Sunday, September 4, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Pyramids of Destiny

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
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The last 3 days of Week 4

The Pyramids of Destiny is a mini-game using either Diamonds, Pyramid Coupons (sprinkled throughout regular Events), or Topaz (for the Pyramid of Eternity, which has superior treasure). Each time you use a token or spend 50 Diamonds or 50 Topaz, you get one random treasure and 10 Points, or you get the Signet event currency and 5 Points.
  • IF that treasure is in the leftmost position, you ascend 1 level up the pyramid where you can get SLIGHTLY better drops, as well as a better chance of ascending the pyramid again because there are fewer spots.
    • The bottom/first level is 7 potential prizes, so you only have a 1-in-7 chance of moving up.
    • The next floor, Level 2, has potential prizes, so you have a slightly better 1-in-6 chance of moving up.
    • Level 6, the top floor, has only 1 position.
    • Best case it takes 6 attempts. Average case takes (7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3) = 25 attempts or 1,250 currency units to reach the top. Theoretically the worst case is an infinite number of attempts because you are not guaranteed to ever move up the pyramid at all.
  • More attempts do not improve your odds of moving up since an attempt can land you on the same treasure you won previously.
  • The treasure is basically slightly better than buying the equivalent item from the Mall, which is overpriced in Diamond cost to begin with.
    • For example, you could get 6 Bless Stones from the Pyramid of Infinity, which costs 50 Diamonds per attempt unless you earned a token somewhere. In the mall, this would cost 60 Diamonds.
    • You could potentially get a Signet, which lets you swap for items in the Infinity Shop.
      • For Infinity Signets (from the Infinity Pyramid that costs Diamonds), the exchange rate works out to be slightly more favourable than the Mall.
      • For Eternity Signets (from the Eternity Pyramid, which costs Topaz), the exchange rate is slightly WORSE compared to the Infinity Signets for the most mundane items, BUT you have access to special items: Ocean's Heart outfit pieces (1000 Eternity Signets each), and the Spectra Tiger Seal (1500 Eternity Signets).
  • The treasure in the leftmost position is the best and has a much higher value than the others.
  • Along with this special event are supporting events under the Events tab.
2016-Sep-4 Pyramid of Infinity

2016-Sep-4 Pyramid of Eternity

More Coupon (3 days, resets each day)

  • VIP4 to VIP11 can exchange Diamonds for more Pyramid Coupons, basically getting attempts at a discount.

Step Ahead

  • If you get 800 Points in Pyramids of Destiny, you can exchange 6999 Topaz for prizes (including the Spectral Tiger Seal).

Pyramid Points Rewards (2 days, resets each day)

  • Get 50-600 points in Pyramids of Destiny to get prizes. Mostly they are pretty weak compared to the outlay in Diamonds and Topaz required except at the 600 point tier.

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