Friday, December 25, 2015

Walkthrough - Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut - The Missing Link

This is a minimal walkthrough for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Director's Cut), The Missing Link (between Hengsha part 2 and Singapore). We only go over things you may not have considered; a detailed walkthrough is already available from the Deus Ex Wiki.

Prior to leaving Hengsha, sell everything except your favourite weapons because you're going to lose not only your gear but your augments, including inventory space. You can get your weapons back (but without ammunition) and all your credits, if you have the Director's Cut.
Or, don't bother because you get all your credits back at some point, and you probably have more than you will ever need.

Praxis feels very tight in the early part of this mission if you want to try to grab all XP along the way.
  • There are a lot of Double Takedown opportunities so the Reflexes augment early is nice, but some require that you approach from the correct direction or have Cloaking to get into range without being spotted (or setting them up manually, which can be tedious).
  • You need Hacking level 3 on the ship and level 5 for a few locations after. You can delay getting level 4 and level 5 and instead first get Hacking Stealth 3 to have a less stressful time.
  • The Jumping augment is very useful. Get it while on the ship.
  • You can use a firearm on weak walls (preferably a Silenced one) instead of the augment to break through walls. Just keep your eyes open for cracks on walls.
  • Once you reach Quinn you can get up to 3 Praxis Kits (if you have the CASIE augment) and at that point you can pick up the augment for carrying heavy objects.
Hei Zhen Zhu

M1 Getting out of the frying pan
  • There is a very long drop in the Aft Cargo Hold (after the CIC). If you do not have the Icarus augment to always land safely, you can drop and try to grab the ladder on the way down; you still get the XP bonus for exploring this route.

Acceptable Losses

Rifleman Bank Station

M2 In the belly of the beast

Getting Inside Help

Quinn's Scavenger Hunt

M3  Choices, choices

  • Before you open the door in the morgue, do your final buy/sell with Quinn. Preferably also get maximum inventory space so you won't have to backtrack to pick up more stuff. This way you will end this mission with whatever final set of gear you want to take with you.
  • As you escape from the underwater base, you will emerge in the Morgue and behind three soldiers. It is possible to use a Double Takedown on the two on the left WITHOUT alerting the one on the right. Some experimentation may be required though. See picture below.
DXHRDC Missing Link DTD without alerting third guard

M4 The long way home

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