Monday, December 26, 2016

SWTOR Gathering Node Decorations

If you are a Premium Player / Subscriber to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and you complete a Planetary Conquest Personal Objective (20000 points) during the weekly Conquest period, you can receive a Bound package of 3 random decorations that let you gather materials or lockboxes. (If you are Preferred or Free-to-Play you cannot get this reward).
Crew Skill is apparently irrelevant and you can also gather from these decoration nodes if you do not have the relevant Crew Skill.

If you have other decorations of this type and know the materials dropped, please post a comment and I will add it to the list.

Archaeology - Colored Crystal Formations
These provide Artifact Fragments, Power Crystals, and Color Crystals.
Amorphous (colour) Crystal Formation1
(colour) Diaphanous Crystal Formation7
Damind Crystal Formation6
Igneous (colour) Crystal Formation2
Lucent (colour) Crystal Formation5
Opaque (colour) Crystal Formation3
Polychromatic (colour) Crystal Formation6
Solid (colour) Crystal Formation4

Archaeology - Archaeological Finds and Other Crystal Formations
These provide Artifact Fragments and Power Crystals only. No Color Crystals.
Alien Archaeological Find6
Ancient Archaeological Find1
Bondar Crystal Formation2
Carbonic Crystal Formation7
Damind Crystal Formation6
Eralam Crystal Formation2
Firkrann Crystal Formation4
Galactic Archaeological Find4
Hypertech Archaeological Find5
Lost Archaeological Find1
Nextor Crystal Formation2
Opila Crystal Formation3
Perfect Upari Crystal Formation8
Phond Crystal Formation5
Prehistoric Archaeological Find2
Primeval Archaeological Find6
Primordial Device7
Rubat Crystal Formation1
Sacred Archaeological Find2
Upari Crystal Formation6

Alien Contagion Fiber4
Bacterial Colony1
Biennial Bud1tooltip reads "Luminescent Bud"
Bio Energy Fiber3
Bioengineered Fungus7
Blue Nutrient Bud3
Cytocidal Seeds6tooltip reads "Immunity Seeds"
Dielectric Tendril1
Fossilized Tendril4
Genetic Symbiotic Growth2
Green Deciduous Stem1
Inert Growth4
Medicinal Fungus3
Mutagenic Growth6
Mutagenic Seeds2tooltip reads "Microscopic Symbiote Colony"
Nerve Damaging Fungus4
Noxious Fern7
Nutrient Fiber5
Parasitic Stem5
Photophilic Seeds2tooltip reads "Hallucinogenic Seeds"
Psychoactive Fungus5
Quick Growth Colony5
Red Vascular Tendril6
Toxic Phosporescent Stem2
Unknown Microorganism Colony3

Aluminium Salvaged Heap1
Bondite Jetsam2
Bronzium Wreckage2
Chanlon Vehicle Debris2
Desh Junk Pile1
Diatium Cargo4
Durasteel Shipwreck6
Electrum Cache5
Enriched Durasteel Cache8
Multi-Alloy Debris7
Phobium Barrel3

These provide variously named Lockboxes with an Item Roll rating. The higher the Item Roll rating, the more credits received on average. Lockboxes are Bound to the character that obtained them, unlike normal Slicing nodes.
DecorationItem Roll
Biometric Footlocker30
Biometric Safe Box40
Coded Safe Box16
Computer Terminal24
Cybernetic Supercomputer42
Data Station14
Durasteel Footlocker48
Electronic Brain50
Electronic Safe10
Encrypted Terminal55
Holographic Microcomputer36
Security Footlocker20
Security Mainframe28

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