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Gothic 4: Arcania Maps - Innos Statuettes

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The Statuettes of Lord Dominique
Amongst Daranis' documents you found an excerpt from a text about the life of Lord Dominique, who is said to have hidden a large number of Innos Statuettes on Argaan. Whoever manages to find all of them, is said to have the blessing of Innos. Keep your eyes open, perhaps you'll find them.
    Cleaved Maiden
  1. At the side of the barn next to Murdra's tavern
  2. Inside the Southern mine behind some crates

  3. South Stewark
  4. Upstairs in Ogtar's house, the statue is cunningly hidden in between the 3 barrels. This can be awkward to pick up but I managed to get it by climbing on the bed on the left and looking down at it.

  5. Stewark Castle
  6. Stand in front of the Citadel in Stewark then look to your left. You should see a wooden staircase going up. Climb the staircase and enter the house. You should see several lectern's on the first floor. Go up the next set of stairs to see some bookshelves. There is a Shaman's Bracer's plans on the table and the statue is on the bookshelf behind it.
  7. In the Citadel inside Stewark Castle (the building kept locked by Grom until the end of the "Stewark Stew" quest).

  8. Valley of Blood
  9. Go to the logging camp just north of the Ranger's Camp. On the map, just a little to the north west are some rocks with a wooden awning at the bottom of them. The statue is hidden behind the barrels.
  10. In the cave where you obtain the Golden Arrowhead, take the right fork and it is behind some barrels in a small camp, just before you enter the circular area with the relic and stalactites.
  11. Inside the cave to the north-east (not the cave with the scared man in it). The cave has goblins inside and also "Gawaan's Standard".

  12. Silverlake Castle
  13. When you enter Silverlake Castle, look directly ahead. You will see an open door with a window above it. To the left of this door (while facing forwards from the castle entrance) you will see some stairs up to the ramparts. Go up these stairs and inside the door at the top. The statue is hidden between some shelves and boxes.

  14. Silverlake
  15. Inside the watchtower (where you go to get Welgard's sketchbook during the "Dark Business" quest).
  16. In the cave with Erhag during the "Argent Honour" quest. Next to some barrels.

  17. South Silverlake
  18. Just outside the back door of Melog's Hut.

  19. Swamp
  20. Southeast of the Tooshoo tree is a farm in the swamp (Shake's Hut). It is on the path between the Tree and Lester's Hut to the southeast. A Relic is against the wall of the hut, on the outside, near a barrel.

  21. Blackwater (NOT the swamp and NOT the Tree, but the village around the tree)
  22. Hut at the west of Blackwater where a path leads directly west out of the town. Inside a room in the hut.
  23. Southernmost hut of Blackwater. Outside of that hut are some long boxes. The Statuette is behind them; the usual glowing butterflies won't activate until you are close to the Statuette.
  24. The hut northeast from the Statuette #15. The statue is next to the door in the corner.

  25. Tree of Knowledge
  26. Go upstairs from within the trunk to a northwest hut. Typically a Firemage and a Shadowmage are just outside, going up and down the nearby stairs between this hut and the hut with Beliar Artefact #15. The Statuette is on a table in plain view.
  27. Go upstairs from within the trunk to a hut with a lot of lecterns and bookcases. Behind some barrels.

  28. Monastery
  29. As you enter the monastery, there is a building to your left. Walk around the building and go up the wooden stairs and inside. The statue is on a bookshelf.

  30. Jungle
  31. After Ancient Relic #21, continue following the east side rock wall in the Jungle till you find an Innos Statuette in a nook in the rocks.
  32. Outside Jabo's Hut, northeast corner, right against the hut and the rock face. Glowing butterflies marking the location are visible inside the Hut.

  33. Refugee Camp
  34. At the Refugee Camp, check inside a cart next to one of the huts.

  35. Lost Goddess Temple - If you go too far into the Temple you will not be able to backtrack out of it
  36. In the first room after the fight with Dantero; the same room you meet the first Minecrawler. On the floor on the right side of the room, near the roots.

  37. Village
  38. When you are sent to the first village to clear out the undead, it is sitting behind one of the huts to the west.

  39. Thorniara
  40. As you enter the harbour, it is on a boat on the bow (there is also a meteoric ore on this boat).
  41. In Rhobar's Castle, head upstairs and it's in the corner of one of the rooms to the north west area of the castle.
  42. Again in Rhobar's Castle, head down to the cells and it's under the bed in the middle cell.
  43. After you clear out the Belios Cultists from the north eastern temple, head outside and hidden in the grass to the north is the statue.
  44. If you look at your map, south west of the north eastern temple is a pie shaped building. Walk down the path and inside, in the corner is your statue.

  45. Zoldren
  46. If you exit the room after collecting ancient relic number 30, you will enter south into a rectangular room. Simply turn to your right as you enter and the last statue is behind the pillar.

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