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Beyond Divinity Unofficial Elite Hardcore Strategy Guide - Battlefield

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We do NOT recommend you exploit the Battlefield.
Battlefield is basically a huge exploit where you can temporarily drop out of the main game to build up your character and amass resources and skills. The main game has limited and randomized resources, and no respec for stats. So if you made unplayable choices or just have bad luck with resources, you can take a side trip to the Battlefield to level up or get more resources.

To preserve your Hardcore gameplay, we recommend you only use the Battlefield to:
  • Buy/sell stuff (faster and more convenient than waiting for local merchants to refresh their inventory)
  • Cache gear
  • Buy Holy Water if it appears in a store
If you want to exploit the Battlefields, then get the Keys as soon as possible and clear out as much of the Battlefield as you can each time.
The reason is the Battlefield monsters have a fixed level (except any Battlefield quest boss creatures). If you come here later when your level is (creature level +8) or more, you will get zero XP.
In contrast, some of the monsters in the game have a variable level.

On Hardcore difficulty, there are more creatures in the main game. One set are duplicates and have a fixed level. But the non-duplicates typically have a level that is an offset of your own.
  • For example, although the Arena Cell ghosts may be level 5 when you first encounter them. If you come back at level 10 after some Battlefield experience, you may see one still at level 5 but the other at level 11+ (see picture below).
  • Similarly, the Skeletons in the Pit Level may be Level 2, but if you enter at level 10, some will be Level 2 and others Level 7.
  • Complicating this observation is the fact that some creatures have a minimum level and some have a maximum level, so not every creature will indefinitely scale. Also, the scaling doesn't necessarily happen at every level above the expected level characters will be when they arrive at a location.
after battlefield entrance 1, hero level 10 and one ghost upgraded to level 11

Leave any Battlefield bosses until you are ready to leave Act 1 since their levels are much higher and therefore there is no hurry to kill them before you can't get XP from them.

Obviously a Battlefield exploit is to rush the game and quickly look for Battlefield Keys, then do those first and that way try to level up quickly. I recommend against it because it is "not natural" and in any case can make you too powerful for the game (already pretty easy) to be fun.

Battlefield Dungeon Quirks
    skeleton mage in inaccessible Battlefield dungeon location
  • Some enemies spawn incorrectly behind walls in the Battlefield dungeons.
    • You can try to sight them by walking near the corners. Sometimes you can see them (and they can see and shoot at you!).
    • If you can't spot and target them, you can still blindly target them with [Wizard > Elemental Attack > Focused > Missile], which can be fired at a location and which will hit the first enemy along the way.
  • Some Battlefield Dungeon maps do NOT allow seeing through open doorways.
    • This also means enemies can't cast spells or shoot at you unless they fired their arrow/spell/attack before you went through a door (whether that attack hits before or after you go through the door).
    • You can therefore lure shooters through a doorway and immediately engage them in melee on the other side.
      • This can also work on Skeleton Mages. Once they spot you, they tend to run to you. But once they are too close they back away, usually before they completely pass through the doorway. Eventually they will run out of Stamina and walk, whereupon as soon as they are through the doorway they may melee you or be too slow to walk away before you can melee back.
    • It also means that sometimes an enemy is between rooms and non-targetable, although they can attack you. Just back off a bit to force them to advance.
  • Too many enemies trying to go through a door may also mean some will look for alternate route because of the traffic jam, so watch your rear if you try to pull them through a door for a Whirlwind attack.
  • Sometimes a chest might be in a corridor but not visible because it is obscured by the south wall. Mouse over to look for containers this way.

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