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League of Angels II New Server Guide - Server Launch - Daily Quests

This is a guide to handling Daily Quests in League of Angels II
(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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You do NOT get credited until the Daily quest shows up for you, so be careful you don't run out of resources too early (especially on the first day of a new server) before the quest shows up.

You need only 120 points to open all four reward chests, but you may still want to do what you can to get the XP rewards.
I recommend that after you reduce your Stamina to less than your limit (usually by blitzing the Elite stages you are interested in) that you work on your Daily Quests first. This way you maximize your XP from them, which can jump you a level or two. Then work on Normal Dungeons, Elite Dungeons, and other challenges from your higher level.

Battle Hardened (Enhance equipment 10 times)
Daily Equipment Refine (Refine a piece of equipment 10 times)
Evolve (Evolve [relic] 3 times)
  • Costs can start to be prohibitive, so here are some tricks:
    • Keep a piece of low-level gear you can Enhance or Refine cheaply in case costs become too high (especially gold coins for high level Enhancement of high-level gear). Ultimately you can recycle it to get your resources back anyway.
    • You do NOT have to increase the level of the equipment you are working on. You just have to click the button. If you don't have enough for 1-Click, go manual and use one unit of a resource like Refine Stones.
      • Note that 1-Click for Refining Gear will count how many units used and credit you properly so a single level-up using multiple units of resource will count as more than one instance of Refinement, for example.
      • 1-Click for Evolving Relics will NOT count units. Using 6 units in one go still counts as one instance of Evolving.
Cheers! (Perform 3 Prays)
  • You can simply use the 3 free you get daily.
Go Forth, My Brother! (Clear 10 Normal Dungeons)
  • Only those stages with a hero face and a reward chest count. That means only 7 per chapter, so eventually you may have to blitz to do this each day to complete your Daily.
You're a Natural! (Fight in the arena 5 times)
  • You don't have to win. You do have to win to get +2 points toward the daily arena rewards for winning so choose your opponents carefully. If you feel you are at your limit for advancement and won't get out of your rank tier, you may want to just attack weaker opponents to get 2 full points for victory instead of 1 point for defeat.
Strike It Rich! (Refresh Hero Shop 3 times)
  • You need to do this 80 times a day anyway.
Resource Feast! (Challenge the Hero Trial once)

Palace Dungeon (Enable AFK mode in the Palace Dungeon for 1 hour)

Spend Diamonds (Spend 500 Diamonds)
  • This isn't necessarily just purchasing things. Making a Royal Guild Donation counts, as is Rebirthing a Hero (100 Diamonds), and betting during Domination.
  • In the early days, buy Stamina. You really want to level up as quickly as possible to unlock more activities and quests and also to reach Level 40 when you can use Little Helper for X-Server events, saving you a lot of time by letting you AFK (away from keyboard) while the computer plays the X-Server rounds for you.
  • Something to consider is buying Raids in the Palace Dungeon to hit milestones for reward shards; as well as to buy AFK time in the Palace.
    • For Palace Raids, start getting serious when you can get Normal and Superior (blue) shards as those can synth the Legendary relics (Thor's Hammer and Fairy Mirror).
      • Each raid also gives 50 XP so if you need just a little to get to the next level, you could try it.
    • Raid Cards and Palace time cards are always worthwhile to buy, even from the Mall.
      • Raid Cards at 10 diamonds each or less, and do NOT use them right away -- save for a quest when you have to do a lot of raids.
      • Palace Cards are also basically always good to buy as the cost to buy time in the Palace goes up dramatically. The costs per 10 energy are 20, 40, 40, 60, 60, 90, 90, 120, 120, 160, 160, 200...
    • Keys can also be useful to buy but in limited quantities. Rarely you will get reward chests that need keys that you have to get separately. If you really have nothing else to buy, get a key just to bump up your spend if you are close to getting this quest completed.
Send Stamina (Send Stamina to friends 5 times)
  • There is a limit as to how much Stamina someone can receive and you won't be able to send it to that person. With about 50 friends it shouldn't be a problem though.
Buy Stamina (Buy Stamina 3 times)
  • Definitely do this every day. The cost for the first three times is 3 x 20 = 60 Diamonds, minus 50 from this Daily quest, or net 10 Diamonds. This gets you 180 Stamina, which translates to 1800 XP.
The Abyss (Farm Abyss mobs 3 times)

Elite Dungeon (Clear 5 Elite Dungeons)
  • There is an Event task that requires you clear 80 Elite Dungeons a day.
  • TIP: The level requirement for the Prism that the Elite Dungeon will drop is a good indication of what level is required to clear the dungeon at 3-star as a free-to-play account.
Raider (Raid and loot 5 relic shards in Palace Dungeon)
  • Because Raid attempts refresh slowly, accumulate some before server reset.
  • You must get a shard for the raid to count, and sometimes you won't get a shard. Therefore, don't assume 5 remaining attempts will be enough.
Anima's Path (Clear Anima's Path 10 Times; level 55)

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