Thursday, September 1, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 4

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses.
Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

Royal Treasure Surprise
  • Open chests in Battle Royale for additional prizes.
X-Server Group Deal and Group Buy Bonus (day 23-25)
  • There is a X-Server Group Deal icon where the more people buy, the cheaper the item (up to 20 percent discount). However items are in limited quantities and all cost either Topaz or Diamonds.
  • When you buy, you get points. At various milestones you get prizes through this Event. Counter resets daily.
  • When you buy you also get vouchers and credits.
    • Credits are used to redeem for prizes separate from the Event and done through the X-Server Group Deal menu.
    • Vouchers are worth 1 diamond or topaz each and can be used to reduce a purchase through the X-Server Group Deal by up to 10% of the price.
Gifted Hero (day 23-25, resets daily)
  • Challenge Anima's Path 20-70 times for additional prizes every 10 times.
Angel's Fund (day 23-25)
  • Similar to the first week Angel's Fund, you buy into a fund and receive diamonds and rewards over 5 days.
All-Rounder (day 26)
  • Complete various tasks for additional rewards, such as reaching Daily Quest milestones.
  • It is called "All Rounder" because the tasks are from a variety of events, instead of aiming to do a lot of one event.
Elite Double Drop (day 26)
  • Special 1-time event to celebrate "League of Angel II's stunning full CG cinematic".
  • Elite dungeon rewards doubled today. This is actually incorrect -- normal Rewards of XP and gold are NOT doubled. Only the random drops are doubled.
  • ALSO, it looks like you are guaranteed a drop, whereas normally there might not be any drops at all.

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