Friday, September 7, 2018

Final Fantasy XIV - Crafted Gear Comparative Spreadsheet

The crafted gear progression for Final Fantasy XIV can be pretty tedious to make out, especially if you are progressing multiple crafting classes. I've compiled a simple spreadsheet with some of the early game crafted gear (at the moment, it is up to what recipes free-to-play players can acquire).

You can make a copy and sort it however you want, but at the moment it is sorted by:
  • Slot
    • Shields are a separate category from other Secondary slot items
  • Type
    • Including Class, but also special categories when many classes can use the same item. See the notes at the top of the spreadsheet.
  • User Level
    • Not necessarily at what level the item can be crafted or at what level the recipe is acquired.
If you run a lot of dungeons you may acquire Aetherial or Unique Untradable gear that has no Materia Slots but better stats compared to what crafted gear you can wear at a comparable level.

For Armor usable by Warriors, it is worthwhile to compare what you can get from a different class. For example, Level 30 Steel Cuirass usable by tanks, compared to Level 32 Steel Scale Mail usable by tanks as well as Lancers and Dragoons. At just two levels difference you'll get superior stats with Steel Scale Mail, meaning instead of slotting materia in two suits you can focus on one suit.

Also around level 35 start looking for leves with items that can be repaired into Vintage gear that has the curious advantage of having one additional materia slot more than normal.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Final Fantasy XIV - Easy Hunting Log Kills

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are Hunting Logs that more or less track your level to provide a suitable challenge when you engage the critters. That is to say, if you are around the same level, you will more or less overpower them. This is less of a case for the Grand Company Hunting Logs which are scaled to probably align with your highest level character by the time you can access the log.

There are however opportunities to complete Hunting Log with vastly underlevelled enemies in easy locations during FATEs -- which let you not only get your Hunting Log reward but a FATE participation reward as well. Also, some enemies are in clumps and you can end up pulling a larger mob than you want (especially if you have no ranged attack to pull enemies, such as being a Pugilist). FATEs involving kill-counts often have respawning non-player allies nearby to help with being mobbed.

Here are some examples

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

SWTOR Dread Palace operation Calphayus right side portal

If you've run the SWTOR operation "Dread Palace" with veterans, you'll know that at the boss Calphayus, there are two phases involving portals -- Past and Future, left side and right side of the throne respectively.

In the first phase, everyone goes left to the Past. In the video below, I show what's in the Future portal on the right in that first phase -- the one no one ever goes into.