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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Detroit 1

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Detriot part 1, from Adam Jensen's return from the Milwaukee Junction Sarif Manufacturing Plant, to finishing all available missions in Detroit at the time, including the plot-critical investigation into the Hacker. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

  • If you jump on a car, nothing happens. If you throw something at it, the car alarm goes off, but still nothing happens.
  • Letitia cannot tell you anything you can't already find out on your own, so save your beer and money. 
  • Grayson's bodyguard starts to move inside the gas station store as soon as he sees you (?). If you rush you can do a Takedown on him before he gets inside, and no one will see his body. To make sure, drag it around the left side of the gas station. You can get a shotgun and some shotgun ammo this way.
    • Something similar can be done to Seurat's bodyguard.
    • Similarly, look for a trio of punks walking out of an alley. The one in the rear can be handled before they cross the street, leaving the remaining two for a Double Takedown. Otherwise you will have to handle all three across the street.
  • Punks
    • Male characters labelled "Punk" typically have weapons. Great source of additional income.
    • Female Punks have no weapons. Characters with no weapons cower and do nothing until they no longer see bodies. So if there are two male Punks and one redhead girl Punk, do takedowns on the guys to get their weapons and possible loot, and leave the girl alone or handle her later.
  • Storage locker in Derelict Row code 0187 - The Weapons locker can be opened and the guns looted without moving the heavy crate in front -- Just peek at it between the crates. Jump on top of the heavy crates to get at the weapons once the locker is opened.
  • Storage locker at the basketball court - There is a panel on the inside, behind the movables just inside the door. Crouch and hack in order to not touch the laser beams (even though you stand up to hack). A valve on the inside turns off the gas but you cannot get to it fast enough. 
  • Convention Centre
    • If you can quickly rush past and hide from the person on point (not necessarily the others), the Punks stay friendly (green). They will investigate if they see Jensen (Alarmed) but do not become hostile.
    • There is a Traveler 100XP available if you can find the hidden loot in the vent but the Punks give no XP if taken down. You don't need the money from looting them, so it's more convenient to come back later after Montreal for the Traveler XP when the Punks will no longer be there.
  • If you do not want to take the Augmentation to break through walls, a good alternative is a Pistol with Armour Piercing and the Silencer. It takes about 10-12 shots but you can take down a wall and not automatically kill someone behind it. Any lethal firearm will do, but without a Silencer, it'll be really noisy and without Armour Piercing it'll require a lot of bullets.
M4 - Tying Up Loose Ends

Paging Adam Jensen, Lesser Evils

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Motherly Ties
  • Once you have access to the police department via Haas at reception, you can roam freely, BUT some terminals are deactivated so you lose potential XP.
  • If the police are friendly in the building:
    • You can throw objects to Alarm them and force them to move but they will not be hostile to you if they didn't see you throw it. If they were sitting at a terminal, they will not go back to sit down.
    • If you Takedown a police officer, they all become enemies for a while (grey on radar) and will go into Alarm if they see you or a dead or unconscious body. If they are not Alarmed, wait long enough in hiding and they will turn Green (friendly) again.
  • You can takedown all officers, but even if you are never spotted by them, if a civilian spots you, all police OUTSIDE the police building will become hostile.
Cloak & Daggers
  • If you can Punch Through Walls, locate the MCB room and shatter the wall first prior to getting the mission from Alexander to knock them all out. This will make it easier to access the gangsters in the rear room without automatically killing them by shattering the wall.
M5/M6 - Investigating the Suicide Terrorist

M5/M6 - Visiting the L.I.M.B. Clinic

M7 - Stopping the Transmission
  • There are two gangsters behind a wall that can be shattered. Handle them later to preserve your Ghost bonus as no matter what you will alert them and there is a very good chance of being actually spotted which may cause them to become Hostile.
M8 - Extraction (2)
  • You will be taken directly to Highland Park if you board the helicopter. If you have the Voices from the Dark mission, do that first.
Voices from the Dark
  • You get this mission after Extraction (2) if you let Zeke Sanders escape at Milwaukee Junction. The information is useful before you get to Highland Park.

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