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League of Angels II New Server Guide - Server Launch Events - Week 1 - 7-Day Carnival

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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This is the first week of New Server Launch Events.
Do NOT immediately claim Stamina Check-In Rewards unless your Stamina is well under limit. Otherwise you are just wasting time that could be used toward regenerating Stamina.

Toward the end of each day, it is important that you watch your XP bar. If you don't think you can hit the next level, it is better to conserve your Stamina and wait till reset, because there is a daily Event to clear up to 80 Elite Dungeon Levels. If you can do that you will get a piece of purple gear. Even if you do less than that, every 20 levels gets you a prize. Do exactly what you need and conserve Stamina to help you hit those targets tomorrow.
In the early days when levelling is fast you'll get Stamina with each level-up to help you do that. Later on as you start to drag toward level 35 then to level 40, you'll be relying on whatever sources you can just to hit 80x a day.

Typically the deadline for the quests/tasks is the end of week 1 and you must claim the rewards by 3 days after that. Starting day 8, Carnival Plus begins.

Day 1 "Massive Stamina"
  • Check-In Reward: 50 Diamonds, 60 Stamina
  • Dungeon Clear - Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 5 and reach Level 40.
    • You can probably just do it by the third day so there's plenty of time.
    • The chest that gives a Legendary hero MAY always give you the hero for which you have the most shards, but this is not confirmed.
  • Double Trouble - Summon 2 Legendary Heroes. Get all 5 squad members to Augment +4
    • Buying Shards and summoning them that way does count, so you don't need to invest in Ritual Cards.
    • You probably need to buy Bless Stones from the Hero Store in order to get your heroes up to Augment +4 quickly. The prize is Hero Refresh Scrolls, which doesn't look like much, BUT there is a daily quest that can reward you for frequently refreshing the Store.
  • Half-Off Sale - 5 Ritual Tokens for 750 Diamonds, maximum 1 purchase
    • You could get lucky and get a legendary, but it's probably not worth it because Rituals often give you blue heroes and rarely even give you Purple.
    • Instead, save up for the Angel Outfit combo pack on sale for 1699. You should be able to get it on your first day with Diamonds you earn.
  • Other Goals
    • Join a top guild
      • Put in a Royal Donation every day. The game gives you more than enough to do that if you are not frivolous about your spending.
      • Do NOT claim any earnings until you check your auto promotion, as promotion gets you more earnings.
      • Start buying drills for Relic rune sockets every day, maximum amount.
      • Give away Shards you don't want through the Shard Request guild feature. There's a chance you'll get Stamina from this, which would be a very good trade for any shard you give.
    • Participate in World Boss to start earning gold. It is unlikely that you will rank by achieving 1 million damage, even on day 3. But always participate. Just set it on auto and go get a coffee.
    • Quickly jump into the arena. Unless you are top-ranked you can't skip the queue and be at the rank you deserve to be. By day 2-3 though, your rank should have settled to where it should rightfully be.
Day 2 "Even More Stamina"
  • Check-In Reward: 100 Diamonds, 120 Stamina
    • You are probably past the quick levelling and may just reach level 34 or so today unless you seriously buy Stamina for diamonds.
      • If you insist on maximizing XP per day, consider Raiding in the Palace. 1 extra Raid costs 15 Diamonds and gives you 50 XP.
  • Abyss Overlord - Reach 130 Abyss Stars.
    • By day 2, try to have as your friends the Arena top 10 and Abyss top 10 from yesterday's rankings (because the top ones near server reset might not be the ones who went furthest in the Abyss). You just need 2-3 because you can only ask for their help in clearing Abyss stages twice if you are not VIP (pay-to-play).
    • Clear the Abyss as far as you can. Switch to lower difficulty if you have to. Then for the final two floors, use your two top-ranked friends to clear stages at high difficulty for you, for up to 9 stars per stage and 18 per day.
      • Your goal is to make sure they don't fail to get you lots of stars. And get at as many chests as possible.
      • In the early days this will help you rank high on Abyss stars and net you rewards that way as well.
    • It gets harder than it sounds because the monsters get harder to clear and you'll start to see BRs rivalling those of the Arena champions. Which may or may not mean anything since a low BR team can sometimes clear monsters of a BR lots higher. But once you select the difficulty you cannot change it, so if you pick wrongly, you might be stuck and unable to proceed.
  • Equipment Master - Enhance the gear of all squad members to Level 80, and you need to clear Elite Dungeons 20 times, by the end of the week,
    • You will need all the coin you can get to do this, especially if you are enhancing purple Warlord or Justice gear. Make sure to participate in the World Boss events as much as possible.
    • You'll start hitting walls on gold requirements, but do not spend Diamonds on gold. Instead, look around the various stores for where you can buy gold and buy only what you need unless it is at a deep discount.
  • Half-Off Sale - Judge Equipment Pack for 1200 Diamonds, maximum 1 purchase
Day 3 "Tons of Bless Stones"
  • Check-In Reward: 150 Diamonds, 30 Bless Stones
  • Half-Off Sale - 100 Bless Stones for 500 Diamonds, maximum 5 purchases
    • Probably not worth it. Easier ways to get lots without diamonds.
  • Arena Overlord - Be ranked 2000 or better in the Arena.
    • In the early days of the server, climb the Arena as much as possible, using all the extra attempts you can buy.
      • When you move up, one-time only you get diamonds (falling in rank then moving back up to the same rank doesn't get you diamonds), so that will more than offset any costs.
      • There will likely be a lot of weak pre-fab characters you can defeat.
      • Once you reach a rank, even if you drop rank later, all special offers for that rank remain unlocked.
        • An alternative is to strike a deal with the Arena top 3 to let you briefly sit on the throne to unlock the special offers. You need to be rank 20 or better to directly challenge the top 3 spots.
    • If you do climb the ranks quickly you could possibly buy the items limited to high-ranking arena warriors before you are knocked out of position. Doing it early is your best bet as the server is pre-populated with non-player teams of up to level 25.
  • Mythical Heroes - Upgrade any squad member to R6, all squad members to R5.
    • This is hard because Bless Stone expenditure becomes really huge. You can get more from the hero store by using Souls.
    • When buying from the Hero Shop, be very focussed and refresh frequently until you get what you want in heroes or other items. Don't buy too many things, especially purple heroes you will eventually replace anyway -- you will rapidly run out of Souls.
Day 4 "Claim Refresh Tokens"
  • Check-In Reward: 200 Diamonds, 5 Refresh Tokens
  • Elite Dungeon - Clear Elite Dungeon Chapter 7
    • The elite dungeons get really hard. By level 35 you can probably do Chapter 4, and level 40 you can do Chapter 5 but not necessarily 3-star (which is not necessary for these achievements).
  • More Hands - Refresh the Hero Shop 120 times, and Summon 3 Legendary Heroes
    • There is a Hero Shopaholic Event task that requires you do it 80 times per day for more substantial rewards (Souls), so make sure to do it at least 80x each day.
    • You can use up to 50 Refresh Scrolls per day. Plus 24 free refreshes at 1 per hour means you are only at 74 per day. You need to save up free Refreshes the day before to get close to even 80.
  • Half-Off Sale - 1000 Souls for 500 Diamonds, maximum 2 purchases
    • Probably not worth it. Easier ways to get lots without diamonds -- such as selling surplus prisms from dungeon blitzing.
Day 5 "Free Relic Essences"
  • Check-In Reward: 250 Diamonds, 2 Epic Relic Essence
  • Relic Master - Relics of all 5 squad members evolved to level 25.
  • Born Rider - Riding skill reaches R5 Level 0.
  • Half Off Sale - 100 Mastery Stones for 400 Diamonds, maximum 3 purchases
  • Domination starts today and you can bet as follows over two days, so make sure you have enough Diamonds:
    • Domination Round 1 - 3 bets x 80, win 120
    • Domination Round 2 - 3 bets x 80, win 120
    • Domination Round 3 - 2 bets x 120, win 180
    • Domination Round 4 - 2 bets x 120, win 180
    • Domination Round 5 - 1 bet x 240, win 360
    • Domination Round 6 - 1 bet x 240, win 360
Day 6 "Hellcoin Harvest"
  • Check-In Reward: 300 Diamonds, 500 Hellcoins
  • Blitz the Abyss - Get 200 Abyss Stars.
  • Alchemist - Refine any equipment to R15, and all equipment of all squad members to R12.
  • Half Off Sale - 100 Refine Stones for 500 Diamonds, maximum 5 purchases.
Day 7 "Greet a New Friend"
  • Check-In Reward: 350 Diamonds, 1 chest with a Legendary Hero (not shards - choose Huxley, Lucas, or Lydia).
  • Level Maniac - Reach level 52 by the end of the first week.
  • Warlord - Reach BR 2.6 million by the end of the first week.
  • Half Off Sale - Legendary Hero chest for 1800 Diamonds, maximum 1 purchase.

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