Friday, September 16, 2016

League of Angels II - Why you are not getting X-Server Matches

If you have been waiting an excessive amount of time for an X-Server Match in League of Angels II, this may be the reason:
(from GTArcade forum post by a Moderator)
Go to your ranking tab > go to level > look at the person at rank 100th and check what level they are at.  There are 2 reason for long queue time, you are either over leveled (higher than the average on your server/bracket) this will cause you to have long queue time because there are not enough players at your level to create a match, so you will have to be matched to a lower bracket, but in low priority queue.  Second reason is if you are too low level, if the average level is 80+ and you are 70-79 you will never find a match as the system will not try to place you in a higher level bracket match.
It is of course absolute garbage programming.
And WTF? Can't they provide some in-game documentation so people aren't wasting their time making a character on an older server?
In fact, you can't even know if this garbage programming will affect you until you've levelled your character far enough to access the X-Server menu.

And people wonder why older servers die. Because there is no point starting a character there after 2 weeks.

HOWEVER there is apparently a workaround: Accept an invitation into a X-Server Match by someone who can get matches.
But it's rather pointless since you're just weakening the team by being of a very much lower level. And you can't AFK with Little Helper doing that.

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