Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Elder Scrolls Online - PvE Magicka Sorcerer Build

This article details a build for Elder Scrolls Online, for the Sorcerer Class.

Objective: Easy-to-play, Player-versus-Environment / Story Mode, Solo play. We are not trying to get the biggest numbers here, but rather be competent in story content (including some easier dungeons) and against both mobs and bosses (including world bosses).
In play, with a high enough Critical Hit percentage, what you should see is your health constantly topped up just by keeping up attacks. We slot one emergency healing skill as a backup although for the most part you won't need it.

Class: Sorcerer. All Attribute points into Magicka and top up your Health with Crusty Bread when facing enemies that might hit you with a powerful attack so you don't get one-shot killed. For the most part you shouldn't need to boost your health or use any healing potions or spells at all against regular mobs.

Race: This robust build should be good with pretty much anything. Magicka-based races obviously have more synergy, but Stamina races should not be discounted because we are going full-Magicka on this build for Attributes, and sometimes you'll need to block, dodge, or break free quite a bit depending on the mechanics of a fight, so play what you like.

  • The skill loadout is the key to this build. Basically we are relying on Critical Hits to get the healing from Surge, and throwing out all sorts of damage all the time to get that once per second healing.
  • Early on it's fine to use Summon Unstable Familiar and Summon Winged Twilight, which double as tanks and healers. But don't neglect learning now to block, dodge, and break free because we'll be dropping both of them later and you won't be able to rely on them to tank or heal for you.
  • Do what you have to in order to get your Mages Guild rank to 4+. The easiest way is probably to run around reading books, and the LoreBooks addon can really help with this.
  • The final skill loadout is:
  • For the Ultimate skills, put in pretty much anything you want. Even when fighting world bosses or some easy dungeon bosses solo, we didn't bother using it. A solid defensive with healing like Panacea might be good if you want to take out Healing Shield. If bosses with millions of Health makes you sleepy, go for more damage. If you want a tank, go for the Storm Atronach.
Skill Use and Options:
  • Combat is basically: Power Surge, Degeneration, Liquid Lightning, Elemental Blockade, and keeping all these up. The Action Duration Reminder addon can help you track these.
  • When enemies are weakened, spam Endless Fury to finish them off if you can. If not, Lightning Staff them to apply the Glyph of Crushing, then switch to Restoration Staff which can give you more healing from the Essence Drain passive.
  • Healing Ward is your panic button, not just for yourself when your health is suddenly depeleted but for teammates when you suddenly have to be in a support role. When in doubt, alternate Healing Ward and Restoration Staff heavy attacks (to restore magicka to keep up your Healing Ward spam).
    • You will probably use this rarely, so you might want to slot a healing ultimate and switch out Healing Ward with Dark Magic Crystal Shard or Daedric Mines, to take advantage of the Blood Magic and Exploitation passives.
    • The tricky bit about Healing Ward is that it doesn't necessarily target yourself, but someone in range who needs it most, so you might have to cast it a few times in a row before it shields you.
  • Liquid Lightning and Elemental Blockade can sometimes be hard to use because the enemy moves around too much. Try to circle them continuously so they don't have to chase you and run out of the area of effect. If the enemy mechanic involves a lot of movement and they won't stay in the area of effect for very long, you might want to consider swapping in Crystal Shard.
Gear: Critical hits are at the core of this build, so we focus on sets that improve that. Choose any two sets from Law of Julianos, Mad Tinkerer, and Mother's Sorrow. For the head/shoulder Monster Set, we recommend Iceheart.
  • Top up your Critical Hit to 70%+ using the Thief Mundus Stone. If you don't need the Thief stone to do that, switch it to the Shadow instead for more Critical Hit Damage. Work on getting your gear the Divines trait before upgrading it.
  • The latter two sets are preferred but being a crafted set, Law of Julianos can be more easily acquired early on and in any case a solid choice until you can get all the other pieces (especially jewelry, which is expensive to upgrade).
  • Mad Tinkerer is underrated, so generally cheap to just outright buy all the pieces with the Divines trait. With Mad Tinkerer we are sacrificing some Spell Critical and Spell Damage for a special effect that is actually rather decent. It's good burst damage, crowd-control if it doesn't kill the target, can hit a long row of targets, and can even knock down a few of the smaller-sized world bosses.
  • Mother's Sorrow is popular so generally expensive to buy. If you can wait for the Divines trait, a lot of quests in Deshaan will give you Mother's Sorrow pieces until you can get or buy what you need.
  • You generally don't need too much more than 60% Critical Hit chance for this build to be decent, so don't worry too much about getting the Divines Trait right away, upgrading your gear to Legendary, or getting the biggest Critical Hit number.
  • We recommend the Iceheart monster set not just for the Spell Critical but the damage shield. The extra shielding helps with our goal of solo survivability even against strong attrition such as from world bosses.

Monday, March 25, 2019

ESO Elder Scrolls Online Jester's Festival and no bounty Noble Guest runs

The Elder Scrolls Online Jester's Festival is back. This is a guide on grinding the event on your toons and avoiding paying a bounty in the quest "A Noble Guest".
Depending on how many combat-competent alts you have, the two easiest missions (i.e., no combat involved) are Springtime Flair and A Noble Guest. Since the best rewards are only available on the first three unique missions you run on the account, you might as well save time on your non-combat-worthy alts by skipping Royal Revelry.
Good time-saving add-ons to have are:
  • Faster Travel, which lets you quickly port to a location accessible by Travel to Player on your Guild rosters.
  • Port to Friend's House, which lets you hotkey a port to a friend's house, even if that house is not their Primary Residence. It's handy to have a port to:
    • Enchanted Snow Globe Home - Wayshrine close by and no guards in between.
    • Sleek Creek House - Outlaw's Refuge close by and no guards in between.
Grinding the Jester's Festival in a systematic way
Here's how to get organized doing the Jester's Festival. Organize your list of alts so that the last ones are the ones that will do Royal Revelry. Make sure you have Baelborne Rock Wayshrine discovered.
  1. Stonefalls
    • Pick up A Noble Guest and go get the mudcrab apples. You will likely get a bounty stealing the apples. Stay where you are because there are no guards in that stable.
  2. Switch to another alt
    • Log out and log in to your next alt. While you are offline on the previous toon, their bounty will continue to tick down.
    • Repeat (1) and (2) until you have gone through all your alts.
    • On your last toon, you have two choices:
      • Teleport out to safety and do Royal Revelry, or
      • Log out and go back to your first toon, where the bounty has probably expired already.
    • If you choose to do Royal Revelry:
      • Get to Baelborne Rock Wayshrine (e.g., port to Enchanted Snow Globe Home, then walk to the wayshrine nearby outside and teleport to Baelborne Rock Wayshrine) and go to Jester King Emeric's tent. The route should have no guards at all so your bounty won't be an issue.
      • Go get your quest items including the Dazzlers from Jester King Emeric.
      • It is actually possible your bounty won't have ticked down to zero yet, but the bounties will definitely have reset on your earliest toon so switch back to that one if you still need to wait.
  3. Stonefalls - A Noble Guest
    • Back to your alts, now with the bounty expired and their status "Upstanding" -- so just walk out of the stable and go to Princess.
    • If you have trouble leading her back, this video shows an easy and safe route:
  4. Auridon - Springtime Flair
    • After A Noble Guest, head to Auridon for Springtime Flair.
    • During the stage to Pelt Grumpy Temple Stoics, also grab the daily crafting writs, which are on two boards nearby.
    • If you have Faster Travel, port to Auridon after each stage. It will likely take you to where you need to go, or at least take you to a wayshrine faster than riding back to one.
  5. Glenumbra - Royal Revelry
    • Now without any bounty, finish up with Royal Revelry if you want.
  6. You've also picked up your Daily Writs, so finish up by doing those as well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Best Elder Scrolls Online BBBJ Waifu Body - max Large

In Elder Scrolls Online, you can have a female body of type "Large". If you initially put the slider in that corner -- especially all the way in that corner -- you'll get a fat girl. And many online games do let you have plus-sized girls even though hardly anyone ever uses it.
We'll show you the reasons why you actually WANT to start with the body shape slider all the way into the Large corner of the shape triangle!

Don't worry if you think your toon's thigh looks like a leg of ham. It won't be that way in-game because of how ESO displays clothing and armor. Advance the slide below and you will see that with Gut, Waist, (and optionally, Foot Size) at minimum and the rest of the sliders at maximum, you will get a pornstar "BBBJ" body for your waifu toon -- "Bubble Butt and Boob Job" body!

More than that, there are actually non-cheeky reasons why you want the Large body. We discuss these below.

Head Size is the biggest issue. If you look at the slide with the three types of bodies (sliders at the corners of the body shape triangle), you will see that even at maximum Torso and Chest size to mitigate the apperance of an overly big head, if your character has a rounder head shape (like most Bretons), you are at risk of having a head that looks either slightly too big or even bobble-headed in the case of the slimmest body shape.
In fact, the athletic body looks pretty much like the slimmest body, but with muscle contours. Either way, you will probably want to have some influence of the Large body shape to mitigate big-head.

With the slider all the way in the Large body shape corner, it might look like your toon has a too-large upper body even with minimum Waist and Gut, and still with flattish breasts. However, once you wear something, you will see that it all works out well. Often the breasts are enhanced and any sense of the upper body being too fat is fixed by the body-shaping of the clothing or armor.
So, it is in fact important to have the Arm and Leg sliders at maximum so that you won't get an insect-limb look. This is most noticeable in the lower legs where armor often makes them look skinnier than even when the legs are naked.
In our four-slide comparison, the top two are legs at maximum size an the bottom two are legs at minimum size, for the Large body shape. When armored, the lower legs still look quite spindly, so having the legs at the maximum slider is the best you can do to mitigate the visual effect.