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Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - Hengsha 1

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), Adam Jensen's first visit to Hengsha. We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

M1 - Hunting the Hacker
  • The Hive:
    • If you can get legitimate access to the basement, you can hack the Bobby Bao's computer in the security room without alarming the guards outside, who can clearly look in. Even if you do not gain legitimate access, you can hack the safe and the security computer without alerting guards.
    • You can hack and quickly run inside the door to the basement before guards turn hostile. If you then hide, they will de-escalate and return to normal. Some retries may be required here, or use of Cloaking.
      • You can then throw the garbage can out of the room to systematically draw guards to be disposed of, but Bobby Bao will not speak with you and give you the Bar Tab quest.
        • To Alarm guards and have them send one to investigate, you must throw the garbage can from the restricted area (guards will be hostile grey on your radar) and not from club area (guards will be friendly green).
Rotten Business
  • Mei has 3000 credits on her in total which you can rob from her if you knock her out. Less if you are paid by her upon completion of her missions.
M3/M1 - Searching For Proof
  • Before giving Van Bruggen the employee tram card, carry a spare weapon. If you give Van Bruggen a weapon he later gives you 2000 credits; which you don't need as you will probably have in excess of 100,000 credits by then.
  • If you already have the tram card on you, that quest completes immediately, which means you must also get the evidence for the Shanghai Justice quest from Alice Gardens before leaving.
Bar Tab
  • There are three possible outcomes:
    • Collect the money (400 credits) - Bobby gives you one Praxis Kit.
      • When you knock out Jaya for the money owed, if you also take her Augmentation, you cannot have this outcome.
    • Return the Augmentation - Bobby gives you nothing.
    • Pay Bobby 5000 credits to leave Jaya alone - Bobby gives you one Praxis Kit. 
      • You can still do this if you knock her out and take her credits and/or augmentation.
Shanghai Justice

M2 - Gaining Access to Tai Yong Medical
  • Do not pick up Access Cards (there are two) before hacking the door to Lee Geng Memorial Labs. You can still grab one afterwards to make everyone in that lab area friendly to you.
  • If any civilians are alerted (they cower or flee from you) you lose the Ghost bonus. So reach the checkpoint first before coming back to deal with any leftover issues such as bots that need to be destroyed.
  • Definitely get the Cloaking Augment in order to get past the maze of lasers in the Data Core area. You just need to get to the ventilation behind the laser screen to access the Security Room and shut down the lasers from inside that room.
M4/M2 - Entering the Dragon's Lair
  • After meeting Zhao, do NOT immediately race for the ventilation shaft if you want to take out any Belltower soldiers because that makes it harder for you to stealth around any that are in the upper area (upstairs from the art area / lobby). Instead, hide from them and take them out once their patrol routes stabilize.

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