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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Milwaukee Junction

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Detriot part 1, from Prologue to the end of the mission at the Milwaukee Junction Sarif Manufacturing Plant.We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Prologue - Welcome to the Revolution
  • You cannot inspect your Combat Rifle because you do not have access to the Inventory menu, but it is fully upgraded, including the Target-Seeking System. Since that makes headshots very easy, you should definitely get through this mission with headshots on all enemies for maximum XP.
  • It is very tricky but you can sneak past everyone without them spotting you. However, the Ghost (500 XP) bonus is not available anyway.
M1 - Back in the Saddle
  • Enter the ground floor woman's washroom to overhear an interesting dialogue. Do this before seeing Pritchard for the first time.
M1 - Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant
  • For weapon choice, I recommend the Revolver even though you will likely be using non-lethal Takedowns to handle all enemies. This is because its ammunition has a very high resale value per inventory slot.
  • You can use Takedowns on SWAT. No XP but you can grab their Combat Rifles. Resale value
  • You can stealth this quite easily as the enemies here are scripted like those in Metro. They eventually move into a position where you can do a stealthy melee Takedown and hide the body, thus allowing you to incapacitate everyone for 50 XP each (Man Down 10 XP, Merciful Soul 20 XP, Expedient 20 XP) and still secure the Ghost 500 XP award for not being detected at the end of the Factoring Labs area.
  • If enemies are initially clumped, approach and wait for them to finish talking. They will then disperse to start their patrol routes.
  • Assembly Labs
    • The hostages are in a room with a binary poison gas bomb. For maximum XP, you want to Hack the bomb to get hacking XP. Simply neutralizing the bomb by any other means awards no XP.
    • If you go through either door, the bomb countdown starts. Even with this time pressure it is still possible to successfully hack the bomb, but if you don't want that handicap, find your way to the vent in the room.
    • Alternatively, use the password you can get from one of the enemies.
    • The most expedient way is probably to shoot either or both gas canisters on the bomb.
    • Attacking hostages does not make any of them hostile or react.
  • Meeting Room and first security cameras
    • There are two doors to the corridors surrounding the Meeting Room. The west entrance to the corridors is easier to handle as both the guard and camera are close to a corner from which you can spy on them.
    • For the meeting room, the south door is easier as there are crates behind which you can hide from the camera; and hide while listening to the thugs in the meeting room until it is safe to enter when the guards are facing away from each other.
  • Factoring Labs
    • Not far from the elevator, there is a corridor with a camera, a fragmentation mine on the wall behind it, and a turret further behind that.
    • The normal way to do this is:
      • Find the floor-level vent to get past them.
      • Use the fragmentation grenade on the turret.
      • Go back through the vent and sneak past the camera.
      • Hack the computer to turn off the camera.
      • Sneak at a walking pace to the mine on the wall, disarm it, and take it with you if you like.
    • If you want to keep the one grenade you are given and instead use an Augmentation, you can pile boxes in front of the turret to block its LOS so you can get to the security office without being detected (and losing the Ghost XP bonus).
    • You can also supposedly keep throwing a trash can against the turret until it explodes, but that takes a long time as it hurts the turret only a bit each time. Firearms will also eventually destroy it.
M2 - Neutralize the Terrorist Leader
  • After you deal with Zeke Sanders, you can still go back through the map to get your stuff. The enemies will be gone and replaced by SWAT at various locations, which you can takedown (no XP but you can grab a gun).
M3 - Extraction
  • At the end of the Sarif Manufacturing Plant mission, carefully pick what you want to take in terms of resale value per unit of inventory space.
    • Full stacks of ammo typically sell for more than weapons.
    • Don't worry about selling all your weapons as you can use Takedowns in the next mission to overcome enemies or obtain weapons.
    • In the table below, you can see the maximum stack size (first column) and resale value per Inventory Square (second column) for various types of items (third column).
      • Nuke and Stop! Worm Software can stack to 99; resale value is 25 credits each.
      • Revolver Ammo sells at 63 credits per 5 bullets. Maximum stack is 50 but you won't get that many in this mission.
 50      315.0     Revolver Ammo
 20      250.0     Tranquilizer Darts 20      150.0     Sniper Rifle Ammo
 50      125.0     Combat Rifle Ammo
 5      125.0     Cyberboost ProEnergy Bar
 1      125.0     Double-Barrel Shotgun 5      125.0     Painkillers
 20      125.0     Stun Gun Ammo
 1      109.4     Silenced Sniper Rifle
 3      102.0     Concussion Mine
 50      100.0     Machine Pistol Ammo
 2      100.0     Remote Detonated Explosive Device
 20      100.0     Shotgun Ammo
 1      93.8     Sniper Rifle
 1      75.0     Shotgun
 50      65.0     Pistol Ammo
 1      63.0     Combat Rifle
 1      62.5     Tranquilizer Rifle
 1      50.0     Revolver
 1      46.9     Machine Pistol
 1      41.7     Stun Gun
 1      38.0     Whiskey
 1      30.0     Concussion Grenade
 1      30.0     Pistol
 1      25.0     Fragmentation Grenade
 1      18.0     Wine
 1      5.0     Beer

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