Wednesday, August 24, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 2

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses.
Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

  • Starting day 8 (week 2), the Demon Outfit (clothes and wings together) goes on sale at a discount of 4999 (plus some other items, which changes over the course of the week) compared to 2888 per piece regularly.
Double Diamonds (days 8-14)
  • During the period, Recharging up to 12,000 diamonds gives you a like amount in reward.
Panda Festival (days 8-14)
  • Panda Festival I - Exchange a limited quantity of Topaz or Diamonds for Panda Seal Shards
    • Note that since you need 100 shards to make the Panda mount, unless you are willing to spend a lot of Topaz and Diamonds you are not going to get the mount before the event ends.
  • Panda Festival II - Login every day for a Panda Pack.
  • Panda Festival III - Spend up to 2000 diamonds each day for extra Panda Packs that MAY contain Panda shards.
    • The chance of a Panda shard dropping from a chest is VERY LOW.
Magic Rune (days 10-11, resets each day)
  • Combine Runes up to 30 times. Pretty easy to do if you didn't do any unnecessary rune combinations leading up to today. Even if you did, you can typically buy a lot of the cheaper R2 Runes in the Relic Shop to combine your way up to 30 combinations. It will calculate all the steps for you and credit you properly if you use the mass rune combiner wizard.
Guild Power (days 10-11, resets each day)
  • Raid the Guild Dungeon 5-8 times.
    • Typically members get 5 raids per day. You can buy up to 3 for 10 Diamonds each, but since the prizes here are Guild Seals, which are pretty easy to get, it may not be worth it.
    • However, if you are able to kill one of the Guild Dungeon bosses, you get 50 Diamonds for the kill, which can net you a profit on Diamond expenditure as well as help you with the Spend Diamonds daily quest.
You're Elite (days 11-12, resets each day)
  • Clear Elite Dungeon 80 times
    • If you can reach 80 clears you get 3 L4 runes for Day 11. Each is worth 1350 Palace Seals if you were to buy R3 Runes to combine them yourself.
Lead the Way
  • Clear Normal Dungeons to Chapter 12 by end of week 2)
    • The prizes are nothing special until you clear Chapter 12, when you get a chest with a guaranteed Legendary Hero.
Hero Shopaholic (till the end of week 2, resets each day)
  • Refresh Hero Shop tup to 80 times per day
Palace Adventure (daily on days 13-14; count resets daily)
  • Raid in Palace 90 times a day. You do NOT have to succeed in getting a Relic Shard (unlike the Daily quest).
    • You may want to consider raids for Normal Relic Shards because you only need 3 to synth (but definitely AFK at the highest level you can). Synth results are often similar for green and blue relic shard synths.
  • The key milestones are at 50 and 65 times, when you get a bronze and gold chest -- BUT you need to separately purchase keys for these in the Mall, using Diamonds!
    • If you don't need to open those chests now, you may NOT want to buy any keys yet. Instead, wait for a day when you are close to spending enough diamonds for a quest (e.g., the Daily Quest to spend 500 diamonds) and then buy a key to also complete that quest for the day.
VIP Events
  • Recharge Combo (different offers on different days)
  • Daily Recharge (different offer every day)
  • Total Recharge (starts day 8)
    • You have the second week to recharge up to 40,000 diamonds. The grand prize for a 40,000 diamond recharge is the Healer Pack, which gives you one of these Legendary Heroes (not shards) - Thera, A'ishah, or Flora
  • Topaz Rule (different offers on different days)
  • VIP Exclusive (different offers on different days).

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