Monday, August 29, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Carnage Blade

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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Days 21-22 (Aug-30-31) was the Carnage Blade event. However, this event was definitely not server age related as younger servers also received this event.

Carnage Blade
  • When you clear Elite dungeons, you have approximately a 50% chance to get one Carnage Blade, which can be exchange for prizes.
  • There are three Events menus to exchange Carnage Blades: Normal Exchange, Lucky Exchange, and for all but the youngest servers, there is also Supreme Exchange.
    • With Normal Exchange, you exchange a fixed amount of Blades for fixed treasure.
    • With Lucky Exchange, you exchange blades for a chest with random drops. The types of treasure is fixed, but the amounts you get can vary wildly. Lucky Exchange is generally better than Normal Exchange.
      • For example, 30 Blades will get you 10 Anima's Path challenge tokens. This translates to roughly 10 Anima and 10 tokens to be found on Anima's Path.
      • Instead for 20 Blades, you can get a chest that will drop 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 Anima. The opportunity to get a lot more Anima, which is tedious to do on Anima's path, is probably worth the gamble.
    • Supreme Exchange allows you to spend a LOT of Topaz and a lot of Carnage Blades for event-only items such as skins for the healers A'ishah, Flora, and Thera. Something like that would cost you 1000 Topaz plus 200 Carnage Blades.
      • Note that some deals are very bad, such as 25 Topaz and 25 Carnage Blades for a Cerebus Seal shard. You can get a Cerebus shard in the Honor Shop for 500 Honor, which is easy to come by. You are limited to 3 shards per day there, but the cost is so much less and spending extravagantly won't speed up getting the mount that much faster, unless you throw bags of money at the game.
  • Unused Carnage Blades stay in inventory after the event. There is hope that it will re-run, so if you only have a few Blades and can't exchange them, instead of spending a lot of diamonds for stamina to try to get more blades, just hold onto them.
  • Stamina Tycoon (Day 21-22, resets daily)
    • Buy Stamina 4-13 times. Prizes at 4x, 7x, 10x, 13x
    • Carnage Blades were added to this event because of the Carnage Blade event.
    • None of the prizes were particularly special. There were two chests but they gave random drops.

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