Wednesday, August 24, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Treasure Seeker

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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Days 15-17 are the Treasure Seeker event.

loa2 treasure seeker board

Basically the core of the event is game board of 64 tiles. You use Pickaxes to reveal tiles.
Each tile is either treasure or a number that indicates how many treasures are adjacent to it. If all treasures adjacent to the tile are uncovered, the remaining tiles are flagged as being empty.

It is basically very hard to get pickaxes without using Diamonds; small amounts are added to various other reset-daily Events including Arena Champion (Arena Points) and Palace Adventure (Raids in the Palace).

You can breeze through each board by spending 450 Diamonds, but this is typically more than you would spend on Pickaxes. A board is cleared when all treasure is found, so the more quickly you find the treasure the less Diamonds you spend per board.
Your expense is basically less than 450 Diamonds per board for 20 treasures, which may well cost more than 450 in total to purchase separately. The main variable is how many points and how much Obsidian you can get.

The prize are pretty straightforward except for Obsidian, which is used in the special time-limited Obsidian Shop to get prizes.

You can play as much as you want but obviously you are limited by the Diamonds you have. Look at the prizes carefully before deciding.
  • You may want to decide closer to the event end when you may have gotten some pickaxes for free through other activities. At that point, look through the Obsidian Shop for what prize you want to aim for and get that number of Obsidian pieces.
  • Prizes typically have a Daily Limit, so you can't just save up your Obsidian till the last day and spend it all.
Pickaxe Discount (Day 15-17)
  • VIP3+ can buy a limited number of pickaxes at a 20% discount.
Warm-Up I (Day 15 only)
Adv. Warm Up (Day 16 only)
  • You get various prizes for completing certain tasks.
    • Getting 100 points in Treasure Seeker
    • Getting 90 Daily Quest Points
    • Attacking 20 opponents in Battle Royale
    • Consume 400 Topazes
  • If you finish all asks you get 5 shards for a pet. On Day 15 (Warm-Up I) it is for the Ifrit; on Day 16 (Adv. Warm Up) it is for the Star Striker.
Warm-Up II (Day 15 only)
  • If you spend Topazes with Obsidian, you can get certain prizes more cheaply than simply exchanging Obsidian for them in the Obsidian Shop.
Warm-Up III (Day 15 only)
  • If you Recharge Diamonds you can get prizes toward the upcoming Conquest event starting Day 18.
Treasure Points Bonus (Day 15-17, resets daily)
  • Reach Treasure Seeker point milestones (up to 2000) to get prizes.
Spender Bonus (Day 15-17)
  • Spend 500+ diamonds to get prizes.
Royal Treasure Surprise (Day 15-17, resets daily)
  • Open 4+ chests in a Treasure Raid in Battle Royal to get additional prizes.
    • You can normally open each of the 4 chests once for free, a second time for 50 diamonds, and a third time for 100 diamonds.
Treasure Seeker
Credits Rewards (Day 15-17)
  • Reach various point milestones (up to 12000) to get additional rewards.
Obsidian Shop
  • Trade in Obsidian for high-level prizes, including hard-to-get Mythic Relics that are typically more easily purchased on Auction (for Topaz); and chests of 5 Mythic Hero Shards worth 500 Diamonds if you were to buy them in the Hero Shop.
Rankings (Day 15-17)
  • The top 300 people who got points in Treasure Seeker get additional prizes in the mail at the end of the event.

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