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League of Angels II - New Server Guide

This post indexes all our League of Angels II New Server Guides.
The information is based on Server 563-Ogre-EST, launched August 10th.

VIP Level
If you are considering going with a minimal First Recharge, I recommend you commit to VIP 1 for just a few dollars more.
What VIP0 really gets you is the Lycorax mount, which is necessary to unlock many other mounts, such as the LandRunner in the Mall, and the Cerebus in the X-Server Honor Shop.
VIP1 jumps you to numerous other benefits (which generally cost Diamonds -- it seduces you to get on the road to spending a lot -- but also unlocks some benefits which can greatly increase your rewards, such as Hero Trial resets, and increased daily Honor Shop Purchase limits.

Special Events

Special events are often on all servers that are over 14 days old -- that is, they qualify only after Week 2's Carnival Plus.

Daily Quests

Week 1 (Aug-10 to Aug-16)

  • 7-Day Carnival
  • Events Week 1
  • Week 1 goal summary:
    • Day 1
      • Join a Guild
        • Royal Donations every day
        • Buy maximum number of Drills every day.
        • With your remaining Guild currency, save some to buy Tech upgrades from the Guild.
        • Use the remainder to buy Outfit materials whenever you can. You will eventually need 10 R1 Outfit Crystals and 100 units of Outfit Essence to synth a single piece of Accessory, and you can have two Accessories.
          • Higher-level Crystals are extremely costly so keep your eyes open for how to get them, though do not commit too many diamonds as the cost is exorbitant.
          • You will also need more to Refine the accessories, BUT refining is RANDOM. There is a chance the random stat will be inferior, in which case you do not get any increase (but neither do you get a decrease) AND you lose your materials in the attempt.
        • As your guild level goes up, your ability to get Guild Seals increases. Be sure to participate in Guild Dungeon as soon as possible. Even if you do not fight/kill the bosses, you can still fight "Stragglers" for the equivalent rewards of fighting the bosses (but no chance of diamonds).
      • Reach level 25 to participate in World Boss and X-Server
        • Reach 1 Million Damage to World Boss in order to rank for bonus gold reward
      • Befriend top people in the Abyss rankings and World Boss rankings
      • Reach level 30 and STOP
      • Cache Hero Shop refresh tokens for days 4+ or whenever the Hero Shopaholic Event shows up.
      • Buy the Angel Set on sale this week.
      • Buy the Landrunner on sale this week IF you have the Lycorax from Recharging at least once.
      • Reserve 1440 Diamonds for Domination betting.
      • Choose one of your DPS characters and start focussing your resources on them. By the end of the second week you want them to have a BR of 1.3 million if possible.
    • Every day:
      • Save as much Stamina and Hero Store Refresh Scrolls and Free Refreshes for the Hero Store as possible for the next day. If you cannot level up and unlock a new game feature, save those resources for Events and other quests tomorrow.
      • Buy Raid Cards, Palace Dungeon time cards, and similar items, even from the Mall. The only thing you might want to skip from the Mall are Refresh Scrolls. DO NOT USE THEM, but instead save them to quests.
    • Summon 3 Legendary Heroes
      • You will get Ritual Cards (gold cards) in various ways for free. DO NOT USE ANY until you have TEN (10) because clicking the Summon x10 button will get you 12 heroes AND at least one of them will be Legendary.
      • Contrary to rumour, you do not have to buy 10 attempts with Diamonds to get this deal.
    • Get 5 Squad Members to Augment +4
    • Upgrade 1 squad member to R6, all 5 squad members to R5.
      • Focus on one hero (NOT the main character) to get R6. Then if necessary you can Rebirth them and redistribute the Bless Stones to get everyone to R5 with the additional Bless Stones you received as a reward for upgrading the character.
    • Reach Level 52, BR 1.2 million (BR 2.6 million to have any chance of getting a lion mount).
    • Enhance gear of all squad members to Level 80
    • Refine one piece of gear to R15, and 20 pieces of gear to R12.
    • Evolve 10 Relics to level 25.
    • Upgrade Riding skill to R5-Level 0.
    • Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 7
    • Reach 200 Abyss Stars
    • Reach Arena Rank 2000 or better.
      • Ideally reach rank 64 or better to qualify for Domination.

Week 2 (Aug 17 to Aug-23)
  • Carnival Plus
  • Events Week 2
  • Week 2 goal summary: Note that even the top pay-to-play players have trouble hitting all these goals without an exorbitant amount of cash and purchases starting from day 1.
    • Augment one Legendary Hero to +9, three other Legendary Heroes to +8. Main character does NOT count (?)
    • Equip 20 pieces of Epic or higher gear, 18+ Legendary or higher.
    • Equip 10 Relics of Legendary or higher level.
      • You may have to skip buying Runes and instead save up to buy the Legendary Relics from the Relic Store.
    • Enhance 4 pieces of gear on the same character to +130, gear of other 4 squad members to +120.
      • This requires that you somehow reach level 60-65, and it also requires a staggering amount of gold so participate in World Boss as soon as possible. Buying gold with Diamonds is probably still not recommended.
    • Evolve 10 Relics to level 40.
    • Socket 40 runes. Socket 25 runes of R6 or higher.
    • Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 12.
    • Reach 260 Abyss Stars
    • Get one hero in the squad to a BR of 1.3 million.
Week 3 (Aug-24 to Aug-30) 
Week 4 (Aug-31 to Sep-6)

Week 5 (Sep-7 to Sep-13) 

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