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League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 1

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses. Also, your character level matters. Some events appear only when you reach certain levels.
Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

  • Week 1
    • From the very first day, the Angel Outfit and Angel Wings go on sale at almost half price, and with items bundled in. The exact offer changes in subsequent days but most people race to get the diamonds for it in the first day for the excellent boost the outfit gives.
    • On Day 2, the Landrunner mount goes on sale. DO NOT BUY IT unless you have already Recharged Diamonds as it requires the Lycorax unlocked. 
  • Week 2
    • Starting day 8 (week 2), the Demon Outfit (clothes and wings together) goes on sale at a discount of 4999 (plus 50 Bless Stones) compared to 2888 per piece regularly.
Special Offer (starts Monday)
  • Every Monday this appears and resets. It is in two parts: A number of discounted items (there is always one available for gold coin) and a counter of your purchases, with gifts at various milestones.
Angel's Fund (day 1-2)
  • You must buy into this within the first 2 days and then slowly collect your "timed release" reward over 5 days. The top tiers of this purchase get you pieces of a special outfit, the Rose Suit.
  • In order to buy these items, you must first Recharge a certain amount, so the net cost is actually higher than you think if you are trying to only get those items.
  • This event periodically reappears with different offers but the unique Rose outfit is available only during this first week.
Hey Friends (day 1-2)
  • Prizes for getting up to 70 friends. You need to be VIP4 to have 70 friends. Otherwise the maximum prize you can get is for 50 friends.
Arena Champion (daily on days 1-3)
  • Moderate prizes for attaining up to 35 Arena Points per day. You get 5 arena attempts per day, which is a maximum of 10 points (2 per win, 1 per loss).
  • On the very first day, all the top spots are occupied by prefab characters of a fairly high level.
Login Bonus (day 1-7)
  • You have to login every day to get all the prizes. The key one is on day 6 when you get a chest with a random Legendary hero.
  • You do not have to claim the prize every day, just login. Therefore you can save some Stamina for another day, such as Days 2-4 when the "You're Elite" quest appears.
Rookie Tournament (day 1-7)
  • This is not under the Events Menu but a separate icon. The top 50 player BRs of 1.2M or more will get a prize at the end of the first week.
  • After the first 10 positions, the prizes are quite moderate considering the effort required.
Unlimited Augment (day 1-7)
  • Have one hero reach Augment +5 to +7
    • At each augment level you get a Relic Summon
  • Have five heroes reach Augment +5 to +7
    • At +6 and +7 you get a chest that automatically gives a random Legendary hero
  • These are not particularly good prizes for the cost in Bless Stones, especially to get a full team of 5 heroes to even +5. I wouldn't pay Diamonds to attain them since the hero prizes are pretty random and might not be anything you want.
You're Elite (daily for days 2-4)
  • Clear Elite Dungeon 10-80 times each day for three days.
    • They key prizes start at 40x because they give you materials to refine gear.
    • The best prize comes at 80x as you get a piece of purple gear that is otherwise hard and costly to get from shards to Synthesize.
  • Calculate your Stamina expenditure to hit this target every day, even if you have to miss levelling, as long as you are not wasting stamina from your stamina reserves being over limit.
    • On Day 1, you will probably cap at level 28 unless you spend diamonds to buy a lot of Stamina. Remember that 1 Stamina = 10 XP, so calculate whether it's worth it to reach a new level or save up for these missions.
    • Try to end the day with a lot of Stamina saved up.
    • On Day 2, Blitz Normal Dungeons. Consider not opening up a new area to save Stamina. Remember that only those Normal Stages with chests count for the Daily Quest, so if you go through a new area, each of the intermediate stages with no chest will not count toward the Daily Quest and will drain Stamina that you could be using for the "You're Elite" quest.
    • Some rewards give Stamina. DO NOT claim any prizes that award stamina unless you really have to, and try to save them for days when it'll be hard to hit the 80 Elite Dungeon milestone.
      • Once you qualify for X-Server Wars, your ranking will give you stamina awards. Do NOT claim them unless you can use them to hit the milestones for this daily Event quest.
    • Day 2 also begins X-Server Wars. Aim for at least 2 medals the very first day to keep a reserve of Stamina that you can draw to complete these tasks on days 3-5. Do not claim them unless you need them for this mission.
    • You need 960 Stamina in total per day, just to clear 80 Elite Dungeons. That's on top of at least 60 to clear 10 Normal Dungeons for the Daily quest (which gets you 1000 XP, so you should really do it), so you need 1020 Stamina per day minimum.
      • Each day you get 60 Stamina at Noon and at 6pm. That's 120.
      • At Daily Quest milestones 90 and 120, the reward chests have 30 Stamina each, for another 60.
      • Over 24 hours your Stamina refreshes by 240, which you could in theory use.
      • You can receive Stamina 20 times from friends, for a total of 60 Stamina.
      • 1 time, you can buy the VIP0 Deluxe Gift for 1 Diamond -- 30 Stamina, Hero Sword, 25000 gold.
      • You can buy Stamina with diamonds. The most cost-efficient is the first three times. That gets you 180 Stamina for just 10 Diamonds net.
      • 1020 - (120 + 60 + 240 + 60 + 180) = a shortfall of 360 which you'll need to make up with what you saved the day before, what you can buy, and what events are on. It can be really tight to do this every day.
    • Typically the prize is worth it to use Diamonds to attain, so you may wish to calculate if you can reach 80 Elite Dungeon clears and consider that option.
    • Donating shards to guild members sometimes gives Stamina awards. It's random, but definitely worth doing even for the other rewards.
    Trial Warrior (daily starting day 2)
    • Challenge in Hero Trial 10-30 times.
      • The total is calculated from every hero you have conquered, plus every hero you qualify to challenge, even if you failed to conquer them.
    Amazing Runes (days 4-7)
    • Socket 40 Runes in total on your characters. This is every rune slot on every relic on every character.
    • This is basically every rune slot on all five characters. To get as much of this achievement as possible, you should quickly join a guild, and from day one purchase the maximum possible amount of Drills as possible.
      • You can buy 20 drills per day, or 140 over the first week.
        • You take your guild stats with you, including the purchases you made that day, so if you quit to join another guild you will still not be able to buy more than 20 drills per day.
      • 5 characters x 2 Relics x (0 + 5 + 10 + 20 drills for slots 1-4) = 350 drills required. You can use diamonds to make up the shortfall at 5 diamonds per drill but it might not be really worth it.
    • If you have to buy runes because you can't yet find them in the Palace, buy the cheapest ones only from the Palace Shop, since you can synthesize them later anyway. Just get this task done first for the good prizes.
      • Once you reach the Normal-3 level of the dungeon, you start to get low-level runes (typically level 1) from farming the mobs.
    Hero Shopaholic (daily on days 3-5 and repeats weekly)
    • Refresh Hero Shop 20-80 times
      • Definitely do this but conserve your Refresh Scrolls to reach the target since you get a free refresh every hour, or 24 per day.
      • This is actually TRICKY because you can only use 50 Refresh Scrolls a day and you get one free refresh per hour. That is a total of only 74/80 so each day you need to save at least 6 before server reset. If you cannot reach another milestone with free refreshes before server reset, do not use any.
    • In future weeks, this Event will repeat and the highest number of refreshes will increase beyond well beyond 80, which is impossible for low VIP levels or free-to-play players (VIP0).
    Guild's Unity (daily on days 5-7 and repeats weekly)
    • Guild Contribution reaches 3500.
      • A Royal Donation gets you 3000. You must fight in the Guild Dungeon (Level 30+) five times to get the remaining 500. Fighting Stragglers after the bosses are killed will also count.
    Palace Adventure (daily on days 5-7; count resets daily)
    • Raid in Palace 90 times. You do NOT have to succeed in getting a Relic Shard (unlike the Daily quest).
      • You may want to consider raids for Normal Relic Shards because you only need 3 to synth (but definitely AFK at the highest level you can). Synth results are often similar for green and blue relic shard synths.
      • As you go higher in difficulty, the chance of successfully raiding drops dramatically so you may want to consider raiding only Normal-2 while fulfilling this quest.
        • Normal-2 for Normal shards has a success rate of approximately 80% if you attack only the non-player character with hundreds of shards. Not only will you get more shards but you need less to synth anything and you can still get purple relics and essences. You won't get any opportunity for better relics, but the net amount of essences you get instead more than makes up for this.
        • The daily Milestone for Palace Adventure counts only shards, not attempts, so getting shards will help you get bonus shards.
    • They key milestone is at 35 times when you get 2 Aptitude Codexes. Everything else is commonplace so you may want to stop there and accumulate the maximum number of raids for the next day.
      • Aptitude Codexes are very hard to get except through this event.
      • You can't use them till Level 60 and only on heroes upgraded to R5 or better, but it's best to start stocking now.
    • You get 1 raid per hour for free, and you can buy additional Raids for diamonds.
      • The cost in Diamonds is 5 each for the first 10, then 10 each for the next 10.
      • Buy Raid Cards whenever you can but SAVE THEM for Palace Adventure quests.
    • This event periodically repeats and as the server ages, the upper limit increases to 100-150 raids, and for better treasure.
    Abyssal Treasure (daily on days 6-7)
    • Open the Chest in the Abyss 36 times and the count resets each day.
    VIP Events
    • Recharge Combo (different offers on different days)
    • Daily Recharge (different offer every day)
    • Total Recharge (starts day 8)
      • You have the second week to recharge up to 40,000 diamonds. The grand prize for a 40,000 diamond recharge is the Healer Pack, which gives you one of these Legendary Heroes (not shards) - Thera, A'ishah, or Flora
    • Topaz Rule (different offers on different days)
    • VIP Exclusive (different offers on different days).

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