Friday, September 16, 2016

League of Angels II - Why you are not getting X-Server Matches

If you have been waiting an excessive amount of time for an X-Server Match in League of Angels II, this may be the reason:
(from GTArcade forum post by a Moderator)
Go to your ranking tab > go to level > look at the person at rank 100th and check what level they are at.  There are 2 reason for long queue time, you are either over leveled (higher than the average on your server/bracket) this will cause you to have long queue time because there are not enough players at your level to create a match, so you will have to be matched to a lower bracket, but in low priority queue.  Second reason is if you are too low level, if the average level is 80+ and you are 70-79 you will never find a match as the system will not try to place you in a higher level bracket match.
It is of course absolute garbage programming.
And WTF? Can't they provide some in-game documentation so people aren't wasting their time making a character on an older server?
In fact, you can't even know if this garbage programming will affect you until you've levelled your character far enough to access the X-Server menu.

And people wonder why older servers die. Because there is no point starting a character there after 2 weeks.

HOWEVER there is apparently a workaround: Accept an invitation into a X-Server Match by someone who can get matches.
But it's rather pointless since you're just weakening the team by being of a very much lower level. And you can't AFK with Little Helper doing that.

Monday, September 12, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - X-Server Group Deal and Turkish Costume

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

September-13 to September-14 was the X-Server Group Deal across all servers. The X-Server Group Deal was primarily to sell Hero Skins (costs Topaz) and a few other items at discount of 20% up to 60% (which is close to the daily Special Offer which can be 50% to 60% straight off).
It's not clear what the "X-Server" part of this offer is because checking between S563 and S651, the servers do not have the same stats for purchases.

Mythic Hero Outfits
  • Mythic Hero outfits sell for 2000 Topaz for 20 shards. You need 100 shards to synth, so in reality it costs 10,000 Topaz.
  • It is initially discounted to 1840/2000 and the basic deal is 4% off, and can go up to 10%.
Legendary Hero Outfits
  • Legendary Hero outfits sell for 2000 to 2500 Topaz for a full outfit.
    • If you have 2-3 outfits of a set (for three Legendary Heroes), additional bonuses are activated.
  • They are initially discounted to 1920/2000 to 2400/2000.
  • The basic deal is 4% off, and can go up to 10%.
  • Every 10 Topaz or Diamond you spend earns you 1 Voucher and 1 Credit.
  • You can use 1 Voucher to reduce the cost of every 10 Diamonds spent in the X-Server Group Deal.
  • Credits get you additional prizes, starting at 100 credits (1000 Diamonds or Topaz spent).
Turkish Costume
  • Concurrent with the X-Server Group Deal, but lasting one extra day, was the Turkish Costume Event.
  • You have to recharge at least 800 Topaz on any one day of the event to get the entire costume. Recharging at least 800 Topa on Days 2 and 3 of the Turkish Costume event awarded Mythic Hero Shard chests.
    • Presumably you would also be spending a heap of Topaz on they X-Server Group Deal, the timing is actually really fortunate for anyone intent on getting the Turkish Costume or spending a lot in the X-Server Group Deal.

Friday, September 9, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Charm Rankings

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

LOA2 Charm Rankings event 1

Charm Rankings was an event across all servers to let players have a chance to get the new Angel Academy outfit. Theoretically you can also get that in the Mall, according to the tooltip for the outfit components, but this is actually unlikely.
There are two parts to the Charm Rankings event -- Getting feathers to Rank, and getting Points to redeem. To do anything, you first need Feathers. Normally, Feathers are purchased from the Charm Star interface at 10 Topaz per Feather.
Unfortunately, concurrent with this event was a rerun of Treasure Seeker, another pricey event.

Feathers - Various Events (all 3-day, the same period of Charm Rankings) reward Feathers:
  • One-Day Recharge - Recharge 200 to 20000 Topaz to receive 0 to 200 Feathers and 10 to 310 Pickaxes for Treasure Seeker.
  • Fallen Feather - Feathers are random drops in Elite Dungeons during the event.
    • Concurrent with this event was You're Elite, which gave prizes for 10 to 150 Elite Dungeons cleared. Pickaxes were given at 80 and 150 Dungeon clears.
  • All Rounder - Completing all the tasks for All Rounder in the same day awarded 10 Feathers in addition to 100 Engraving Stones and 1 Relic Crystal.
    • In order to complete all tasks, Diamonds must be spent as well as at least 1 Recharge of any amount.
    • Tasks that required Diamonds or Recharging also awarded 2 Pickaxes each. 
  • Feather for VIP - Feathers can be purchased in limited quantities daily with Diamonds, based on VIP level -- 2 for VIP 0, up to a total of 37 for VIP 9. 10 Diamonds each.
  • Stamina Tycoon - Prizes for buying Stamina 4 to 13 times per day (to buy Stamina more than 5 times a day requires VIP 1). Buying Stamina from stores do NOT count. Buying Stamina 13 times awards 5 Pickaxes and 5 Feathers in addition to the regular prize of 30 Aptitude Codexes.
Charm Star
  • The more feathers you RECEIVE as GIFTS from others (including yourself), the higher you get on the ranking. Only the top 5 persons will get any sort of prize.
    • Feathers are received anonymously unless 99 are given at the same time.
    • Prizes include a TEMPORARY bonus title and materials to craft or upgrade high-level Accessories.
  • To gift a feather, use the special blue button in the upper right corner to open a special menu.
    • Giving 20 to 2000 Feathers in total during the event also awards prizes in the "Feather Bonus" event.
  • It is recommended that you DO NOT actually participate in trying to Rank from the very first day. Instead, accumulate your feathers and decide later.
    • If you will have so many feather points that you will hit the daily purchase limits in the Points Shop, then spend only enough feathers to get what you want and try to save the rest for later.
    • On the last day, look at the rankings and determine how badly you want a particular spot. At that point, spend Topaz if you have to in order to secure your spot.
  • For accounts that are not going to bother trying to rank at all, it is also recommended that you save as many feathers as you can till the last day in order to help your friends or guildmates keep their rank.
    • Alternatively, help someone who cannot cash-compete with the top "wallet warriors" and gift them your feathers to boost their rank. But check how close they are to actually getting on the board before you commit.
LOA2 Charm Rankings event 2

Points Shop
  • When you give away Feathers, you get 1 point for each. These points can be redeemed for items including Mythic Hero and Mythic Gear shards.
  • The top prizes can be redeemed by anyone: Angel Academy outfit pieces -- 500 points per piece of the outfit. Without spending Topaz, it is basically impossible. An absolutely vast amount of Stamina would be required to get 500 feathers from Elite Dungeons over the three days.
  • You cannot save feathers or Points in the hopes that the event will run again.
Event - School Memories
LOA2 Charm Rankings event 3

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Buy 1 Get 1 Free and Spender Bonus

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

These two events appeared to be on every server at the same time. One is a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" special menu with a variety of pricey items and some event-only items such as Anima. Whatever you bought (already at a small discount), you got doubled.
For example, you could buy 10 units of Anima, normally selling at 100 diamonds for 10 units in the Mall. The BOGO event sold this at 80 diamonds for 10 Anima. If you bought it for 80 diamonds, you received 10 + 10 free, or a total of 20 Anima or 60% off the regular price. This works out to 4 Diamonds per Anima, which is much better than buying additional Anima's Path attempts, although those attempts would also give you 50 XP, gold, and one unit of material required for an Anima upgrade.
Items in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free event also included some items for sale with Topaz only.

Possibly cleverly in tandem with Buy 1 Get 1 was an Event called "Spender Bonus", where you got additional prizes for spending 500 to 35,000 diamonds over the event period.
Since this event overlapped with the Wheel of Fortune, Lotto Tickets for the Wheel of Fortune were part of the Spender Bonus at 7000 diamonds, where you could get 5 tickets in additional to other prizes (200 Anima and 10 Mythic Hero Shards of choice). In total, just these three prizes are worth 3500 diamonds.

All in all, Buy 1 Get 1 in tandem with Spender Bonus is a very excellent event, but one that is liable to clean you out of diamonds entirely.
Remember to save enough for Domination betting (1440 diamonds) as well as various other daily expenditures such as buying Stamina and Guild Donations.

The best use of this event is to WAIT till the last day. At that point, decide how much you want to spend and try to target one of the Spender Bonus reward milestones. Then look in the Buy 1 Get 1 Free store AND elsewhere -- such as the daily Special Offer, which can give you as deals just as good -- and purchase your way up to the diamond spend milestone, AFTER regular daily expenditures.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Wheel of Fortune

(WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

Days 15-17 was the Wheel of Fortune event for Server 651-Maggex-GMT, instead of Treasure Seeker. Therefore the Wheel of Fortune looks like possibly a recurring all-server event.

X-Server Wheel is basically a wheel of fortune with chancy prizes. The ultimate goal is to get the special new mount "Divine Steed". This was a special event to auction the Divine Steed by making players compete against each other in spending.
For other servers, it is likely that Day 15-17 will be the Wheel of Fortune. Although the prizes appear to focus on Mythic Hero Shards, the key prize is actually in the "Supreme Exchange" Event for the Wheel of Fortune.

LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - general wheel

General Wheel
  • To spin the Wheel of Fortune "General Wheel", you need Lotto Tickets.
    • You can get tickets from Events not-related to the Wheel of Fortune but with with tickets as additional prizes.
    • There is also a "VIP Lotto" event where you can buy 2-10 tickets depending on your VIP level.
    • The Mall sells a 5-pack of tickets (with other things) for 499 Diamonds.
  • There are 12 places on the wheel and presumably you have an equal chance of landing on each slot. Two of the 12 places (16.67% chance per spin) are for your choice of 5 shards for one of the three Mythic Heroes. You need 100 shards to synth a Mythic hero.
    • In the Hero Shop, Mythic Hero shards start showing up when you are level 60. Five (5) Shards cost 600 Souls or 500 Diamonds.
    • Eventually you will be able to blitz Elite Dungeons for Mythic Hero shards, but that is a long way past level 60.
  • Most of the other prizes on the Wheel are also excellent value compared to buying them in the Mall -- around 50% discount. Most are hard-to-get items, so there's value in participating in even the General Wheel. The issue is whether you want to spend the diamonds or not.
  • Each spin also gets you 10 Points and 10 Lucky Coins, the event currency to exchange for prizes in the Lucky Shop. In the Lucky Shop, 10 points will get you a single shard for a Mythic Hero.
    • Therefore, if you spent 100 Diamonds for a spin on the wheel, you have a 16.67% chance of getting 5 mythic hero shards, or 500 diamond value.
    • And you also get a guaranteed 100 Diamond value in a single mythic hero shard. So your ROI is approximately 83.33%.
LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Premium Wheel

Premium Wheel
    • To spin the Wheel of Fortune "Premium Wheel", you must spend 100 Topaz per spin AND be VIP 4+
    • You get 33% to 100% more prizes compared to the General Wheel.
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Rankings

    • The top Wheel of Fortune spenders get additional prizes IF they have at least 200 points (20 spins).
    • "Super Rewards" are also available if you have at least 1000 points.
      • The top Super Reward Prize includes a Mythic Hero Pack where you can choose a single Mythic Hero (full hero, not just shards); and a Giant Eternal Chest where you can get 50 shards of your choice of one type of Eternal Equipment (100 shards required to synth a piece of Mythic gear).
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - Lucky Shop

    Event: VIP Lotto
    • Depending on your VIP level you can buy 2-10 tickets per day at 100 Diamonds each.
    Event: Spin Combo
    • Each day, spin the wheel 10-200 times for extra rewards.
    Events: Supreme Exchange
    • Spin the Premium Wheel (Topaz Wheel) 10x in order to qualify for Supreme Exchange.
    • Once you qualify, you can exchange the Wheel of Fortune event currency (Supreme Luck Coupons) for shards toward the Eldorado Suit, Eldorado Wings, or the Armored Leopard Seal.
      • You need 100 shards to synth the Armored Leopard Seal.
    • Resets each day.
    LOA2 Wheel of Fortune - tickets in Mall

    Sunday, September 4, 2016

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Pyramids of Destiny

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    The last 3 days of Week 4

    The Pyramids of Destiny is a mini-game using either Diamonds, Pyramid Coupons (sprinkled throughout regular Events), or Topaz (for the Pyramid of Eternity, which has superior treasure). Each time you use a token or spend 50 Diamonds or 50 Topaz, you get one random treasure and 10 Points, or you get the Signet event currency and 5 Points.
    • IF that treasure is in the leftmost position, you ascend 1 level up the pyramid where you can get SLIGHTLY better drops, as well as a better chance of ascending the pyramid again because there are fewer spots.
      • The bottom/first level is 7 potential prizes, so you only have a 1-in-7 chance of moving up.
      • The next floor, Level 2, has potential prizes, so you have a slightly better 1-in-6 chance of moving up.
      • Level 6, the top floor, has only 1 position.
      • Best case it takes 6 attempts. Average case takes (7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3) = 25 attempts or 1,250 currency units to reach the top. Theoretically the worst case is an infinite number of attempts because you are not guaranteed to ever move up the pyramid at all.
    • More attempts do not improve your odds of moving up since an attempt can land you on the same treasure you won previously.
    • The treasure is basically slightly better than buying the equivalent item from the Mall, which is overpriced in Diamond cost to begin with.
      • For example, you could get 6 Bless Stones from the Pyramid of Infinity, which costs 50 Diamonds per attempt unless you earned a token somewhere. In the mall, this would cost 60 Diamonds.
      • You could potentially get a Signet, which lets you swap for items in the Infinity Shop.
        • For Infinity Signets (from the Infinity Pyramid that costs Diamonds), the exchange rate works out to be slightly more favourable than the Mall.
        • For Eternity Signets (from the Eternity Pyramid, which costs Topaz), the exchange rate is slightly WORSE compared to the Infinity Signets for the most mundane items, BUT you have access to special items: Ocean's Heart outfit pieces (1000 Eternity Signets each), and the Spectra Tiger Seal (1500 Eternity Signets).
    • The treasure in the leftmost position is the best and has a much higher value than the others.
    • Along with this special event are supporting events under the Events tab.
    2016-Sep-4 Pyramid of Infinity

    2016-Sep-4 Pyramid of Eternity

    More Coupon (3 days, resets each day)

    • VIP4 to VIP11 can exchange Diamonds for more Pyramid Coupons, basically getting attempts at a discount.

    Step Ahead

    • If you get 800 Points in Pyramids of Destiny, you can exchange 6999 Topaz for prizes (including the Spectral Tiger Seal).

    Pyramid Points Rewards (2 days, resets each day)

    • Get 50-600 points in Pyramids of Destiny to get prizes. Mostly they are pretty weak compared to the outlay in Diamonds and Topaz required except at the 600 point tier.

    Thursday, September 1, 2016

    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Rail Nomads Camp

    Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Rail Nomads Camp

    Play Wasteland 2 risk-free with money-back guarantee from Good Old Games.

    A great place for maps and general information for Arizona is Here, we provide additional information about the various locations, and/or specific to the Director's Cut.

    Rail Nomads Camp is not hard to get to but the challenges there starting around level 4 and going up to around level 7.
    • Perception 5-6 is required to spot some buried caches (with nothing important in them); to help you get that score, you can complete Quarax's quest for the video game cartridge and get the Clay Wizard Figurine for +2 Perception when equipped.
    • In some cases, even if you do not succeed in Perception on something, you can still manually use a skill from your hotbar on it. For example, you can know the generator is rigged to an alarm because there is an alarm right above it on the wall. So you can manually target your Alarm Disarming skill and disable the alarm.
    Watch out for timed quests. You get one right away when you first meet someone in this map. You don't have a lot of time to succeed at Brute Force on the pillar on the right to kick it into the water as a lifeline.
    Another instance occurs when you (hopefully) spot a bomb in the playground. If you don't disarm it before the nearby conversation ends, someone will walk over, trigger it, and get blown up.

    Honest Jon

    • The CD-i for Quarex is here but you can also turn it in to Mercaptain at the Ranger Citadel for a more interesting reward of a Requisition.

    • Samuel, the Snake Squeezin's man mentioned by Ace in his log book, will reveal information only if you have Ace's Log Book, Smart Ass 6, or Hard Ass 4. If you get far enough in dialogue with Angela Deth in your party, she will kill him afterwards.
      • Angela kills Samuel in a cutscene and apparently nothing can prevent this.
      • You can temporarily dismiss her, but if you leave the area or reload a game, she will disappear from the game and you cannot get her back.
      • If you abort conversation he leaves the bar for the Hobo Jungle and exits the map at the north end of that area. You can still talk to him if you catch up with him before he leaves the map. Otherwise he disappears from the game.
    • You can ask him about Hell Razor before OR after you talk to him about Ace. His responses are different.
    Town Hall
    • After you make peace between the two tribes (if you want to) you can loot the place without triggering hostility. You can also go in before that but access is limited and you can't be spotted in certain areas without making everyone go hostile.
    • Lots of high-level Alarm Disarming, Demolitions, and Open Lock skills checks.

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Events Week 4

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    This page outlines various events that happen in the first week of a League of Angels II server launch.
    Many of these come and go under the gift box "Events" icon. Others are elsewhere. Be sure to check around for special offers every day as some do not show up on the first day but as the event progresses.
    Some of these tasks are actually quite tricky so it really helps to take a look ahead.

    Royal Treasure Surprise
    • Open chests in Battle Royale for additional prizes.
    X-Server Group Deal and Group Buy Bonus (day 23-25)
    • There is a X-Server Group Deal icon where the more people buy, the cheaper the item (up to 20 percent discount). However items are in limited quantities and all cost either Topaz or Diamonds.
    • When you buy, you get points. At various milestones you get prizes through this Event. Counter resets daily.
    • When you buy you also get vouchers and credits.
      • Credits are used to redeem for prizes separate from the Event and done through the X-Server Group Deal menu.
      • Vouchers are worth 1 diamond or topaz each and can be used to reduce a purchase through the X-Server Group Deal by up to 10% of the price.
    Gifted Hero (day 23-25, resets daily)
    • Challenge Anima's Path 20-70 times for additional prizes every 10 times.
    Angel's Fund (day 23-25)
    • Similar to the first week Angel's Fund, you buy into a fund and receive diamonds and rewards over 5 days.
    All-Rounder (day 26)
    • Complete various tasks for additional rewards, such as reaching Daily Quest milestones.
    • It is called "All Rounder" because the tasks are from a variety of events, instead of aiming to do a lot of one event.
    Elite Double Drop (day 26)
    • Special 1-time event to celebrate "League of Angel II's stunning full CG cinematic".
    • Elite dungeon rewards doubled today. This is actually incorrect -- normal Rewards of XP and gold are NOT doubled. Only the random drops are doubled.
    • ALSO, it looks like you are guaranteed a drop, whereas normally there might not be any drops at all.

    League of Angels II - New Server Guide - Lucky Tree

    (WORK IN PROGRESS based on Server 563-Ogre-EST
    Click here for a list of all our League of Angel 2 new server guides)

    Days 23-25 is the Lucky Tree event, which may repeat over time.

    The Lucky Tree is a whole server cooperative event. There is a personal tree and a World Tree. As people water their trees, the World Tree benefits and everyone can collect benefits.
    Watering your tree using Water Essence costs Diamonds (limited times per day) or Topaz but you can also get Water Essence as part of the World Tree benefits. The more people spend, the more everyone benefits. (In practical terms you are benefiting from the heavy cashers on your server.)
    Key prizes you can purchase with the Lucky Coin event credit include several mounts (or shards for the mounts): Primal Dragon, Spectral Tiger, Armored Leopared shards, Panda shards, Lunar Beast shards.
    Each time you water your plant, you get a bit of treasure from the tree and you collect points which can be redeemed for additional rewards under the Points Reward tab.

    Events: Water Essence I and II
    • Water Essence I - Use 200-2000 Topaz to be allowed to exchange more Diamonds for Water Essence. Resets daily.
    • Water Essence II - Recharge 200-10,000 Topaz per day to get 2 Water Essence per 200 Topaz.
    Event: Lucky Bargain
    • Recharge 800 Diamonds to be allowed to exchange Lucky Coins at a huge discount.
    Event: Lucky Tree Bonus
    • Bless your Lucky Tree 10-250 times per day to get prizes at various milestones. Count resets daily.