Tuesday, September 6, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Wheel of Fortune

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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Days 15-17 was the Wheel of Fortune event for Server 651-Maggex-GMT, instead of Treasure Seeker. Therefore the Wheel of Fortune looks like possibly a recurring all-server event.

X-Server Wheel is basically a wheel of fortune with chancy prizes. The ultimate goal is to get the special new mount "Divine Steed". This was a special event to auction the Divine Steed by making players compete against each other in spending.
For other servers, it is likely that Day 15-17 will be the Wheel of Fortune. Although the prizes appear to focus on Mythic Hero Shards, the key prize is actually in the "Supreme Exchange" Event for the Wheel of Fortune.

LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - general wheel

General Wheel
  • To spin the Wheel of Fortune "General Wheel", you need Lotto Tickets.
    • You can get tickets from Events not-related to the Wheel of Fortune but with with tickets as additional prizes.
    • There is also a "VIP Lotto" event where you can buy 2-10 tickets depending on your VIP level.
    • The Mall sells a 5-pack of tickets (with other things) for 499 Diamonds.
  • There are 12 places on the wheel and presumably you have an equal chance of landing on each slot. Two of the 12 places (16.67% chance per spin) are for your choice of 5 shards for one of the three Mythic Heroes. You need 100 shards to synth a Mythic hero.
    • In the Hero Shop, Mythic Hero shards start showing up when you are level 60. Five (5) Shards cost 600 Souls or 500 Diamonds.
    • Eventually you will be able to blitz Elite Dungeons for Mythic Hero shards, but that is a long way past level 60.
  • Most of the other prizes on the Wheel are also excellent value compared to buying them in the Mall -- around 50% discount. Most are hard-to-get items, so there's value in participating in even the General Wheel. The issue is whether you want to spend the diamonds or not.
  • Each spin also gets you 10 Points and 10 Lucky Coins, the event currency to exchange for prizes in the Lucky Shop. In the Lucky Shop, 10 points will get you a single shard for a Mythic Hero.
    • Therefore, if you spent 100 Diamonds for a spin on the wheel, you have a 16.67% chance of getting 5 mythic hero shards, or 500 diamond value.
    • And you also get a guaranteed 100 Diamond value in a single mythic hero shard. So your ROI is approximately 83.33%.
LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Premium Wheel

Premium Wheel
    • To spin the Wheel of Fortune "Premium Wheel", you must spend 100 Topaz per spin AND be VIP 4+
    • You get 33% to 100% more prizes compared to the General Wheel.
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Rankings

    • The top Wheel of Fortune spenders get additional prizes IF they have at least 200 points (20 spins).
    • "Super Rewards" are also available if you have at least 1000 points.
      • The top Super Reward Prize includes a Mythic Hero Pack where you can choose a single Mythic Hero (full hero, not just shards); and a Giant Eternal Chest where you can get 50 shards of your choice of one type of Eternal Equipment (100 shards required to synth a piece of Mythic gear).
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Lucky Shop

    Event: VIP Lotto
    • Depending on your VIP level you can buy 2-10 tickets per day at 100 Diamonds each.
    Event: Spin Combo
    • Each day, spin the wheel 10-200 times for extra rewards.
    Events: Supreme Exchange
    • Spin the Premium Wheel (Topaz Wheel) 10x in order to qualify for Supreme Exchange.
    • Once you qualify, you can exchange the Wheel of Fortune event currency (Supreme Luck Coupons) for shards toward the Eldorado Suit, Eldorado Wings, or the Armored Leopard Seal.
      • You need 100 shards to synth the Armored Leopard Seal.
    • Resets each day.
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - tickets in Mall

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