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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Singapore, Panchaea

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), The Missing Link (between Hengsha part 2 and Singapore). We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Start collecting a Laser Rifle and Cyberboost Bars. They will be handy in Panchaea when you just want to ignore the numerous enemies that give no XP and usually drop no useful loot.

M1 - Rescuing Megan and Her Team
  • Although uploading the virus will also disable the GPL jamming, you will lose some XP compared to disabling the GPL jamming prior to uploading the virus. You get only inconsequentially different dialogue.
  • Jaron Namir
    • To defeat Namir, you can do what you did to the other two Spec Op bosses -- activate automated enemies. The safest way to the computer is through the ventilation in the room near the door to the computer room.
    • Once inside, if Namir is nearby he will see you and hits from him can knock you off the computer, forcing you to start all over. If this happens, you can either use an AUD (but you lose any rewards from hacking) or your Cloaking augmentation (and a lot of batteries).
    • Prior to hacking you can try putting boxes on either side of the computer to block his line of sight. To speed up your hack and ensure success, use Nukes to capture nodes so you get maximum XP.
    • It is possible that Namir's grenades will destroy the bots but this is rare. If he does destroy a bot, you still get Hunk of Junk XP for that bot.
    • If you have to kill Namir manually, notice his tactic and use it against him -- he leaps over walls when hurt or to pursue, so you can just duck back and forth around walls, especially to avoid his grenades. You can also try looking for the ventilation shaft to the roof and using your hits-through-walls laser on him. If you are feeling brave, rush to use a kill-Takedown while he is getting up after a jump over a wall.
  • You cannot highlight the Gramaphone in Megan's room as an interactable object but you can interact with it.
  • If you saved Malik earlier, your reward is that she will take out all enemies in the helicopter bay for you, thereby presumably preventing you from getting XP for defeating them yourself. Thanks Malik. NOT.
M1 - Shutting Down Darrow's Signal 
  • The crazed humans here give no XP but can still cost you Ghost bonuses if they see you so you might want to handle them with stealth and take them all down.
  • When you first go outside to the Ring portion, there are a lot of workers and it can be hard to separate them for takedowns without being detected. There are also basically no throwables to use as noise distractions. You can instead go to the platform above or below and make some noise there by running or jumping. This lures one at a time to your location where you can use a Takedowns on them.
    • A good location to use is the green portable toilet on the east side near the entrance back into the facility. Once an enemy is Alarmed, hide behind the black tarped crates and let them walk by before doing a Takedown on them from behind. Drag their bodies to hide in the corridor nearby.
  • Hyron Project
    • Just get a bit closer to Zhao and shoot her with your laser. If you remembered to bring one. This ending will disable all the terminals you could otherwise have hacked, as well as turrets and bots in storage, but it is the end game already, and in any case you would have long ago gotten all the augmentations you need.
  • Finish watching the credits to get one final cutscene / dialogue.

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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - The Missing Link

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), The Missing Link (between Hengsha part 2 and Singapore). We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Prior to leaving Hengsha, sell everything except your favourite weapons because you're going to lose not only your gear but your augments, including inventory space. You can get your weapons back (but without ammunition) and all your credits, if you have the Director's Cut.
Or, don't bother because you get all your credits back at some point, and you probably have more than you will ever need.

Praxis feels very tight in the early part of this mission if you want to try to grab all XP along the way.
  • There are a lot of Double Takedown opportunities so the Reflexes augment early is nice, but some require that you approach from the correct direction or have Cloaking to get into range without being spotted (or setting them up manually, which can be tedious).
  • You need Hacking level 3 on the ship and level 5 for a few locations after. You can delay getting level 4 and level 5 and instead first get Hacking Stealth 3 to have a less stressful time.
  • The Jumping augment is very useful. Get it while on the ship.
  • You can use a firearm on weak walls (preferably a Silenced one) instead of the augment to break through walls. Just keep your eyes open for cracks on walls.
  • Once you reach Quinn you can get up to 3 Praxis Kits (if you have the CASIE augment) and at that point you can pick up the augment for carrying heavy objects.
Hei Zhen Zhu

M1 Getting out of the frying pan
  • There is a very long drop in the Aft Cargo Hold (after the CIC). If you do not have the Icarus augment to always land safely, you can drop and try to grab the ladder on the way down; you still get the XP bonus for exploring this route.

Acceptable Losses

Rifleman Bank Station

M2 In the belly of the beast

Getting Inside Help

Quinn's Scavenger Hunt

M3  Choices, choices

  • Before you open the door in the morgue, do your final buy/sell with Quinn. Preferably also get maximum inventory space so you won't have to backtrack to pick up more stuff. This way you will end this mission with whatever final set of gear you want to take with you.
  • As you escape from the underwater base, you will emerge in the Morgue and behind three soldiers. It is possible to use a Double Takedown on the two on the left WITHOUT alerting the one on the right. Some experimentation may be required though. See picture below.
DXHRDC Missing Link DTD without alerting third guard

M4 The long way home

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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Detroit 2, Hengsha 2

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Detriot part 2 and Hengsha part 2, after Adam Jensen leaves Montreal and the PICUS station there. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Some safes and computers will be locked again, so you can hack or re-hack them.

Detroit 2

M1 - Confronting Sarif

Acquaintances Forgotten

M2 - Finding Isaias Sandoval
Taggart must be confronted with the evidence of Sandoval's involvement in the kidnappings, or have the evidence planted on his computer, in order for Sandoval to not attack Jensen and be suicidal instead.
If you fail to convince Taggart, you can no longer plant the evidence on his computer since you have already tried to expose his connection to it live on PICUS. As the Wiki walkthrough explains, there is slightly more XP to be had by hacking instead of confronting Taggart. However, by now you will probably have all the augments you need so XP no longer becomes critical.

Smash the State
To get four locations to search (each gives you 100 XP) you must have the Social Enhancer.

M3/M1 - Cashing in Old Favors

Hengsha 2

A Matter of Discretion, Corporate Warfare

Talion A.D.
The quest does not properly update after reading the pocket secretary but Zelazny is in the sewers accessed outside the Alice Garden Pods. They probably want you to look around for him instead of getting an automatic map marker for his location.
Fastest way of taking down Zelazny is with Takedowns. You can handle him and one other almost immediately with a Double Takedown. Eat Cyberboost bars if you have to in order to have energy to execute the additional Takedowns.

M1/M2 - Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device

M2/M3 - You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours

M3/M4 - Stowing Away

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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Montreal

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Montreal -- the investigation of the PICUS building and meeting Eliza Cassan. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

M1 - Confronting Eliza Cassan
  • Keeping your Ghost bonus while doing Takedowns on all enemies becomes harder now, but still not impossible.
    • It would be very good to have a Silenced Armour Piercing pistol but not absolutely necessary. They are useful for taking out disabled robots quietly.
    • Keeping a Stun Gun on you with some ammo also starts being a very good idea, for handling cameras.
    • Even so, there are generally options to bypass security in a safe and less-stressful way and get to the Security computer to disable cameras and robots first. When doing so, be mindful of going through doors that may be locked from the other direction; doing so automatically unlocks the door, and you miss the XP you would have gotten from hacking.
  • Before riding down the finucular, have a Stun Gun and at least 2 rounds of ammo.
    • At the bottom of the Finicular is a storage area and two guards will walk to the center and stay there a while. There is generally no time to handle the camera without setting off some kind of alarm.
    • You can Double Takedown the guards before they disperse on a patrol routine, but in order to do so safely you need to wait till the camera is facing away, and afterwards Stun Gun the camera before it turns and sees the bodies. You will probably need to stun the camera again to give you time to hide both bodies.
  • Yelena Fedorova 
    • They give you lots of ammo (in lockers around the perimeter) to shoot her with, so run-and-gun is theoretically viable as you can heal while she is cloaked and waiting for her special bomb attack to recharge. Or, you can use turrets, just like on Barret.
    • Before entering this mission, have some way to break down walls (augmentation or guns), and lots of hacking help since you are under a lot of time pressure to hack at least two items. Also helps to have the Icarus augmentation for long falls.
    • Eliza will give ongoing commentary and hints as to when Yelena is coming for you or when she is waiting to recharge while cloaked. You can use that as hints for how much time you have to hack.
    • Hack the door. This opens two doors with ramps up. At the top of one ramp is a weak wall. Bust that if you have time as it's a quick escape from Yelena if you need it.
    • Once upstairs, there is a terminal protected by lasers. Do not simply use your Cloak to get past the lasers as Yelena will come for you anyway and her attacks will probably trigger the lasers. If you haven't reprogrammed the ceiling bots, they will kill you.
    • Go to the panel on the side of the room. It can take a long time to hack so instead bust the wall and turn off the power to the lasers.
    • If Yelena is coming, run. Or if you can do it fast enough (you may have close to 90 Nukes and Stop Worms by now), hack the computer and reprogram the turrets. If you really have trouble with time, use Automatic Unlocking Devices, which do not require you to stand around--Use the device, run, and come back later to use the computer.
    • If Yelena is chasing you and you need time, run toward one of the poison gas pillars and either turn the valve or shoot the glass (or let her shoot the glass). Yelena likes to come close so she will end up in the gas. This will either buy you time to escape (especially if you have the Rebreather augmentation) or hold her in the room while the turrets shoot her some more.
    • Stay in the room and hide behind the pillars until Yelena is killed by the turrets.
    • Collect all loot. Turn the power back on for the lasers and hack the terminal. Plant EMP mines on the turrets then turn them back to "Default", making them hostile and triggering the mines to destroy them for a total of 90 XP. Destroying one any other way makes the other one hostile to you and shoot you.

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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Hengsha 1

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Adam Jensen's first visit to Hengsha. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

M1 - Hunting the Hacker
  • The Hive:
    • If you can get legitimate access to the basement, you can hack the Bobby Bao's computer in the security room without alarming the guards outside, who can clearly look in. Even if you do not gain legitimate access, you can hack the safe and the security computer without alerting guards.
    • You can hack and quickly run inside the door to the basement before guards turn hostile. If you then hide, they will de-escalate and return to normal. Some retries may be required here, or use of Cloaking.
      • You can then throw the garbage can out of the room to systematically draw guards to be disposed of, but Bobby Bao will not speak with you and give you the Bar Tab quest.
        • To Alarm guards and have them send one to investigate, you must throw the garbage can from the restricted area (guards will be hostile grey on your radar) and not from club area (guards will be friendly green).
Rotten Business
  • Mei has 3000 credits on her in total which you can rob from her if you knock her out. Less if you are paid by her upon completion of her missions.
M3/M1 - Searching For Proof
  • Before giving Van Bruggen the employee tram card, carry a spare weapon. If you give Van Bruggen a weapon he later gives you 2000 credits; which you don't need as you will probably have in excess of 100,000 credits by then.
  • If you already have the tram card on you, that quest completes immediately, which means you must also get the evidence for the Shanghai Justice quest from Alice Gardens before leaving.
Bar Tab
  • There are three possible outcomes:
    • Collect the money (400 credits) - Bobby gives you one Praxis Kit.
      • When you knock out Jaya for the money owed, if you also take her Augmentation, you cannot have this outcome.
    • Return the Augmentation - Bobby gives you nothing.
    • Pay Bobby 5000 credits to leave Jaya alone - Bobby gives you one Praxis Kit. 
      • You can still do this if you knock her out and take her credits and/or augmentation.
Shanghai Justice

M2 - Gaining Access to Tai Yong Medical
  • Do not pick up Access Cards (there are two) before hacking the door to Lee Geng Memorial Labs. You can still grab one afterwards to make everyone in that lab area friendly to you.
  • If any civilians are alerted (they cower or flee from you) you lose the Ghost bonus. So reach the checkpoint first before coming back to deal with any leftover issues such as bots that need to be destroyed.
  • Definitely get the Cloaking Augment in order to get past the maze of lasers in the Data Core area. You just need to get to the ventilation behind the laser screen to access the Security Room and shut down the lasers from inside that room.
M4/M2 - Entering the Dragon's Lair
  • After meeting Zhao, do NOT immediately race for the ventilation shaft if you want to take out any Belltower soldiers because that makes it harder for you to stealth around any that are in the upper area (upstairs from the art area / lobby). Instead, hide from them and take them out once their patrol routes stabilize.

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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Highland Park

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), from investigating the Abandoned Factory till Adam Jensen leaves for Hengsha. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

M9 - The Transmission

M10 - Following the Clues in Highland Park

  • Although there is a rocket launcher, the Boxguard (robot) is most easily destroyed with a single EMP Grenade but alert everyone nearby even if no one saw you throw the grenade. If there is no one around to be alerted and the alarm system if off, you will keep your XP bonuses for Smooth Operator and Ghost.
  • Turrets made friendly always kill with head shots (Marksman +10 XP) but this is still inferior to Jensen personally doing Takedowns so disable them and handle the guards personally for more XP.
  • Barrett
    • Barrett is actually pretty easy since he moves slowly and always toward where he last saw you. He eventually loses sight of you if you hide long enough.
    • You are basically safe inside the vents or on the second level (Director's Cut) so you can outlast him by hiding and healing.
    • Or, you can activate the turrets and let them kill him:
      • Immediately run to the right till you reach the wall then follow the wall forward to get to the ladder.
      • Go upstairs and hack the computer there to open the doors downstairs.
      • Go back downstairs and run to the newly unlocked area. Find a vent behind some boxes (there are two vents in the corridor there) and get inside. Hide in the vent till Barrett loses sight of you (radar is yellow and not showing "Alarmed" or "Hostile").
      • Using the vent, go into the computer room and hack the computer there to activate the two turrets in storage.
      • Move the turrets out and lure Barrett to them. Just one turret will eventually kill him but two will be faster.
    • After the battle, remember to deactivate the two turrets again and destroy them for XP.
M11 - Whispers of Conspiracy
  • Once you are back at Sarif Industries, people again for new dialogue and check all offices again for a couple of new items and new persons in some offices. Pritchard leaves his terminal so it can now be hacked.

Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Detroit 1

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Detriot part 1, from Adam Jensen's return from the Milwaukee Junction Sarif Manufacturing Plant, to finishing all available missions in Detroit at the time, including the plot-critical investigation into the Hacker. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

  • If you jump on a car, nothing happens. If you throw something at it, the car alarm goes off, but still nothing happens.
  • Letitia cannot tell you anything you can't already find out on your own, so save your beer and money. 
  • Grayson's bodyguard starts to move inside the gas station store as soon as he sees you (?). If you rush you can do a Takedown on him before he gets inside, and no one will see his body. To make sure, drag it around the left side of the gas station. You can get a shotgun and some shotgun ammo this way.
    • Something similar can be done to Seurat's bodyguard.
    • Similarly, look for a trio of punks walking out of an alley. The one in the rear can be handled before they cross the street, leaving the remaining two for a Double Takedown. Otherwise you will have to handle all three across the street.
  • Punks
    • Male characters labelled "Punk" typically have weapons. Great source of additional income.
    • Female Punks have no weapons. Characters with no weapons cower and do nothing until they no longer see bodies. So if there are two male Punks and one redhead girl Punk, do takedowns on the guys to get their weapons and possible loot, and leave the girl alone or handle her later.
  • Storage locker in Derelict Row code 0187 - The Weapons locker can be opened and the guns looted without moving the heavy crate in front -- Just peek at it between the crates. Jump on top of the heavy crates to get at the weapons once the locker is opened.
  • Storage locker at the basketball court - There is a panel on the inside, behind the movables just inside the door. Crouch and hack in order to not touch the laser beams (even though you stand up to hack). A valve on the inside turns off the gas but you cannot get to it fast enough. 
  • Convention Centre
    • If you can quickly rush past and hide from the person on point (not necessarily the others), the Punks stay friendly (green). They will investigate if they see Jensen (Alarmed) but do not become hostile.
    • There is a Traveler 100XP available if you can find the hidden loot in the vent but the Punks give no XP if taken down. You don't need the money from looting them, so it's more convenient to come back later after Montreal for the Traveler XP when the Punks will no longer be there.
  • If you do not want to take the Augmentation to break through walls, a good alternative is a Pistol with Armour Piercing and the Silencer. It takes about 10-12 shots but you can take down a wall and not automatically kill someone behind it. Any lethal firearm will do, but without a Silencer, it'll be really noisy and without Armour Piercing it'll require a lot of bullets.
M4 - Tying Up Loose Ends

Paging Adam Jensen, Lesser Evils

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Motherly Ties
  • Once you have access to the police department via Haas at reception, you can roam freely, BUT some terminals are deactivated so you lose potential XP.
  • If the police are friendly in the building:
    • You can throw objects to Alarm them and force them to move but they will not be hostile to you if they didn't see you throw it. If they were sitting at a terminal, they will not go back to sit down.
    • If you Takedown a police officer, they all become enemies for a while (grey on radar) and will go into Alarm if they see you or a dead or unconscious body. If they are not Alarmed, wait long enough in hiding and they will turn Green (friendly) again.
  • You can takedown all officers, but even if you are never spotted by them, if a civilian spots you, all police OUTSIDE the police building will become hostile.
Cloak & Daggers
  • If you can Punch Through Walls, locate the MCB room and shatter the wall first prior to getting the mission from Alexander to knock them all out. This will make it easier to access the gangsters in the rear room without automatically killing them by shattering the wall.
M5/M6 - Investigating the Suicide Terrorist

M5/M6 - Visiting the L.I.M.B. Clinic

M7 - Stopping the Transmission
  • There are two gangsters behind a wall that can be shattered. Handle them later to preserve your Ghost bonus as no matter what you will alert them and there is a very good chance of being actually spotted which may cause them to become Hostile.
M8 - Extraction (2)
  • You will be taken directly to Highland Park if you board the helicopter. If you have the Voices from the Dark mission, do that first.
Voices from the Dark
  • You get this mission after Extraction (2) if you let Zeke Sanders escape at Milwaukee Junction. The information is useful before you get to Highland Park.

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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Milwaukee Junction

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Detriot part 1, from Prologue to the end of the mission at the Milwaukee Junction Sarif Manufacturing Plant.We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Prologue - Welcome to the Revolution
  • You cannot inspect your Combat Rifle because you do not have access to the Inventory menu, but it is fully upgraded, including the Target-Seeking System. Since that makes headshots very easy, you should definitely get through this mission with headshots on all enemies for maximum XP.
  • It is very tricky but you can sneak past everyone without them spotting you. However, the Ghost (500 XP) bonus is not available anyway.
M1 - Back in the Saddle
  • Enter the ground floor woman's washroom to overhear an interesting dialogue. Do this before seeing Pritchard for the first time.
M1 - Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant
  • For weapon choice, I recommend the Revolver even though you will likely be using non-lethal Takedowns to handle all enemies. This is because its ammunition has a very high resale value per inventory slot.
  • You can use Takedowns on SWAT. No XP but you can grab their Combat Rifles. Resale value
  • You can stealth this quite easily as the enemies here are scripted like those in Metro. They eventually move into a position where you can do a stealthy melee Takedown and hide the body, thus allowing you to incapacitate everyone for 50 XP each (Man Down 10 XP, Merciful Soul 20 XP, Expedient 20 XP) and still secure the Ghost 500 XP award for not being detected at the end of the Factoring Labs area.
  • If enemies are initially clumped, approach and wait for them to finish talking. They will then disperse to start their patrol routes.
  • Assembly Labs
    • The hostages are in a room with a binary poison gas bomb. For maximum XP, you want to Hack the bomb to get hacking XP. Simply neutralizing the bomb by any other means awards no XP.
    • If you go through either door, the bomb countdown starts. Even with this time pressure it is still possible to successfully hack the bomb, but if you don't want that handicap, find your way to the vent in the room.
    • Alternatively, use the password you can get from one of the enemies.
    • The most expedient way is probably to shoot either or both gas canisters on the bomb.
    • Attacking hostages does not make any of them hostile or react.
  • Meeting Room and first security cameras
    • There are two doors to the corridors surrounding the Meeting Room. The west entrance to the corridors is easier to handle as both the guard and camera are close to a corner from which you can spy on them.
    • For the meeting room, the south door is easier as there are crates behind which you can hide from the camera; and hide while listening to the thugs in the meeting room until it is safe to enter when the guards are facing away from each other.
  • Factoring Labs
    • Not far from the elevator, there is a corridor with a camera, a fragmentation mine on the wall behind it, and a turret further behind that.
    • The normal way to do this is:
      • Find the floor-level vent to get past them.
      • Use the fragmentation grenade on the turret.
      • Go back through the vent and sneak past the camera.
      • Hack the computer to turn off the camera.
      • Sneak at a walking pace to the mine on the wall, disarm it, and take it with you if you like.
    • If you want to keep the one grenade you are given and instead use an Augmentation, you can pile boxes in front of the turret to block its LOS so you can get to the security office without being detected (and losing the Ghost XP bonus).
    • You can also supposedly keep throwing a trash can against the turret until it explodes, but that takes a long time as it hurts the turret only a bit each time. Firearms will also eventually destroy it.
M2 - Neutralize the Terrorist Leader
  • After you deal with Zeke Sanders, you can still go back through the map to get your stuff. The enemies will be gone and replaced by SWAT at various locations, which you can takedown (no XP but you can grab a gun).
M3 - Extraction
  • At the end of the Sarif Manufacturing Plant mission, carefully pick what you want to take in terms of resale value per unit of inventory space.
    • Full stacks of ammo typically sell for more than weapons.
    • Don't worry about selling all your weapons as you can use Takedowns in the next mission to overcome enemies or obtain weapons.
    • In the table below, you can see the maximum stack size (first column) and resale value per Inventory Square (second column) for various types of items (third column).
      • Nuke and Stop! Worm Software can stack to 99; resale value is 25 credits each.
      • Revolver Ammo sells at 63 credits per 5 bullets. Maximum stack is 50 but you won't get that many in this mission.
 50      315.0     Revolver Ammo
 20      250.0     Tranquilizer Darts 20      150.0     Sniper Rifle Ammo
 50      125.0     Combat Rifle Ammo
 5      125.0     Cyberboost ProEnergy Bar
 1      125.0     Double-Barrel Shotgun 5      125.0     Painkillers
 20      125.0     Stun Gun Ammo
 1      109.4     Silenced Sniper Rifle
 3      102.0     Concussion Mine
 50      100.0     Machine Pistol Ammo
 2      100.0     Remote Detonated Explosive Device
 20      100.0     Shotgun Ammo
 1      93.8     Sniper Rifle
 1      75.0     Shotgun
 50      65.0     Pistol Ammo
 1      63.0     Combat Rifle
 1      62.5     Tranquilizer Rifle
 1      50.0     Revolver
 1      46.9     Machine Pistol
 1      41.7     Stun Gun
 1      38.0     Whiskey
 1      30.0     Concussion Grenade
 1      30.0     Pistol
 1      25.0     Fragmentation Grenade
 1      18.0     Wine
 1      5.0     Beer

Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - General Tips

These are general tips for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut).We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.
  • Move all boxes in case something is underneath it. You will immediately know as the item will then be outlined for you behind the translucent-while-carried box.
  • Larger items that restore more battery or health per unit are actually LESS space efficient in inventory.
  • After you use a non-lethal Takedown on someone, you can still kill them with a firearm while they are unconscious. The game will register the kill but not give any more XP.
  • You can Takedown civilians and police and other people who are not initially hostile, and then loot them. Typically no XP and no loot unless they are combatants.
  • Punch Through Walls also helps you find weak walls by outlining them, but most firearms can also destroy weak walls (and make a lot of noise, possibly alerting enemies). Armour Piercing pistol rounds and heavy weapons can do so quickly but all gunfire can alert enemies (making them Hostile instead of just Alarmed). However, using firearms will not automatically kill enemies immediately behind the wall.
  • For maximum "story", I recommend you take the Social Enhancer early. Typically you'll get extra dialogue when you encounter certain conversations (but not Zeke). Usually you get a shortcut or small reward, but taking the goal of taking this is to expand conversation, unlock what else you can do, and deepen your game experience. It is not necessary and obviously not optimal to take it early.
  • The Deus Ex wiki recommends the Quicksilver Reflex Booster as early as possible to squeeze maximum XP out of taking down enemies with Double Takedowns.
    • We suggest you don't make a big deal out of this since there are a lot of unnecessary augmentations so XP isn't as tight as you think. By the end of Detroit or early Hengsha you will probably have all the critical Augments (i.e., those that can earn you more XP by accessing places you can't reach or letting you do things you can't otherwise). Shortly after, you will have the rest of the useful ones.
    • Setting up double takedowns just to get Double Takedowns can be tedious. Spend your real time enjoying the game instead.
  • Double Takedown cannot involve someone sitting down. They must first stand up in order to be taken down at the same time as someone else nearby.
  • In some cases you do not have to move the extra-heavy items (such as fridges) in order to get the items underneath. Crouch to spot the items and take them. In some cases you do not even have to visually see the items (e.g., the hypostim under the fridge in Tindall's apartment) -- just hover your crosshair near where it should be and you will be given the option to pick it up.
  • Selling Stuff
    • When you pick up a gun of a type you already have, you get only the ammunition and the gun vanishes. Therefore, once you have access to merchants, sell a gun first before picking up another of the same type. Be careful not to sell any upgraded versions you own.
    • This can get tedious, so you can instead track how many guns of what type you pick up. Then, when you next go to a merchant, use the third-party Debug Menu > Shop > Pickup Library > Weapon menu to add the items into your inventory and sell them. 
    • Once you have a good amount of credits, you can stop doing this since it is unlikely you will buy so much stuff from merchants, much less use that much during a mission.
      • There is so much loot in the game that you really don't need to optimize getting credits.
      • Just make sure you can buy all the Praxis Kits available. Use hand-to-hand combat to handle enemies and thereby avoid having to buy guns or ammo.
  • Watch for shortcuts to hacking a terminal AND getting all rewards.
    • Typically a hack trace is initiated from the red nodes which cannot be accessed. But *sometimes* there is a route to that node, and you CAN capture it.
    • If you do, you immediately succeed and unlock all storage nodes as well. See the videos below for an examples of the same computer being hacked.

  • If you are reloading a game (e.g., Quickload) to re-try a hack, you may notice that a node that triggered detection will always trigger detection again no matter what the percentage chance. In order to re-randomize the detection chances, move around and do something else first, like pick up a box, open a door, etcetera.
  • Watch this video for a cheesy way to easily win all boss fights, except you can just laser the final boss immediately.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Walkthrough Index - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut

This is an index of all our Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut) walkthrough posts.

There is already an extensive walkthrough at the Deus Ex Wiki so we will only be touching on specific things you may not have thought to try, and our own thoughts on various aspects of the game.

There is also a Debug Menu mod

General Tips

Detroit (part 1)
Hengsha (part 1)
  • M1 - Hunting the Hacker
  • Rotten Business
  • M2 - Gaining Access to Tai Yong Medical
  • Bar Tab
  • M3/M1 - Searching For Proof
  • Shanghai Justice
  • M4/M2 - Entering the Dragon's Lair
  • M1 - Confronting Eliza Cassan

Detroit (part 2)
  • M1 - Confronting Sarif
  • Acquaintances Forgotten
  • M2 - Finding Isaias Sandoval
  • Smash the State
  • M3/M1 - Cashing in Old Favors
    Hengsha (part 2)
    • A Matter of Discretion
    • Corporate Warfare
    • Talion A.D.
    • M1/M2 - Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device
    • M2/M3 - You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours (Old Noodle Factory)
    • M3/M4 - Stowing Away
    The Missing Link
    • Hei Zhen Zhu
    • Rifleman Banks Station

    • M1 - Rescuing Megan and Her Team
    • M1 - Shutting Down Darrow's Signal 

    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    Game Review - Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity II

    Game Review: Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity II
    Score: +7/-3

    The Divinity anthology is a fairly old game now, but it actually has surprising play value despite its drawbacks. For sheer gameplay experience, it more than rivals more recent games like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- and you will actually see elements of these games in Divinity, only done better. Which is not to say there's outright plagiarism, but just proof the old writers' adage, "all writing is re-writing" -- good ideas and story structures just tend to resurface again and again.
    -- Mechanics suck. Strangely, it won't matter too much because you are basically playing for story and gameplay experience. What it does is favour certain character builds and makes playing other character types possibly too hard or annoying to play. If you then increase the difficulty beyond the recommended "Normal", then some builds become impossible.
    - No full respec. You can re-do skills, but not stats without third-party software. You can end up with a build that won't be able to finish the game. And each game is so long that it can basically be a huge waste of time to restart.
    + A lot of content. There are a ton of sidequests to do, as well as a wide variety. If you boil down the tasks, they will probably distill into kill-this-for-me or "Fedex" fetch-this-for-me quests. But the dressing around each quest really gives it life.
    + Alternate outcomes. Especially in Divinity II, many sidequests have alternate resolutions. Ultimately it won't affect the main quest so much, but not many games offer this because it is a lot of scripting to handle.
    + Big environments to explore. Not as big as Morrowind or Oblivion, but you also don't have endless tracts of nothing. Each area has something so you don't have to run far to encounter something interesting.
    + Sense of humour.
    -0 Samey environments. For older games, this is to be expected, so in consideration that these Divinity games are in fact older, there is no real penalty. But if you insist on top-class graphics and a ton of graphic resources, you won't find it here. That said, Divinity II does have decent artwork and models.
    + Continuity - If you played the previous games, you will see stories and cameos from previous games in subsequent ones, adding to the richness of experience and giving you a reward for having experienced the previous stories. Not as complexly done with the same range of significant alternate outcome as the Mass Effect Trilogy, but nevertheless a nice touch.
    ++ Fast paced and flowing combat with convenient targeting. One of the best interfaces for real-time combat, especially in Divinity II. Makes it slightly easy with auto-targeting, but it also means your manual dexterity as a *player* does not get in the way of playing the game since it doesn't affect the *character* you control. Comes with combat pause so that you can react more or less as quickly as the computer-controlled enemy. Something that the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games have only feebly resolved.

    With respect to Oblivion and Skyrim, if you play Divinity II you will see similarities to both games, just in a more exciting way. Both Divinity II and Oblivion take you to alternate hellish worlds. Skyrim lets you be a dragon descent and ride dragons; Divinity II actually lets you BE A DRAGON.
    As an older game, it holds up remarkably well compared with many newer games that are often more style than substance.

    We highly recommend buying the older Divinity games on GOG (Good Old Games) because of the more immediate support through GOG:

    Sunday, June 7, 2015

    Beyond Divinity Unofficial Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide - Act 4

    Click here for a list of our Beyond Divinity Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide posts.

    We recommend you buy Beyond Divinity from Good Old Games (GOG) as you can get more prompt support. Also, it is an older game, and GOG offers a risk-free money-back guarantee.

    Act 4

    Character Development
    • We brought our Agility to base 100 and then banked stat points to see how far we could get with the characters as fights had become very easy--If the Hero and the Deathknight double-teamed enemies, most fell after a total of 2-3 hits.
    • Levelling slows down a lot, so enemy level ranges and difficulty also plateaus. The endgame bosses are really hard to hit with weapons, so a very high Agility is still needed. Skip to the end to see how we did with the final boss. If you are worried, hoard potions -- maybe 100+ of Heath and Mana, and whatever Restoration you can get.
    Even if you do not optimally abuse Pickpocketing, it is likely you have in excess of 1,000,000 gold in addition to other items you can trade. Start buying Extra Large Crystals or you won't have a good set by the end of the main game.

    Summoning Level - Third Summoning Test (Guide page 228)

    Our characters were level 29 and Samuel was level 38. Hard to hit, but we defeated him instead of simply luring him out of the summoning circle. XP is the same either way, so don't bother -- Luring him out of the summoning circle of candles also instantly kills him and you are awarded the same XP for killing him and for the quest/event.
    Below are pictures of our stats before engaging Samuel, and a shot of Samuel almost defeated. We had one character (the Deathknight) constantly healing and both characters attacking in melee--no potions, fancy tactics, or spells were used.

    Act 4 - stats before defeating Samuel
    Act 4 - Samuel almost defeated

    Experience Level - Trader and the Amulet (Guide page 233)

    Prior to returning the amulet to the Trader, save your game. Make a separate savegame afterwards, then reload your game when NOT in the Battlefields to see if the game crashes trying to load the savegame. If it does, you may have to skip completing this quest as it will affect all savegames afterwards, except possibly when you are loading a game in the Battlefields.

    Experience Level - Consequences (Guide page 239)

    A lot of enemies who can suddenly swarm you. Having a strong area effect magic spell like Hammer is very useful here.
    Also, before starting the test, the gates around the starting chamber are locked, so don't start the test first. Instead, go to the edges of the room and drop area effect spells into the fog of war to kill what you can first.

    Act 4 - Consequences - cast spells into fog of war

    Experience Level - Concentration (Guide page 237)

    There is actually no time constraint as Samuel's progress is scripted to coincide with that of the Hero and Deathknight. Also, he does not go for the Rift but instead hangs around indefinitely to try to kill the heroes.
    As before, watch for enemy clumps on your radar/mini-map and drop area effect spells on them. Such as at door (map location 21), before opening the door.

    If you don't want to kill Samuel (and he is much harder here, constantly casting spells) you can lead him away and Sneak behind him to get at the containers in the corridor he blocks, if there is anything in them. If you want to take him on, accuracy will be important or you won't be able to land enough hits on him. Same tactics as before: Melee and occasionally heal; no potions or offensive spells, although Hammer will stun him. Because the chance of hitting is very low, don't waste your arrows. Run away from Insect Swarm and Earthquake spells.
    In the pre- and post- battle screenshots below you can see that we ended up with NO XP for killing him, so don't bother. However, shortly after you will have to fight Samuel for keeps, so you might as well test your strategies and builds now in case you need to buff in the Battlefields prior to the endgame.

    Act 4 - Concentration - stats before attacking Samuel
    Act 4 - Concentration - Samuel almost defeated
    Act 4 - Concentration - Samuel defeated, no xp

    Damian (Guide page 248)

    Prior to going through the rift to Rivellon, strip the Death Knight of gear. This will NOT help you against Damian, so it is not an exploit -- the Death Knight is rendered invisible and Damian's model takes his place. The Death Knight is still there and you will see gear dropped on the field if you are killed by Damian. What getting your gear from the Death Knight does is let you keep it after the main game because you enter the post-main-game Battlefields WITHOUT the Death Knight.

    When you first encounter Damian, run. He hits hard in melee and your ability to hit him is probably lousy. When he first pauses to swing, use that to get distance. Use Hammer to stun him, then run some more and Sneak. 2 levels of Sneaks is OK, but 3 levels is the minimum to comfortably and easily get out of his detection range, even without leaving Sneaking mode. Move until he is in the fog of war, then get set up.
    Get your cache out (from your Summoning Doll) and gear up, then cache again and unsummon your doll. Do NOT leave anything behind.

    For Damian, if you have followed our Character Build, you will have 100+ Agility. Max this. We had base 110 and [Warrior > Ranged Specialties > Bow > Accuracy 5] and still had a very hard time hitting him. We added +30 with just 1 level of [Warrior > Warrior Talents > Berserk] and had pretty much a 100% hit rate. To short cut things, we pulled out the Power Arrows we'd been hoarding.

    Berserk has a cooldown time during which your stats are severely reduced and you probably can't Run because you are suddenly encumbered from lowered Strength. So during that time you need to stay in hiding and reposition to start up another arrow volley.
    We killed Damian with two casts of Berserk but if your bow is weak and/or you want to save your special arrows (for what? -- this is the endgame), it'll take longer but you shouldn't need any potions.

    The pictures below show before-Berserk and after-Berserk stats of our Hero during the fight against Damian. Without any Battlefield kills we were level 31 going into the endgame, and Damian was level 38, same as Samuel.

    Act 4 - fighting Damian - before Berserk level 1
    Act 4 - fighting Damian - after Berserk level 1

    Saturday, June 6, 2015

    Beyond Divinity Unofficial Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide - Act 3

    Click here for a list of our Beyond Divinity Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide posts.

    We recommend you buy Beyond Divinity from Good Old Games (GOG) as you can get more prompt support. Also, it is an older game, and GOG offers a risk-free money-back guarantee.

    Act 3
    Levelling: We used Polymorph against the Blood Knights and occasionally elsewhere, but we did not use it all the time to get XP out of very low-level opponents. If you diligently use it, you can end up with a much higher level, even without exploiting the Battlefields.
    Character Development
    • If you haven't already, get your Agility to 65+. For the Hero developing Strength to use some armour, it is even more important to get Agility higher, as high as 81+ to use some of the enchanted spears that show up with a base Required Agility of 56+ and can have base damage in the 200+ range after Sharpening, and pushing 300 after factoring in Agility.
    • Hammer is a good spell to have if you need immediate respite to cast a healing spell, so make sure you have enough Mana to do that plus a Healing spell once or twice.
    • Melee will still get you through most of your encounters, but in addition to boosts from equipment, you should have enough points to spread around more than just Agility. However, I recommend still focussing on Agility and Intelligence, and for the Hero, Strength as well.
    • If you have Skill Points to spare, develop some Warrior Skills with Piercing Weapons. One-Handed Piercing with Shield is recommended, as two-handed weapons means you lose out on enchantments on a Shield. At this time, just 1 level with Accuracy, Damage, Critical Hits, and Deathblow is fine as there are significantly reduced returns on your skill point investment.

    Blood Knights
    The easiest way to kill these tough opponents is with the Polymorph spell. Pretty much whatever you transform them into -- even a Level 29 Shadow Creature -- will be easier to kill and may give you much more XP. If you transform them into something weak, like a Level 1 Rat, you will get no XP for the kill.

    Crystal Gargoyles
    Not too hard to kill, but their Spikes spell when they are weak can be annoying. Don't bunch up you characters -- have them on opposites sides of the Gargoyle, and the Spikes spell should hit only one character at a time.

    Rapid Shot - Marksman's Friend (Guide page 150)
    If you are not hardy enough to survive the trap on the container housing this item, use our grab-and-go strategy for Flamestinger in Act 2 as the same trap is there.

    Brother Raze and the Holy Relic (Guide page 151)
    If you have already found the Holy Relic prior to speaking with him, you need to drop it then pick it up again for him to recognize that you have it. Do this after accepting his quest.

    Serrick's Tower and Teleporter (Guide page 177)
    The density of enemies here can be very high, so Sneak around. If you are swarmed by the elementals, especially the Earth Elementals and their Earthquake attacks, just run until you are teleported away.
    Probably the easiest way to handle this area is to first fix the teleporter. You only need to talk to the Earth Elemental King to get the required component. Then run to the teleporter nearby and fix it, then use the teleporter to get away from the mess and come back later.

    Salt Mine (Guide page 188)
    Once the miners become hostile, you must kill them. When you have killed all of them, a cutscene takes over and you end up leaving the location. Therefore, kill one at a time and pause the game to collect their extensive loot (because they are all merchants) before killing another one. You will miss loot from one of them, so before picking up the crystal, look at their inventories (or better, clean out their merchant inventories with the Pickpocket skill -- see our Character Generation guide on the best way to do this) to decide whose loot to leave behind.

    Catacombs (Guide page 181+)

    Level 2 - "Never hit an unarmed creature"

    We found that if a Shadow Creature killed one of the unarmed persons, you will both fail and succeed the Goddess's test, and you will not be able to save your game -- it will crash at the 2/3rds point when saving.
    To keep the unarmed persons alive if you can't kill the Shadow Creatures fast enough: (see pictures below)
    • Stay near the door but do not pass through. Use spells like Hammer to kill as many Shadow Creatures as possible.
      • Until you go through the doorway, the soldiers are all green/neutral and will not be harmed by your spells.
      • The soldiers and Shadow Creatures on the west side of the room are too far to yet be activated and will not yet be fighting.
    • Once the Shadow Creatures are dead, go back up the stairs and save your game progress before coming back down to continue.
    • Rush over to the west side and kill all the Shadow Creatures in the room (but not the side rooms) as quickly as possible.
    • Kill the armed soldiers. When the room is clear of all Shadow Creatures and armed Soldiers, you will receive a message "You understood the lesson."
    Act 3 Catacombs level 2, part 1 - stay behind doorway
    Act 3 Catacombs level 2, part 2 - kill shadow creatures
    Level 4 - Treasure Chests

    You can exploit pausing the game to get all four treasures by positioning the Hero and Deathknight so that they can pick up all four keys while the game is paused. However, the treasure isn't really worthwhile to exploit in this way.

    Level 5 - Black Bishop

    If you are having trouble with his Paralysis Cloud, move your characters apart first so that only one of them will be in the cloud initially.

    Catacombs Wisdom Level (Guide page 184)

    When you click on the Godly Symbols on the walls, you can briefly look behind walls and thereby locate enemies accurately for spells.

    Act 3 Catacombs Wisdom Level - touching symbol lets you see behind walls

    Level 5 - Raanaar Summoning Doll

    Once you have all 3 Symbols, strip the Raanaar Summoning Doll of all gear or it will be lost when the Doll is removed from you.
    Although the door to the Crystal Fragment is open, do not go there or the wrong dialogue will trigger. It appears harmless, but glitches can have uncertain effects.

    Saturday, May 30, 2015

    Company of Heroes Walkthrough - Operation Market Garden - Mission 2 - Wolfheze: September Snow

    Company of Heroes Walkthrough - Operation Market Garden - Mission 2 - Wolfheze: September Snow

    Click here for the index of our Company of Heroes Mission Walkthrough Index and our gameplay paradigm.

    This is a moderately easy mission on Expert Difficulty, depending on how many troop losses you are willing to sustain.
    Also, if you ended Mission 1 - Wolfheze with more than 50 points of unit Population, you may be initially limited in what you can field (artillery pieces are mostly transferred to (yellow) allied forces).
    In the following pictures, we show the units we ended Mission 1 with, and the troops we began Mission 2 with. Since we started with 54 population and the cap was 50, and our gameplay paradigm did not allow for recycling units just to make new ones of the types we wanted, we had to play with the units we began with. We did end up saving all units (no losses), although in the process we had to experiment with various tactics against the Tetrach Tanks.

    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - final troops
    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - mission 2 starting troops

    Part 1 - Rescue the AA Gun
    Send in your vehicles to protect the AA gun nearby. There are two snipers, making it tricky to send in infantry. If you fail to protect the crew, you'll have to man it, but it's really only useful in the final defense phase of the mission.

    Part 2 - Find Snipers
    Move up the left side and take point with vehicles. Unlike American vehicles, the lightly armoured vehicles look like they should be immune to infantry fire, but they aren't, so retreat them to be repaired. For now, keep sending them ahead to find and kill snipers until you receive the medal.

    Part 3 - Anti-Tank Enemies
    Anti-Tank guns and some medium tanks are further ahead in the map. On Expert difficulty they can one-shot your vehicles. If you see any, immediately retreat and mortar their position or send in infantry.
    Against Tetrarch Tanks, your best bet for minimizing losses is actually to swarm them with Infantry. We chose Defensive veterancy upgrades for infantry and almost all squads have a Panzerschrek (from Mission 1). Try not to engage more than one at a time. They will also quickly flee, so that can help as well.

    Part 4 - Paradrop
    After taking the final strategic point, there is another paradrop. Retreat all units to the artillery line and just hold out until enemy infantry and jeeps stop coming. You don't have to hold any strategic points and the enemy does not try to capture any.
    You can destroy some of the initial drops of infantry, but it is better to simply pull back and present an organized defensive line backed by powerful artillery.

    Sunday, May 24, 2015

    Company of Heroes Walkthrough - Operation Market Garden - Mission 1 - Wolfheze

    Company of Heroes Walkthrough - Operation Market Garden - Mission 1 - Wolfheze

    Click here for the index of our Company of Heroes Mission Walkthrough Index and our gameplay paradigm.

    This is a pretty easy mission on Expert Difficulty. If you are moderately careful you can easily avoid losses of entire squads. Still, there are ways to enhance your domination of the mission.
    For Infantry we went with all-Defensive upgrades to enhance the survivability of these most vulnerable units and to maximize regeneration. For vehicles we went with full-Offensive upgrades because they have no regeneration.

    Part 1 - Prepare Forces
    The first mission objective is to crew a Flakvierling 38 20mm AA gun. You have no choice for the first gun as the map is sharply limited and there is basically nothing else you can do.
    The next mission objective (see screen below) is to crew a second AA gun behind the train station.

    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - delay the objective to build your forces, definitely upgrade HQ

    The map is still limited, but there is actually a lot you can do. So DO NOT immediately crew it. This is your first opportunity to take a breather and prepare your forces. Also, if you do crew it, you might not be able to save the first allied 88mm Flak 36 AT/AA gun from commando attack, which will then force you to crew it.

    The population Cap is 61 and you start this mission phase with 9/61. When you crew the AA gun it will be 12/61. Plus three light vehicles coming after this phase = 24/61.
    Prior to clicking the unit initially designated to man the AA gun, allied units remain allies (yellow) if you click on them. THIS IS THE CRUCIAL PART: After you have selected the unit designated to man the AA gun, clicking on any allied (yellow) guns makes them blue (yours) and uses up your Population Cap.
    Therefore defend them all successfully to not be forced to man them, thereby preserving your population cap.

    If you want to inspect an allied unit without recruiting them, use area selection (see below).

    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - use area select to view ally unit without taking it over as your own

    If you have to man them, or if you accidentally click on them, things get tighter. The two 88mm Flak 36 AT/AA guns are 11 population each, and adding one allied Flakvierling 38 20mm AA is another 6 population, for a total of +28 Population. Suddenly your Population after the three vehicles that will shortly be given to you will become 52/61 -- That means you will have only three (3) Panzer Grenadier Teams, and that can makes things very tight, especially in the final phase of the mission where the enemy swarms you with jeeps.

    Since the vehicles come later, you can, prior to continuing the game, fill out your Population Cap and let it be exceeded later. I recommend against this, since you will not be able to reinforce squads if they lose a man. And you will have to use infantry because of the overwhelming forces coming your way, so partial squad losses are inevitable.
    • Upgrade your HQ with Defensive Operations and upgrade the train station building into a Reinforcement Point.
    • Create 3 teams of 3 squads each of Panzer Grenadiers (total 9 teams or +27 Population for a total of 51/61 after the three vehicles arrive).
      • Delay creating any Panzer Grenadiers until you have almost the required 2295 Manpower because each team you create lowers your Manpower accumulation rate.
      • Give each squad one and only one MG42 where possible (four guns to the left of your HQ will be inaccessible until you crew the second AA gun behind the train station).
      • Later have these teams pick up a Panzerschrek. If they already have two heavy weapons, you won't be able to do this and you may be hampered in the kill-the-jeeps portion of the mission.
      • It is not necessary to upgrade them with rifles and in any case do not do so prior to deciding whether to give them 1 or 2 heavy weapons and which ones to give them. The rifle upgrade gives them two rifles and uses up both weapon slots.
    • There are machineguns and mortars on the map, but don't pick them up. Setting them up will only hamper you during this mission.
    THERE IS A TIME LIMIT before you fail the objective to crew the AA gun, so do not delay. After making your three teams, queue another three and send the original Panzer Grenadier squad given to you to man the AA gun.

    Part 2 - Paratroopers
    Check your mission briefing screen for early warning of where the Commandoes are dropping. They will first be visible to your troops and the mission briefing screen. Only when they have basically landed will they show on your tactical map -- and that is way too late to properly intercept them. Surround them and cut them down quickly. If you do this well, you will have the luxury of time in between the drops.
    In the pictures below, we show paratroopers visible from a particular angle on the screen, and visible on the mission briefing tactical map, but the same unit is not visible on the minimap.

    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - commando paratrooper not visible on minimap
    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - same commando paratrooper visible on briefing map

    Watch out for scripted events such as strafing runs and this building always being destroyed:

    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - this building is scripted to be destroyed

    Part 3 - Gliders
    This is your chance to regroup.
    There are three gliders and they are located on your minimap as mission objectives. Kill all defenders and destroy two out of three, then wait while you get your forces healed up and in order before destroying the last glider.

    Part 4 - Jeeps
    Basically follow the prompts and defend the points located as that is where the Jeeps will go. Putting heavy weapon units in buildings at the defense point or along the path (especially when they come from the right side, there are buildings along the road) will help a lot.
    Panzerschreks magically appear at each of the three defense points. However, even the initial squad-carried MG42s can do good damage to jeeps, and in some ways are more reliable because if a Panzerschrek misses, there is a long reload period before it can fire again.

    In the screens below, you can see our final troops at victory, and the starting troops for Mission 2.
    • One of our AA guns lost 2 of its 3 crew to a scripted plane attack run and could not be reinforced, so with the available Population Cap we produced one additional squad of Panzer Grenadiers.
    • Mission 2 reassigns the artillery pieces, setting some to neutral. Also it gives you one squad of Panzer Grenadiers.
    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - final troops
    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - mission 2 starting troops
    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - plane shot down 1
    Campaign 2 Mission 1 - plane shot down 2

    Beyond Divinity Unofficial Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide - Battlefield

    Click here for a list of our Beyond Divinity Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide posts.

    We recommend you buy Beyond Divinity from Good Old Games (GOG) as you can get more prompt support. Also, it is an older game, and GOG offers a risk-free money-back guarantee.


    We do NOT recommend you exploit the Battlefield.
    Battlefield is basically a huge exploit where you can temporarily drop out of the main game to build up your character and amass resources and skills. The main game has limited and randomized resources, and no respec for stats. So if you made unplayable choices or just have bad luck with resources, you can take a side trip to the Battlefield to level up or get more resources.

    To preserve your Hardcore gameplay, we recommend you only use the Battlefield to:
    • Buy/sell stuff (faster and more convenient than waiting for local merchants to refresh their inventory)
    • Cache gear
    • Buy Holy Water if it appears in a store
    If you want to exploit the Battlefields, then get the Keys as soon as possible and clear out as much of the Battlefield as you can each time.
    The reason is the Battlefield monsters have a fixed level (except any Battlefield quest boss creatures). If you come here later when your level is (creature level +8) or more, you will get zero XP.
    In contrast, some of the monsters in the game have a variable level.

    On Hardcore difficulty, there are more creatures in the main game. One set are duplicates and have a fixed level. But the non-duplicates typically have a level that is an offset of your own.
    • For example, although the Arena Cell ghosts may be level 5 when you first encounter them. If you come back at level 10 after some Battlefield experience, you may see one still at level 5 but the other at level 11+ (see picture below).
    • Similarly, the Skeletons in the Pit Level may be Level 2, but if you enter at level 10, some will be Level 2 and others Level 7.
    • Complicating this observation is the fact that some creatures have a minimum level and some have a maximum level, so not every creature will indefinitely scale. Also, the scaling doesn't necessarily happen at every level above the expected level characters will be when they arrive at a location.
    after battlefield entrance 1, hero level 10 and one ghost upgraded to level 11

    Leave any Battlefield bosses until you are ready to leave Act 1 since their levels are much higher and therefore there is no hurry to kill them before you can't get XP from them.

    Obviously a Battlefield exploit is to rush the game and quickly look for Battlefield Keys, then do those first and that way try to level up quickly. I recommend against it because it is "not natural" and in any case can make you too powerful for the game (already pretty easy) to be fun.

    Battlefield Dungeon Quirks
      skeleton mage in inaccessible Battlefield dungeon location
    • Some enemies spawn incorrectly behind walls in the Battlefield dungeons.
      • You can try to sight them by walking near the corners. Sometimes you can see them (and they can see and shoot at you!).
      • If you can't spot and target them, you can still blindly target them with [Wizard > Elemental Attack > Focused > Missile], which can be fired at a location and which will hit the first enemy along the way.
    • Some Battlefield Dungeon maps do NOT allow seeing through open doorways.
      • This also means enemies can't cast spells or shoot at you unless they fired their arrow/spell/attack before you went through a door (whether that attack hits before or after you go through the door).
      • You can therefore lure shooters through a doorway and immediately engage them in melee on the other side.
        • This can also work on Skeleton Mages. Once they spot you, they tend to run to you. But once they are too close they back away, usually before they completely pass through the doorway. Eventually they will run out of Stamina and walk, whereupon as soon as they are through the doorway they may melee you or be too slow to walk away before you can melee back.
      • It also means that sometimes an enemy is between rooms and non-targetable, although they can attack you. Just back off a bit to force them to advance.
    • Too many enemies trying to go through a door may also mean some will look for alternate route because of the traffic jam, so watch your rear if you try to pull them through a door for a Whirlwind attack.
    • Sometimes a chest might be in a corridor but not visible because it is obscured by the south wall. Mouse over to look for containers this way.