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Gothic 4: Arcania Maps - Beliar Artefacts

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Hatred's Reaper
You found a letter from Daranis to Grand Master Milten. In it he mentions some Beliar artefacts that are supposed to have belonged to the Order of Hatred. Perhaps if you manage to find them, you could combine the artefacts with a common scythe and conjure Hatred's Reaper...

Beliar Artefacts are typically sitting out in the open on large rocks, but in locations you may have to jump up to.
    Cleaved Maiden
  1. Go to the Fishermen huts by the beach in the north west. Next to one of the huts on the beach is a rock. The artifact is sitting on top.
  2. Hog's Rock, south end. Near the start of the path going east to a clearing. There is a treasure chest very close to the location.
    • The key to the Ranger's Armoury chest is very close: From the southernmost east-west section of the path loop on Hog's Rock, go off the path to the south and look among the bushes for a skeleton.
  3. At the Bandit Camp, just before crossing the bridge into Stewark, head round the back of the house and the artifact is sitting in the grass.

  4. Stewark
  5. After crossing the bridge into Stewark, go left (to the west) and follow the cliff all the way along until it starts curving north. It is on a rock outcropping over the ocean.
  6. Near where you first meet Hem during the "Alkaloid Derivatives" quest.
  7. Near the entrance to the cave with Beliar cultists.
  8. Near the locked door at the very north end of the area.
    • Note you can pass this door only if you side against the Rebels.

    Stewark Castle
  9. Inside Chuck's house, during "The Creepy Neighbour" quest.
  10. Head to the very north of Stewark castle and you will find a door to a house that is locked. Climb the nearby stairs and head to the side of the house. Jump out onto the rocks on the cliff and then down into the balcony to enter the house. A chest inside the house unlocks the door to the house. A Beliar Artefact and an Ancient Relic are upstairs.

  11. Valley of Blood / Hunter's Lodge area
  12. South of the Hunter's Lodge, west of the main path before you enter the Gorge of the Penitants. On a rocky outcropping overlooking the bay.
  13. From the goblin cave follow the path west. On a large rock. Climb up and find the artifact on a mossy rock.

  14. Silverlake South (Melog's Hut area)
  15. Go around the rocky hill in the middle of this area until you can find your way up by a path. Look around the area for a lower rock ledge for the artefact.

  16. Silverlake East (Orc Caves)
  17. In the Silverlake orc caves head east to the storage areas and look in the northern cave, behind some wood.

  18. Swamp
  19. When you leave the stony pass leading to the Tooshoo area, follow the rock wall on the left until you get to Ancient Relic #14. Jump ahead to walk in the swamp, and continue following your left side. Eventually you will curve to the right because of the rock wall and come to a lonely tree at a clearing. The artefact is at the foot of this tree.
  20. During the "A Man of Many Friends" quest, when following the Swampweed Trail, it will eventually wind up into the mountains and shortly after you first see locked gates, it will turn south you will be at a cliff facing the sea. The Artefact is lying on the rocks there.

  21. Tree of Knowledge
  22. From inside the tree trunk, go upstairs to Innos Statuette #17, then exit that hut and go upstairs again to a hut on the west side. More or less in plain view on the ground at a shelf with bread and jars.

  23. Sea Cliff Monastery
  24. As you make your way up the winding path to the monastery, you will reach a fork in the road (and be attacked by some skeletons). Go right at the fork then immediately look to your right again. Carefully jump onto the rocks and look down and you will see the artifact on a lower rock.
  25. Go into the courtyard in the monastery and up the stairs to reach the upper ring. Follow this to the east and you will see a roof with planks on it. Jump onto this roof and follow it along till you come to a plank jutting out. You then need to do a big jump across to the opposite building. You'll now be on the roof of the building that housed the Innos statue. Look down from here and jump down onto the awning to collect the artifact.

  26. Jungle
  27. Not far past Innos Statuette #20 and the Dead Refugee are more Primeval Scavengers near two boulders on the east side of the path; one boulder is laying horizontally, the other leaning against it on its north side. The Beliar Artefact is in the grass on the east side of this formation.
  28. After leaving the jungle ruins, follow the east side rock wall until you find it behind a tree before the path slopes downward and widens into a field.
  29. On the ship you find Varald, go to the plank extending off the south side of the ship. You can just walk through the rope in your way and then carefully down to grab the Beliar Artefact. If you jump you are likely to overshoot and drown in the water.

  30. Lost Goddess Temple - If you go too far into the Temple you will not be able to backtrack out of it
  31. Northeast corner of the chamber before you pass the barrier (where you fight Dantero).
  32. Western room with a stand of 3 glowing mushrooms, two brown sarcophagi at the north end, and stairs leading up in a northwesterly direction. In the northern corner of this room is the Artefact.
  33. After killing the Minecrawler Queen, simply head out the first opening on the right to a cliff overlooking a lake and village beyond. Left side of cliff edge.
  34. After killing the Ahn'Bael twins, look on the ground in the north east area of the room you fought them in. Near one of the big golden bowls.
  35. After you get the Divine Hammer and exit the Temple, the steep rocky slope down ends in a clearing and you can go either left or right. Go right and watch the ground on your right hand side to find the Artefact. It is slightly underneath one of the big rock "steps" so you will likely not see it going down, and have to turn back to look the way you came to spot it.

  36. Village
  37. Head slightly north from the village where you kill the undead and you will see some rocks. Jump up the rocks and the artifact is sitting on top of them.

  38. Thorniara
  39. If you look at the map, to the right of Rhobar's Castle are some houses. Climb the rocks round the back of the houses to get into the backyard and collect the artifact from on top of the outhouse.
  40. When you get to the lighthouse that houses the teleporter to Xardas, take a short detour down the left side pathway. After killing 2 skeletons, the artifact will be visible in some foliage at the bottom.

  41. Zoldren
  42. Consult the map for Zoldren and look to the very top left of the map (most north west room). The artifact is on the central island inside the room. You'll know you're in the right place as it's filled with green goop.

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