Friday, September 16, 2016

League of Angels II - Why you are not getting X-Server Matches

If you have been waiting an excessive amount of time for an X-Server Match in League of Angels II, this may be the reason:
(from GTArcade forum post by a Moderator)
Go to your ranking tab > go to level > look at the person at rank 100th and check what level they are at.  There are 2 reason for long queue time, you are either over leveled (higher than the average on your server/bracket) this will cause you to have long queue time because there are not enough players at your level to create a match, so you will have to be matched to a lower bracket, but in low priority queue.  Second reason is if you are too low level, if the average level is 80+ and you are 70-79 you will never find a match as the system will not try to place you in a higher level bracket match.
It is of course absolute garbage programming.
And WTF? Can't they provide some in-game documentation so people aren't wasting their time making a character on an older server?
In fact, you can't even know if this garbage programming will affect you until you've levelled your character far enough to access the X-Server menu.

And people wonder why older servers die. Because there is no point starting a character there after 2 weeks.

HOWEVER there is apparently a workaround: Accept an invitation into a X-Server Match by someone who can get matches.
But it's rather pointless since you're just weakening the team by being of a very much lower level. And you can't AFK with Little Helper doing that.

Monday, September 12, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - X-Server Group Deal and Turkish Costume

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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September-13 to September-14 was the X-Server Group Deal across all servers. The X-Server Group Deal was primarily to sell Hero Skins (costs Topaz) and a few other items at discount of 20% up to 60% (which is close to the daily Special Offer which can be 50% to 60% straight off).
It's not clear what the "X-Server" part of this offer is because checking between S563 and S651, the servers do not have the same stats for purchases.

Mythic Hero Outfits
  • Mythic Hero outfits sell for 2000 Topaz for 20 shards. You need 100 shards to synth, so in reality it costs 10,000 Topaz.
  • It is initially discounted to 1840/2000 and the basic deal is 4% off, and can go up to 10%.
Legendary Hero Outfits
  • Legendary Hero outfits sell for 2000 to 2500 Topaz for a full outfit.
    • If you have 2-3 outfits of a set (for three Legendary Heroes), additional bonuses are activated.
  • They are initially discounted to 1920/2000 to 2400/2000.
  • The basic deal is 4% off, and can go up to 10%.
  • Every 10 Topaz or Diamond you spend earns you 1 Voucher and 1 Credit.
  • You can use 1 Voucher to reduce the cost of every 10 Diamonds spent in the X-Server Group Deal.
  • Credits get you additional prizes, starting at 100 credits (1000 Diamonds or Topaz spent).
Turkish Costume
  • Concurrent with the X-Server Group Deal, but lasting one extra day, was the Turkish Costume Event.
  • You have to recharge at least 800 Topaz on any one day of the event to get the entire costume. Recharging at least 800 Topa on Days 2 and 3 of the Turkish Costume event awarded Mythic Hero Shard chests.
    • Presumably you would also be spending a heap of Topaz on they X-Server Group Deal, the timing is actually really fortunate for anyone intent on getting the Turkish Costume or spending a lot in the X-Server Group Deal.

Friday, September 9, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Charm Rankings

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

LOA2 Charm Rankings event 1

Charm Rankings was an event across all servers to let players have a chance to get the new Angel Academy outfit. Theoretically you can also get that in the Mall, according to the tooltip for the outfit components, but this is actually unlikely.
There are two parts to the Charm Rankings event -- Getting feathers to Rank, and getting Points to redeem. To do anything, you first need Feathers. Normally, Feathers are purchased from the Charm Star interface at 10 Topaz per Feather.
Unfortunately, concurrent with this event was a rerun of Treasure Seeker, another pricey event.

Feathers - Various Events (all 3-day, the same period of Charm Rankings) reward Feathers:
  • One-Day Recharge - Recharge 200 to 20000 Topaz to receive 0 to 200 Feathers and 10 to 310 Pickaxes for Treasure Seeker.
  • Fallen Feather - Feathers are random drops in Elite Dungeons during the event.
    • Concurrent with this event was You're Elite, which gave prizes for 10 to 150 Elite Dungeons cleared. Pickaxes were given at 80 and 150 Dungeon clears.
  • All Rounder - Completing all the tasks for All Rounder in the same day awarded 10 Feathers in addition to 100 Engraving Stones and 1 Relic Crystal.
    • In order to complete all tasks, Diamonds must be spent as well as at least 1 Recharge of any amount.
    • Tasks that required Diamonds or Recharging also awarded 2 Pickaxes each. 
  • Feather for VIP - Feathers can be purchased in limited quantities daily with Diamonds, based on VIP level -- 2 for VIP 0, up to a total of 37 for VIP 9. 10 Diamonds each.
  • Stamina Tycoon - Prizes for buying Stamina 4 to 13 times per day (to buy Stamina more than 5 times a day requires VIP 1). Buying Stamina from stores do NOT count. Buying Stamina 13 times awards 5 Pickaxes and 5 Feathers in addition to the regular prize of 30 Aptitude Codexes.
Charm Star
  • The more feathers you RECEIVE as GIFTS from others (including yourself), the higher you get on the ranking. Only the top 5 persons will get any sort of prize.
    • Feathers are received anonymously unless 99 are given at the same time.
    • Prizes include a TEMPORARY bonus title and materials to craft or upgrade high-level Accessories.
  • To gift a feather, use the special blue button in the upper right corner to open a special menu.
    • Giving 20 to 2000 Feathers in total during the event also awards prizes in the "Feather Bonus" event.
  • It is recommended that you DO NOT actually participate in trying to Rank from the very first day. Instead, accumulate your feathers and decide later.
    • If you will have so many feather points that you will hit the daily purchase limits in the Points Shop, then spend only enough feathers to get what you want and try to save the rest for later.
    • On the last day, look at the rankings and determine how badly you want a particular spot. At that point, spend Topaz if you have to in order to secure your spot.
  • For accounts that are not going to bother trying to rank at all, it is also recommended that you save as many feathers as you can till the last day in order to help your friends or guildmates keep their rank.
    • Alternatively, help someone who cannot cash-compete with the top "wallet warriors" and gift them your feathers to boost their rank. But check how close they are to actually getting on the board before you commit.
LOA2 Charm Rankings event 2

Points Shop
  • When you give away Feathers, you get 1 point for each. These points can be redeemed for items including Mythic Hero and Mythic Gear shards.
  • The top prizes can be redeemed by anyone: Angel Academy outfit pieces -- 500 points per piece of the outfit. Without spending Topaz, it is basically impossible. An absolutely vast amount of Stamina would be required to get 500 feathers from Elite Dungeons over the three days.
  • You cannot save feathers or Points in the hopes that the event will run again.
Event - School Memories
LOA2 Charm Rankings event 3