the Honor Shop for 500 Honor, which is easy to come by. You are limited to 3 shards per day there, but the cost is so much less and spending extravagantly won't speed up getting the mount that much faster, unless you throw bags of money at the game.
    • Unused Carnage Blades stay in inventory after the event. There is hope that it will re-run, so if you only have a few Blades and can't exchange them, instead of spending a lot of diamonds for stamina to try to get more blades, just hold onto them.
    • Stamina Tycoon (Day 21-22, resets daily)
      • Buy Stamina 4-13 times. Prizes at 4x, 7x, 10x, 13x
      • Carnage Blades were added to this event because of the Carnage Blade event.
      • None of the prizes were particularly special. There were two chests but they gave random drops.

    Friday, August 26, 2016

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - X-Server Wheel

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    Days 18-20 is the X-Server Wheel Event.

    X-Server Wheel is basically a wheel of fortune with chancy prizes. The ultimate goal is to get the special new mount "Divine Steed". This was a special event to auction the Divine Steed by making players compete against each other in spending.
    For other servers, it is likely that Day 15-17 will be the Wheel of Fortune.

    General Wheel, Premium Wheel
    • To spin the X-Server Wheel, you need Lotto Tickets. If you have a VIP level you can buy limited quantities of lotto tickets with diamonds each day.
      • 80 Diamonds per Ticket.
      • VIP 10+ can buy a maximum of 14 Tickets per day.
    • Obviously the Premium Wheel, limited to VIP 4+, has better prizes.
    • The wheels DO NOT HAVE Magic Vouchers, which are needed to get the Divine Steed.
    • Rankings: To get ANY Magic Vouchers at all, you must Rank in the top 20 people who have accumulated points, AND your points must be at least 2500.
      • To get the Divine Steed, you MUST get at least 3 Tokens, which means being one of the top 3 AND qualify for "Super Rewards" by having at least 2500 points.
    • Lucky Shop: The wheel also drops Gold and Silver Tokens which can be used to buy various prizes in the Lucky Shop.
    • Points Reward: Whether you rank or not, 50-10000 points on the Lucky Wheel will get you various prizes.
    Event: Magic Exchange II
    • You can also exchange Vouchers and Topaz for rare outfits.
    Event: Magic Exchange III
    • You can also exchange Vouchers for more mundane prizes (chests or materials).
    Events: Divine Steed Exchange, Magic Exchange I
    • You need 5 Magic Vouchers to get the Divine Steed.
    • If you have less than 5, you can still get the Divine Steed, or other steeds, by spending (a lot) of Topaz (minimum 99 Topaz plus 1 Voucher).
    Event: Magic Exchange II
    • You can also exchange Vouchers and Topaz for rare outfits.
    Event: Magic Exchange III
    • You can also exchange Vouchers for more mundane prizes (chests or materials).
    Event: All-Rounder (Day 18 only)
    • Accomplish various tasks to get various prizes. Accomplish all tasks -- including Recharging Diamonds -- to win a chest.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Treasure Seeker

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    Days 15-17 are the Treasure Seeker event.

    loa2 treasure seeker board

    Basically the core of the event is game board of 64 tiles. You use Pickaxes to reveal tiles.
    Each tile is either treasure or a number that indicates how many treasures are adjacent to it. If all treasures adjacent to the tile are uncovered, the remaining tiles are flagged as being empty.

    It is basically very hard to get pickaxes without using Diamonds; small amounts are added to various other reset-daily Events including Arena Champion (Arena Points) and Palace Adventure (Raids in the Palace).

    You can breeze through each board by spending 450 Diamonds, but this is typically more than you would spend on Pickaxes. A board is cleared when all treasure is found, so the more quickly you find the treasure the less Diamonds you spend per board.
    Your expense is basically less than 450 Diamonds per board for 20 treasures, which may well cost more than 450 in total to purchase separately. The main variable is how many points and how much Obsidian you can get.

    The prize are pretty straightforward except for Obsidian, which is used in the special time-limited Obsidian Shop to get prizes.

    You can play as much as you want but obviously you are limited by the Diamonds you have. Look at the prizes carefully before deciding.
    • You may want to decide closer to the event end when you may have gotten some pickaxes for free through other activities. At that point, look through the Obsidian Shop for what prize you want to aim for and get that number of Obsidian pieces.
    • Prizes typically have a Daily Limit, so you can't just save up your Obsidian till the last day and spend it all.
    Pickaxe Discount (Day 15-17)
    • VIP3+ can buy a limited number of pickaxes at a 20% discount.
    Warm-Up I (Day 15 only)
    Adv. Warm Up (Day 16 only)
    • You get various prizes for completing certain tasks.
      • Getting 100 points in Treasure Seeker
      • Getting 90 Daily Quest Points
      • Attacking 20 opponents in Battle Royale
      • Consume 400 Topazes
    • If you finish all asks you get 5 shards for a pet. On Day 15 (Warm-Up I) it is for the Ifrit; on Day 16 (Adv. Warm Up) it is for the Star Striker.
    Warm-Up II (Day 15 only)
    • If you spend Topazes with Obsidian, you can get certain prizes more cheaply than simply exchanging Obsidian for them in the Obsidian Shop.
    Warm-Up III (Day 15 only)
    • If you Recharge Diamonds you can get prizes toward the upcoming Conquest event starting Day 18.
    Treasure Points Bonus (Day 15-17, resets daily)
    • Reach Treasure Seeker point milestones (up to 2000) to get prizes.
    Spender Bonus (Day 15-17)
    • Spend 500+ diamonds to get prizes.
    Royal Treasure Surprise (Day 15-17, resets daily)
    • Open 4+ chests in a Treasure Raid in Battle Royal to get additional prizes.
      • You can normally open each of the 4 chests once for free, a second time for 50 diamonds, and a third time for 100 diamonds.
    Treasure Seeker
    Credits Rewards (Day 15-17)
    • Reach various point milestones (up to 12000) to get additional rewards.
    Obsidian Shop
    • Trade in Obsidian for high-level prizes, including hard-to-get Mythic Relics that are typically more easily purchased on Auction (for Topaz); and chests of 5 Mythic Hero Shards worth 500 Diamonds if you were to buy them in the Hero Shop.
    Rankings (Day 15-17)
    • The top 300 people who got points in Treasure Seeker get additional prizes in the mail at the end of the event.

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide

    This post indexes all our League of Angels II New Server Guides.
    The information is based on Server 563-Ogre-EST, launched August 10th.

    VIP Level
    If you are considering going with a minimal First Recharge, I recommend you commit to VIP 1 for just a few dollars more.
    What VIP0 really gets you is the Lycorax mount, which is necessary to unlock many other mounts, such as the LandRunner in the Mall, and the Cerebus in the X-Server Honor Shop.
    VIP1 jumps you to numerous other benefits (which generally cost Diamonds -- it seduces you to get on the road to spending a lot -- but also unlocks some benefits which can greatly increase your rewards, such as Hero Trial resets, and increased daily Honor Shop Purchase limits.

    Special Events

    Special events are often on all servers that are over 14 days old -- that is, they qualify only after Week 2's Carnival Plus.

    Daily Quests

    Week 1 (Aug-10 to Aug-16)

    • 7-Day Carnival
    • Events Week 1
    • Week 1 goal summary:
      • Day 1
        • Join a Guild
          • Royal Donations every day
          • Buy maximum number of Drills every day.
          • With your remaining Guild currency, save some to buy Tech upgrades from the Guild.
          • Use the remainder to buy Outfit materials whenever you can. You will eventually need 10 R1 Outfit Crystals and 100 units of Outfit Essence to synth a single piece of Accessory, and you can have two Accessories.
            • Higher-level Crystals are extremely costly so keep your eyes open for how to get them, though do not commit too many diamonds as the cost is exorbitant.
            • You will also need more to Refine the accessories, BUT refining is RANDOM. There is a chance the random stat will be inferior, in which case you do not get any increase (but neither do you get a decrease) AND you lose your materials in the attempt.
          • As your guild level goes up, your ability to get Guild Seals increases. Be sure to participate in Guild Dungeon as soon as possible. Even if you do not fight/kill the bosses, you can still fight "Stragglers" for the equivalent rewards of fighting the bosses (but no chance of diamonds).
        • Reach level 25 to participate in World Boss and X-Server
          • Reach 1 Million Damage to World Boss in order to rank for bonus gold reward
        • Befriend top people in the Abyss rankings and World Boss rankings
        • Reach level 30 and STOP
        • Cache Hero Shop refresh tokens for days 4+ or whenever the Hero Shopaholic Event shows up.
        • Buy the Angel Set on sale this week.
        • Buy the Landrunner on sale this week IF you have the Lycorax from Recharging at least once.
        • Reserve 1440 Diamonds for Domination betting.
        • Choose one of your DPS characters and start focussing your resources on them. By the end of the second week you want them to have a BR of 1.3 million if possible.
      • Every day:
        • Save as much Stamina and Hero Store Refresh Scrolls and Free Refreshes for the Hero Store as possible for the next day. If you cannot level up and unlock a new game feature, save those resources for Events and other quests tomorrow.
        • Buy Raid Cards, Palace Dungeon time cards, and similar items, even from the Mall. The only thing you might want to skip from the Mall are Refresh Scrolls. DO NOT USE THEM, but instead save them to quests.
      • Summon 3 Legendary Heroes
        • You will get Ritual Cards (gold cards) in various ways for free. DO NOT USE ANY until you have TEN (10) because clicking the Summon x10 button will get you 12 heroes AND at least one of them will be Legendary.
        • Contrary to rumour, you do not have to buy 10 attempts with Diamonds to get this deal.
      • Get 5 Squad Members to Augment +4
      • Upgrade 1 squad member to R6, all 5 squad members to R5.
        • Focus on one hero (NOT the main character) to get R6. Then if necessary you can Rebirth them and redistribute the Bless Stones to get everyone to R5 with the additional Bless Stones you received as a reward for upgrading the character.
      • Reach Level 52, BR 1.2 million (BR 2.6 million to have any chance of getting a lion mount).
      • Enhance gear of all squad members to Level 80
      • Refine one piece of gear to R15, and 20 pieces of gear to R12.
      • Evolve 10 Relics to level 25.
      • Upgrade Riding skill to R5-Level 0.
      • Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 7
      • Reach 200 Abyss Stars
      • Reach Arena Rank 2000 or better.
        • Ideally reach rank 64 or better to qualify for Domination.

    Week 2 (Aug 17 to Aug-23)
    • Carnival Plus
    • Events Week 2
    • Week 2 goal summary: Note that even the top pay-to-play players have trouble hitting all these goals without an exorbitant amount of cash and purchases starting from day 1.
      • Augment one Legendary Hero to +9, three other Legendary Heroes to +8. Main character does NOT count (?)
      • Equip 20 pieces of Epic or higher gear, 18+ Legendary or higher.
      • Equip 10 Relics of Legendary or higher level.
        • You may have to skip buying Runes and instead save up to buy the Legendary Relics from the Relic Store.
      • Enhance 4 pieces of gear on the same character to +130, gear of other 4 squad members to +120.
        • This requires that you somehow reach level 60-65, and it also requires a staggering amount of gold so participate in World Boss as soon as possible. Buying gold with Diamonds is probably still not recommended.
      • Evolve 10 Relics to level 40.
      • Socket 40 runes. Socket 25 runes of R6 or higher.
      • Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 12.
      • Reach 260 Abyss Stars
      • Get one hero in the squad to a BR of 1.3 million.
    Week 3 (Aug-24 to Aug-30) 
    Week 4 (Aug-31 to Sep-6)

    Week 5 (Sep-7 to Sep-13) 

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 2

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
    Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses.
    Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

    • Starting day 8 (week 2), the Demon Outfit (clothes and wings together) goes on sale at a discount of 4999 (plus some other items, which changes over the course of the week) compared to 2888 per piece regularly.
    Double Diamonds (days 8-14)
    • During the period, Recharging up to 12,000 diamonds gives you a like amount in reward.
    Panda Festival (days 8-14)
    • Panda Festival I - Exchange a limited quantity of Topaz or Diamonds for Panda Seal Shards
      • Note that since you need 100 shards to make the Panda mount, unless you are willing to spend a lot of Topaz and Diamonds you are not going to get the mount before the event ends.
    • Panda Festival II - Login every day for a Panda Pack.
    • Panda Festival III - Spend up to 2000 diamonds each day for extra Panda Packs that MAY contain Panda shards.
      • The chance of a Panda shard dropping from a chest is VERY LOW.
    Magic Rune (days 10-11, resets each day)
    • Combine Runes up to 30 times. Pretty easy to do if you didn't do any unnecessary rune combinations leading up to today. Even if you did, you can typically buy a lot of the cheaper R2 Runes in the Relic Shop to combine your way up to 30 combinations. It will calculate all the steps for you and credit you properly if you use the mass rune combiner wizard.
    Guild Power (days 10-11, resets each day)
    • Raid the Guild Dungeon 5-8 times.
      • Typically members get 5 raids per day. You can buy up to 3 for 10 Diamonds each, but since the prizes here are Guild Seals, which are pretty easy to get, it may not be worth it.
      • However, if you are able to kill one of the Guild Dungeon bosses, you get 50 Diamonds for the kill, which can net you a profit on Diamond expenditure as well as help you with the Spend Diamonds daily quest.
    You're Elite (days 11-12, resets each day)
    • Clear Elite Dungeon 80 times
      • If you can reach 80 clears you get 3 L4 runes for Day 11. Each is worth 1350 Palace Seals if you were to buy R3 Runes to combine them yourself.
    Lead the Way
    • Clear Normal Dungeons to Chapter 12 by end of week 2)
      • The prizes are nothing special until you clear Chapter 12, when you get a chest with a guaranteed Legendary Hero.
    Hero Shopaholic (till the end of week 2, resets each day)
    • Refresh Hero Shop tup to 80 times per day
    Palace Adventure (daily on days 13-14; count resets daily)
    • Raid in Palace 90 times a day. You do NOT have to succeed in getting a Relic Shard (unlike the Daily quest).
      • You may want to consider raids for Normal Relic Shards because you only need 3 to synth (but definitely AFK at the highest level you can). Synth results are often similar for green and blue relic shard synths.
    • The key milestones are at 50 and 65 times, when you get a bronze and gold chest -- BUT you need to separately purchase keys for these in the Mall, using Diamonds!
      • If you don't need to open those chests now, you may NOT want to buy any keys yet. Instead, wait for a day when you are close to spending enough diamonds for a quest (e.g., the Daily Quest to spend 500 diamonds) and then buy a key to also complete that quest for the day.
    VIP Events
    • Recharge Combo (different offers on different days)
    • Daily Recharge (different offer every day)
    • Total Recharge (starts day 8)
      • You have the second week to recharge up to 40,000 diamonds. The grand prize for a 40,000 diamond recharge is the Healer Pack, which gives you one of these Legendary Heroes (not shards) - Thera, A'ishah, or Flora
    • Topaz Rule (different offers on different days)
    • VIP Exclusive (different offers on different days).

    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    League of Angels II New Server Guide - Server Launch Events - Week 2 - Carnival Plus

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    7-Day Carnival continues to be available basically only for collecting prizes starting Day 8. Carnival Plus begins, but only appears if you are at least level 30.

    Day 8 "Make Your Gears"
    • Check-In Reward: Legendary Equipment Shard Pack
    • Daily Quest: Elite Blitz
      • Fight in Elite Dungeon up to 120 times, Refresh Hero Shop up to 120 times. Quests expire at the end of the day.
      • See our previous post on the 7-Day Carnival about these tasks. Fortunately the prizes are not significant so you don't need to make a serious attempt at any particular milestone.
    • Super Hero: Cultivate Your Heroes
      • Any Legendary Hero reaches Augment +9, four squad Legendary Heroes reach Augment +8. Quest expires at the end of the week.
        • You can get a large number of Ritual Tokens, but because they often return blue heroes instead of purple Epics or orange Legends, there isn't really a huge priority to attain these goals. If you want Ritual Tokens so badly, just spend diamonds. Starting Day 8 I still had over 12000 diamonds and 10 Ritual summons (apparently with 1 Legendary guaranteed) only costs 2480 diamonds.
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for Diamonds.
    Day 9 "Make Your Gears"
    • Check-In Reward: Legendary Equipment Shard Pack x2
    • Daily Quest: Elite Blitz
      • Same as yesterday. The quests on the Day 8 tab are now expired.
    • Eqmt Collector: Equip 20 pieces of Epic or higher Equipment, equip 18 pieces of Legendary or higher equipment. Quest expires at the end of the week.
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for Diamonds.
    Day 10 "Make Your Gears"
    • Check-In Reward: Legendary Equipment Shard Pack x2
    • Daily Quest: Dungeon Treasure Hunt (resets daily) - Raid the Palace 100 times. You do not have to get a relic from raiding, you just have to Raid.
      • This is much easier if you watch for Raid Cards to come on sale in the Special Offer section. Usually it costs Diamonds but sometimes it will only cost (a lot of) gold.
      • Raid Cards can also be purchased in the Mall but the base cost is double that of buying Raids in the Palace.
      • This quest resets and repeats daily until the end of the week.
      • Note that the Palace Dungeon has its own "daily quest" where you get rewarded with relic shards for every 10 relics raided.
    • Relic Connoisseur - Equip 10 Epic or above Relics, Equip 10 Legendary or above Relics.
      • The key prizes are at 7 and 10 Relics, when you get golden chests and golden keys.
      • Legendary Relics can be purchased. Two per day (one of each type), at 20,000 seals each. So if you didn't spend too much on Runes you might possibly buy one, maybe two. You need to be really lucky to get one of these to drop in the Palace or Synth from Relic Shards.
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for diamonds.
    Day 11 "Build Your Squad"
    • Check-In Reward: Chest with 20 Legendary Hero Shards. Choose from Aphrodite, Alecta, or Theresa.
    • Daily Quest: Dungeon Treasure Hunt - same as yesterday.
    • Evolve Master: Both Relics of one squad member evolved to L20-40; all relics of all 5 Members evolved to L25-L40
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for diamonds.
    Day 12 "Build Your Squad"
    • Check-In Reward: Chest with 20 Legendary Hero Shards. Choose from Aphrodite, Alecta, or Theresa.
    • Daily Quest: Abyss Return (resets daily) - Open the Abyss Chest up to 40 times a day.
    • Enhance Master: Enhance equipment of anyone in the Squad to +130, of all 5 members to +120.
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for diamonds.
    Day 13 "Build Your Squad"
    • Check-In Reward: Chest with 20 Legendary Hero Shards. Choose from Aphrodite, Alecta, or Theresa.
    • Daily Quest: Abyss Return (resets daily) - Same as yesterday.
    • Treasure Hunter: Combine Runes - Socket up to 40 runes, and socket up to 25 Runes of R4-R6 or more. Expires at the end of the week.
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for diamonds.
    Day 14 "Build Your Squad"
    • Check-In Reward: Chest with 20 Legendary Hero Shards. Choose from Aphrodite, Alecta, or Theresa. 
    • Daily Quest: I'm the Strongest... - Clear Elite Dungeon Chapters 9-12, obtain 220-260 Abyss Stars 
    • Chivalry: Boost BR - BR of anyone in the squad reaches 500K-1300K 
    • Super Sale: Various items on discount for diamonds. 

    Sunday, August 14, 2016

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 1

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
    Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses. Also, your character level matters. Some events appear only when you reach certain levels.
    Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

    • Week 1
      • From the very first day, the Angel Outfit and Angel Wings go on sale at almost half price, and with items bundled in. The exact offer changes in subsequent days but most people race to get the diamonds for it in the first day for the excellent boost the outfit gives.
      • On Day 2, the Landrunner mount goes on sale. DO NOT BUY IT unless you have already Recharged Diamonds as it requires the Lycorax unlocked. 
    • Week 2
      • Starting day 8 (week 2), the Demon Outfit (clothes and wings together) goes on sale at a discount of 4999 (plus 50 Bless Stones) compared to 2888 per piece regularly.
    Special Offer (starts Monday)
    • Every Monday this appears and resets. It is in two parts: A number of discounted items (there is always one available for gold coin) and a counter of your purchases, with gifts at various milestones.
    Angel's Fund (day 1-2)
    • You must buy into this within the first 2 days and then slowly collect your "timed release" reward over 5 days. The top tiers of this purchase get you pieces of a special outfit, the Rose Suit.
    • In order to buy these items, you must first Recharge a certain amount, so the net cost is actually higher than you think if you are trying to only get those items.
    • This event periodically reappears with different offers but the unique Rose outfit is available only during this first week.
    Hey Friends (day 1-2)
    • Prizes for getting up to 70 friends. You need to be VIP4 to have 70 friends. Otherwise the maximum prize you can get is for 50 friends.
    Arena Champion (daily on days 1-3)
    • Moderate prizes for attaining up to 35 Arena Points per day. You get 5 arena attempts per day, which is a maximum of 10 points (2 per win, 1 per loss).
    • On the very first day, all the top spots are occupied by prefab characters of a fairly high level.
    Login Bonus (day 1-7)
    • You have to login every day to get all the prizes. The key one is on day 6 when you get a chest with a random Legendary hero.
    • You do not have to claim the prize every day, just login. Therefore you can save some Stamina for another day, such as Days 2-4 when the "You're Elite" quest appears.
    Rookie Tournament (day 1-7)
    • This is not under the Events Menu but a separate icon. The top 50 player BRs of 1.2M or more will get a prize at the end of the first week.
    • After the first 10 positions, the prizes are quite moderate considering the effort required.
    Unlimited Augment (day 1-7)
    • Have one hero reach Augment +5 to +7
      • At each augment level you get a Relic Summon
    • Have five heroes reach Augment +5 to +7
      • At +6 and +7 you get a chest that automatically gives a random Legendary hero
    • These are not particularly good prizes for the cost in Bless Stones, especially to get a full team of 5 heroes to even +5. I wouldn't pay Diamonds to attain them since the hero prizes are pretty random and might not be anything you want.
    You're Elite (daily for days 2-4)
    • Clear Elite Dungeon 10-80 times each day for three days.
      • They key prizes start at 40x because they give you materials to refine gear.
      • The best prize comes at 80x as you get a piece of purple gear that is otherwise hard and costly to get from shards to Synthesize.
    • Calculate your Stamina expenditure to hit this target every day, even if you have to miss levelling, as long as you are not wasting stamina from your stamina reserves being over limit.
      • On Day 1, you will probably cap at level 28 unless you spend diamonds to buy a lot of Stamina. Remember that 1 Stamina = 10 XP, so calculate whether it's worth it to reach a new level or save up for these missions.
      • Try to end the day with a lot of Stamina saved up.
      • On Day 2, Blitz Normal Dungeons. Consider not opening up a new area to save Stamina. Remember that only those Normal Stages with chests count for the Daily Quest, so if you go through a new area, each of the intermediate stages with no chest will not count toward the Daily Quest and will drain Stamina that you could be using for the "You're Elite" quest.
      • Some rewards give Stamina. DO NOT claim any prizes that award stamina unless you really have to, and try to save them for days when it'll be hard to hit the 80 Elite Dungeon milestone.
        • Once you qualify for X-Server Wars, your ranking will give you stamina awards. Do NOT claim them unless you can use them to hit the milestones for this daily Event quest.
      • Day 2 also begins X-Server Wars. Aim for at least 2 medals the very first day to keep a reserve of Stamina that you can draw to complete these tasks on days 3-5. Do not claim them unless you need them for this mission.
      • You need 960 Stamina in total per day, just to clear 80 Elite Dungeons. That's on top of at least 60 to clear 10 Normal Dungeons for the Daily quest (which gets you 1000 XP, so you should really do it), so you need 1020 Stamina per day minimum.
        • Each day you get 60 Stamina at Noon and at 6pm. That's 120.
        • At Daily Quest milestones 90 and 120, the reward chests have 30 Stamina each, for another 60.
        • Over 24 hours your Stamina refreshes by 240, which you could in theory use.
        • You can receive Stamina 20 times from friends, for a total of 60 Stamina.
        • 1 time, you can buy the VIP0 Deluxe Gift for 1 Diamond -- 30 Stamina, Hero Sword, 25000 gold.
        • You can buy Stamina with diamonds. The most cost-efficient is the first three times. That gets you 180 Stamina for just 10 Diamonds net.
        • 1020 - (120 + 60 + 240 + 60 + 180) = a shortfall of 360 which you'll need to make up with what you saved the day before, what you can buy, and what events are on. It can be really tight to do this every day.
      • Typically the prize is worth it to use Diamonds to attain, so you may wish to calculate if you can reach 80 Elite Dungeon clears and consider that option.
      • Donating shards to guild members sometimes gives Stamina awards. It's random, but definitely worth doing even for the other rewards.
      Trial Warrior (daily starting day 2)
      • Challenge in Hero Trial 10-30 times.
        • The total is calculated from every hero you have conquered, plus every hero you qualify to challenge, even if you failed to conquer them.
      Amazing Runes (days 4-7)
      • Socket 40 Runes in total on your characters. This is every rune slot on every relic on every character.
      • This is basically every rune slot on all five characters. To get as much of this achievement as possible, you should quickly join a guild, and from day one purchase the maximum possible amount of Drills as possible.
        • You can buy 20 drills per day, or 140 over the first week.
          • You take your guild stats with you, including the purchases you made that day, so if you quit to join another guild you will still not be able to buy more than 20 drills per day.
        • 5 characters x 2 Relics x (0 + 5 + 10 + 20 drills for slots 1-4) = 350 drills required. You can use diamonds to make up the shortfall at 5 diamonds per drill but it might not be really worth it.
      • If you have to buy runes because you can't yet find them in the Palace, buy the cheapest ones only from the Palace Shop, since you can synthesize them later anyway. Just get this task done first for the good prizes.
        • Once you reach the Normal-3 level of the dungeon, you start to get low-level runes (typically level 1) from farming the mobs.
      Hero Shopaholic (daily on days 3-5 and repeats weekly)
      • Refresh Hero Shop 20-80 times
        • Definitely do this but conserve your Refresh Scrolls to reach the target since you get a free refresh every hour, or 24 per day.
        • This is actually TRICKY because you can only use 50 Refresh Scrolls a day and you get one free refresh per hour. That is a total of only 74/80 so each day you need to save at least 6 before server reset. If you cannot reach another milestone with free refreshes before server reset, do not use any.
      • In future weeks, this Event will repeat and the highest number of refreshes will increase beyond well beyond 80, which is impossible for low VIP levels or free-to-play players (VIP0).
      Guild's Unity (daily on days 5-7 and repeats weekly)
      • Guild Contribution reaches 3500.
        • A Royal Donation gets you 3000. You must fight in the Guild Dungeon (Level 30+) five times to get the remaining 500. Fighting Stragglers after the bosses are killed will also count.
      Palace Adventure (daily on days 5-7; count resets daily)
      • Raid in Palace 90 times. You do NOT have to succeed in getting a Relic Shard (unlike the Daily quest).
        • You may want to consider raids for Normal Relic Shards because you only need 3 to synth (but definitely AFK at the highest level you can). Synth results are often similar for green and blue relic shard synths.
        • As you go higher in difficulty, the chance of successfully raiding drops dramatically so you may want to consider raiding only Normal-2 while fulfilling this quest.
          • Normal-2 for Normal shards has a success rate of approximately 80% if you attack only the non-player character with hundreds of shards. Not only will you get more shards but you need less to synth anything and you can still get purple relics and essences. You won't get any opportunity for better relics, but the net amount of essences you get instead more than makes up for this.
          • The daily Milestone for Palace Adventure counts only shards, not attempts, so getting shards will help you get bonus shards.
      • They key milestone is at 35 times when you get 2 Aptitude Codexes. Everything else is commonplace so you may want to stop there and accumulate the maximum number of raids for the next day.
        • Aptitude Codexes are very hard to get except through this event.
        • You can't use them till Level 60 and only on heroes upgraded to R5 or better, but it's best to start stocking now.
      • You get 1 raid per hour for free, and you can buy additional Raids for diamonds.
        • The cost in Diamonds is 5 each for the first 10, then 10 each for the next 10.
        • Buy Raid Cards whenever you can but SAVE THEM for Palace Adventure quests.
      • This event periodically repeats and as the server ages, the upper limit increases to 100-150 raids, and for better treasure.
      Abyssal Treasure (daily on days 6-7)
      • Open the Chest in the Abyss 36 times and the count resets each day.
      VIP Events
      • Recharge Combo (different offers on different days)
      • Daily Recharge (different offer every day)
      • Total Recharge (starts day 8)
        • You have the second week to recharge up to 40,000 diamonds. The grand prize for a 40,000 diamond recharge is the Healer Pack, which gives you one of these Legendary Heroes (not shards) - Thera, A'ishah, or Flora
      • Topaz Rule (different offers on different days)
      • VIP Exclusive (different offers on different days).

      League of Angels II New Server Guide - Server Launch Events - Week 1 - 7-Day Carnival

      (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
      Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

      This is the first week of New Server Launch Events.
      Do NOT immediately claim Stamina Check-In Rewards unless your Stamina is well under limit. Otherwise you are just wasting time that could be used toward regenerating Stamina.

      Toward the end of each day, it is important that you watch your XP bar. If you don't think you can hit the next level, it is better to conserve your Stamina and wait till reset, because there is a daily Event to clear up to 80 Elite Dungeon Levels. If you can do that you will get a piece of purple gear. Even if you do less than that, every 20 levels gets you a prize. Do exactly what you need and conserve Stamina to help you hit those targets tomorrow.
      In the early days when levelling is fast you'll get Stamina with each level-up to help you do that. Later on as you start to drag toward level 35 then to level 40, you'll be relying on whatever sources you can just to hit 80x a day.

      Typically the deadline for the quests/tasks is the end of week 1 and you must claim the rewards by 3 days after that. Starting day 8, Carnival Plus begins.

      Day 1 "Massive Stamina"
      • Check-In Reward: 50 Diamonds, 60 Stamina
      • Dungeon Clear - Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 5 and reach Level 40.
        • You can probably just do it by the third day so there's plenty of time.
        • The chest that gives a Legendary hero MAY always give you the hero for which you have the most shards, but this is not confirmed.
      • Double Trouble - Summon 2 Legendary Heroes. Get all 5 squad members to Augment +4
        • Buying Shards and summoning them that way does count, so you don't need to invest in Ritual Cards.
        • You probably need to buy Bless Stones from the Hero Store in order to get your heroes up to Augment +4 quickly. The prize is Hero Refresh Scrolls, which doesn't look like much, BUT there is a daily quest that can reward you for frequently refreshing the Store.
      • Half-Off Sale - 5 Ritual Tokens for 750 Diamonds, maximum 1 purchase
        • You could get lucky and get a legendary, but it's probably not worth it because Rituals often give you blue heroes and rarely even give you Purple.
        • Instead, save up for the Angel Outfit combo pack on sale for 1699. You should be able to get it on your first day with Diamonds you earn.
      • Other Goals
        • Join a top guild
          • Put in a Royal Donation every day. The game gives you more than enough to do that if you are not frivolous about your spending.
          • Do NOT claim any earnings until you check your auto promotion, as promotion gets you more earnings.
          • Start buying drills for Relic rune sockets every day, maximum amount.
          • Give away Shards you don't want through the Shard Request guild feature. There's a chance you'll get Stamina from this, which would be a very good trade for any shard you give.
        • Participate in World Boss to start earning gold. It is unlikely that you will rank by achieving 1 million damage, even on day 3. But always participate. Just set it on auto and go get a coffee.
        • Quickly jump into the arena. Unless you are top-ranked you can't skip the queue and be at the rank you deserve to be. By day 2-3 though, your rank should have settled to where it should rightfully be.
      Day 2 "Even More Stamina"
      • Check-In Reward: 100 Diamonds, 120 Stamina
        • You are probably past the quick levelling and may just reach level 34 or so today unless you seriously buy Stamina for diamonds.
          • If you insist on maximizing XP per day, consider Raiding in the Palace. 1 extra Raid costs 15 Diamonds and gives you 50 XP.
      • Abyss Overlord - Reach 130 Abyss Stars.
        • By day 2, try to have as your friends the Arena top 10 and Abyss top 10 from yesterday's rankings (because the top ones near server reset might not be the ones who went furthest in the Abyss). You just need 2-3 because you can only ask for their help in clearing Abyss stages twice if you are not VIP (pay-to-play).
        • Clear the Abyss as far as you can. Switch to lower difficulty if you have to. Then for the final two floors, use your two top-ranked friends to clear stages at high difficulty for you, for up to 9 stars per stage and 18 per day.
          • Your goal is to make sure they don't fail to get you lots of stars. And get at as many chests as possible.
          • In the early days this will help you rank high on Abyss stars and net you rewards that way as well.
        • It gets harder than it sounds because the monsters get harder to clear and you'll start to see BRs rivalling those of the Arena champions. Which may or may not mean anything since a low BR team can sometimes clear monsters of a BR lots higher. But once you select the difficulty you cannot change it, so if you pick wrongly, you might be stuck and unable to proceed.
      • Equipment Master - Enhance the gear of all squad members to Level 80, and you need to clear Elite Dungeons 20 times, by the end of the week,
        • You will need all the coin you can get to do this, especially if you are enhancing purple Warlord or Justice gear. Make sure to participate in the World Boss events as much as possible.
        • You'll start hitting walls on gold requirements, but do not spend Diamonds on gold. Instead, look around the various stores for where you can buy gold and buy only what you need unless it is at a deep discount.
      • Half-Off Sale - Judge Equipment Pack for 1200 Diamonds, maximum 1 purchase
      Day 3 "Tons of Bless Stones"
      • Check-In Reward: 150 Diamonds, 30 Bless Stones
      • Half-Off Sale - 100 Bless Stones for 500 Diamonds, maximum 5 purchases
        • Probably not worth it. Easier ways to get lots without diamonds.
      • Arena Overlord - Be ranked 2000 or better in the Arena.
        • In the early days of the server, climb the Arena as much as possible, using all the extra attempts you can buy.
          • When you move up, one-time only you get diamonds (falling in rank then moving back up to the same rank doesn't get you diamonds), so that will more than offset any costs.
          • There will likely be a lot of weak pre-fab characters you can defeat.
          • Once you reach a rank, even if you drop rank later, all special offers for that rank remain unlocked.
            • An alternative is to strike a deal with the Arena top 3 to let you briefly sit on the throne to unlock the special offers. You need to be rank 20 or better to directly challenge the top 3 spots.
        • If you do climb the ranks quickly you could possibly buy the items limited to high-ranking arena warriors before you are knocked out of position. Doing it early is your best bet as the server is pre-populated with non-player teams of up to level 25.
      • Mythical Heroes - Upgrade any squad member to R6, all squad members to R5.
        • This is hard because Bless Stone expenditure becomes really huge. You can get more from the hero store by using Souls.
        • When buying from the Hero Shop, be very focussed and refresh frequently until you get what you want in heroes or other items. Don't buy too many things, especially purple heroes you will eventually replace anyway -- you will rapidly run out of Souls.
      Day 4 "Claim Refresh Tokens"
      • Check-In Reward: 200 Diamonds, 5 Refresh Tokens
      • Elite Dungeon - Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 7
        • The elite dungeons get really hard. By level 35 you can probably do Chapter 4, and level 40 you can do Chapter 5 but not necessarily 3-star (which is not necessary for these achievements).
      • More Hands - Refresh the Hero Shop 120 times, and Summon 3 Legendary Heroes
        • There is a Hero Shopaholic Event task that requires you do it 80 times per day for more substantial rewards (Souls), so make sure to do it at least 80x each day.
        • You can use up to 50 Refresh Scrolls per day. Plus 24 free refreshes at 1 per hour means you are only at 74 per day. You need to save up free Refreshes the day before to get close to even 80.
      • Half-Off Sale - 1000 Souls for 500 Diamonds, maximum 2 purchases
        • Probably not worth it. Easier ways to get lots without diamonds -- such as selling surplus prisms from dungeon blitzing.
      Day 5 "Free Relic Essences"
      • Check-In Reward: 250 Diamonds, 2 Epic Relic Essence
      • Relic Master - Relics of all 5 squad members evolved to level 25.
      • Born Rider - Riding skill reaches R5 Level 0.
      • Half Off Sale - 100 Mastery Stones for 400 Diamonds, maximum 3 purchases
      • Domination starts today and you can bet as follows over two days, so make sure you have enough Diamonds:
        • Domination Round 1 - 3 bets x 80, win 120
        • Domination Round 2 - 3 bets x 80, win 120
        • Domination Round 3 - 2 bets x 120, win 180
        • Domination Round 4 - 2 bets x 120, win 180
        • Domination Round 5 - 1 bet x 240, win 360
        • Domination Round 6 - 1 bet x 240, win 360
      Day 6 "Hellcoin Harvest"
      • Check-In Reward: 300 Diamonds, 500 Hellcoins
      • Blitz the Abyss - Get 200 Abyss Stars.
      • Alchemist - Refine any equipment to R15, and all equipment of all squad members to R12.
      • Half Off Sale - 100 Refine Stones for 500 Diamonds, maximum 5 purchases.
      Day 7 "Greet a New Friend"
      • Check-In Reward: 350 Diamonds, 1 chest with a Legendary Hero (not shards - choose Huxley, Lucas, or Lydia).
      • Level Maniac - Reach level 52 by the end of the first week.
      • Warlord - Reach BR 2.6 million by the end of the first week.
      • Half Off Sale - Legendary Hero chest for 1800 Diamonds, maximum 1 purchase.

      League of Angels II New Server Guide - Server Launch - Daily Quests

      This is a guide to handling Daily Quests in League of Angels II
      (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
      Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

      You do NOT get credited until the Daily quest shows up for you, so be careful you don't run out of resources too early (especially on the first day of a new server) before the quest shows up.

      You need only 120 points to open all four reward chests, but you may still want to do what you can to get the XP rewards.
      I recommend that after you reduce your Stamina to less than your limit (usually by blitzing the Elite stages you are interested in) that you work on your Daily Quests first. This way you maximize your XP from them, which can jump you a level or two. Then work on Normal Dungeons, Elite Dungeons, and other challenges from your higher level.

      Battle Hardened (Enhance equipment 10 times)
      Daily Equipment Refine (Refine a piece of equipment 10 times)
      Evolve (Evolve [relic] 3 times)
      • Costs can start to be prohibitive, so here are some tricks:
        • Keep a piece of low-level gear you can Enhance or Refine cheaply in case costs become too high (especially gold coins for high level Enhancement of high-level gear). Ultimately you can recycle it to get your resources back anyway.
        • You do NOT have to increase the level of the equipment you are working on. You just have to click the button. If you don't have enough for 1-Click, go manual and use one unit of a resource like Refine Stones.
          • Note that 1-Click for Refining Gear will count how many units used and credit you properly so a single level-up using multiple units of resource will count as more than one instance of Refinement, for example.
          • 1-Click for Evolving Relics will NOT count units. Using 6 units in one go still counts as one instance of Evolving.
      Cheers! (Perform 3 Prays)
      • You can simply use the 3 free you get daily.
      Go Forth, My Brother! (Clear 10 Normal Dungeons)
      • Only those stages with a hero face and a reward chest count. That means only 7 per chapter, so eventually you may have to blitz to do this each day to complete your Daily.
      You're a Natural! (Fight in the arena 5 times)
      • You don't have to win. You do have to win to get +2 points toward the daily arena rewards for winning so choose your opponents carefully. If you feel you are at your limit for advancement and won't get out of your rank tier, you may want to just attack weaker opponents to get 2 full points for victory instead of 1 point for defeat.
      Strike It Rich! (Refresh Hero Shop 3 times)
      • You need to do this 80 times a day anyway.
      Resource Feast! (Challenge the Hero Trial once)

      Palace Dungeon (Enable AFK mode in the Palace Dungeon for 1 hour)

      Spend Diamonds (Spend 500 Diamonds)
      • This isn't necessarily just purchasing things. Making a Royal Guild Donation counts, as is Rebirthing a Hero (100 Diamonds), and betting during Domination.
      • In the early days, buy Stamina. You really want to level up as quickly as possible to unlock more activities and quests and also to reach Level 40 when you can use Little Helper for X-Server events, saving you a lot of time by letting you AFK (away from keyboard) while the computer plays the X-Server rounds for you.
      • Something to consider is buying Raids in the Palace Dungeon to hit milestones for reward shards; as well as to buy AFK time in the Palace.
        • For Palace Raids, start getting serious when you can get Normal and Superior (blue) shards as those can synth the Legendary relics (Thor's Hammer and Fairy Mirror).
          • Each raid also gives 50 XP so if you need just a little to get to the next level, you could try it.
        • Raid Cards and Palace time cards are always worthwhile to buy, even from the Mall.
          • Raid Cards at 10 diamonds each or less, and do NOT use them right away -- save for a quest when you have to do a lot of raids.
          • Palace Cards are also basically always good to buy as the cost to buy time in the Palace goes up dramatically. The costs per 10 energy are 20, 40, 40, 60, 60, 90, 90, 120, 120, 160, 160, 200...
        • Keys can also be useful to buy but in limited quantities. Rarely you will get reward chests that need keys that you have to get separately. If you really have nothing else to buy, get a key just to bump up your spend if you are close to getting this quest completed.
      Send Stamina (Send Stamina to friends 5 times)
      • There is a limit as to how much Stamina someone can receive and you won't be able to send it to that person. With about 50 friends it shouldn't be a problem though.
      Buy Stamina (Buy Stamina 3 times)
      • Definitely do this every day. The cost for the first three times is 3 x 20 = 60 Diamonds, minus 50 from this Daily quest, or net 10 Diamonds. This gets you 180 Stamina, which translates to 1800 XP.
      The Abyss (Farm Abyss mobs 3 times)

      Elite Dungeon (Clear 5 Elite Dungeons)
      • There is an Event task that requires you clear 80 Elite Dungeons a day.
      • TIP: The level requirement for the Prism that the Elite Dungeon will drop is a good indication of what level is required to clear the dungeon at 3-star as a free-to-play account.
      Raider (Raid and loot 5 relic shards in Palace Dungeon)
      • Because Raid attempts refresh slowly, accumulate some before server reset.
      • You must get a shard for the raid to count, and sometimes you won't get a shard. Therefore, don't assume 5 remaining attempts will be enough.
      Anima's Path (Clear Anima's Path 10 Times; level 55)