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Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Rail Nomads Camp

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Rail Nomads Camp

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A great place for maps and general information for Arizona is Here, we provide additional information about the various locations, and/or specific to the Director's Cut.

Rail Nomads Camp is not hard to get to but the challenges there starting around level 4 and going up to around level 7.
  • Perception 5-6 is required to spot some buried caches (with nothing important in them); to help you get that score, you can complete Quarax's quest for the video game cartridge and get the Clay Wizard Figurine for +2 Perception when equipped.
  • In some cases, even if you do not succeed in Perception on something, you can still manually use a skill from your hotbar on it. For example, you can know the generator is rigged to an alarm because there is an alarm right above it on the wall. So you can manually target your Alarm Disarming skill and disable the alarm.
Watch out for timed quests. You get one right away when you first meet someone in this map. You don't have a lot of time to succeed at Brute Force on the pillar on the right to kick it into the water as a lifeline.
Another instance occurs when you (hopefully) spot a bomb in the playground. If you don't disarm it before the nearby conversation ends, someone will walk over, trigger it, and get blown up.

Honest Jon

  • The CD-i for Quarex is here but you can also turn it in to Mercaptain at the Ranger Citadel for a more interesting reward of a Requisition.

  • Samuel, the Snake Squeezin's man mentioned by Ace in his log book, will reveal information only if you have Ace's Log Book, Smart Ass 6, or Hard Ass 4. If you get far enough in dialogue with Angela Deth in your party, she will kill him afterwards.
    • Angela kills Samuel in a cutscene and apparently nothing can prevent this.
    • You can temporarily dismiss her, but if you leave the area or reload a game, she will disappear from the game and you cannot get her back.
    • If you abort conversation he leaves the bar for the Hobo Jungle and exits the map at the north end of that area. You can still talk to him if you catch up with him before he leaves the map. Otherwise he disappears from the game.
  • You can ask him about Hell Razor before OR after you talk to him about Ace. His responses are different.
Town Hall
  • After you make peace between the two tribes (if you want to) you can loot the place without triggering hostility. You can also go in before that but access is limited and you can't be spotted in certain areas without making everyone go hostile.
  • Lots of high-level Alarm Disarming, Demolitions, and Open Lock skills checks.

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