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Gothic 4: Arcania Maps - Ancient Relics

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Ancient Relics
As a token of his blessing, Gromar offered you a small y-shaped relic that he said his grandfather found in Argaan. There are said to be even more of these relics to be found there, and that he who finds them all would acquire great fame and riches.
    Cleaved Maiden
  1. Go east around the Cleaved Maiden till you find three boars. Look for the Relic by a tree in the clearing.
  2. Beach near the watch tower, at the south end.
  3. South of Garv's cabin, near where the path is a dead end blocked by rocks.
  4. In the mines. Enter from the southernmost entrance and follow north till you find a table with books. Look behind the table.
  5. Hog's Rock, south end. There is a path heading east to a small clearing. Look for it at the foot of a tree.
    • NOTE: The key to the Ranger's Armoury chest is very close: From the southernmost east-west section of the path loop on Hog's Rock, go off the path to the south and look among the bushes for a skeleton.

    South Stewark
  6. In the watchtower near Hertan's hideout. At the base of the stairs.

  7. Stewark Castle
  8. In a alcove next to Winstan in Stewark.
  9. Head to the very north of Stewark castle and you will find a door to a house that is locked. Climb the nearby stairs and head to the side of the house. Jump out onto the rocks on the cliff and then down into the balcony to enter the house. A chest inside the house unlocks the door to the house. A Beliar Artefact and an Ancient Relic are upstairs.

  10. Valley of Blood
  11. In the goblin cave for "The Golden Arrowhead" quest.
  12. In the tunnel where you find Khilian in the "Scarred for Life" quest. It is near an ore vein.

  13. Silverlake
  14. On some rocks to the left of a large waterfall just before crossing the bridge into South Silverlake.

  15. South Silverlake
  16. West side of the big rocky hill in South Silverlake (Melog's Hut area). Follow the edge of the hill until you find the relic sitting on a rock.

  17. Silverlake Castle
  18. Atop the tower with Tronter's Signet Ring during the "Lord Trontor's Heritage" quest. Climb up the stairs to the top of the tower and look behind some barrels.

  19. Swamp
  20. When the stone path leading to the Tooshoo region ends and you are in the Tooshoo area, follow the stone wall on the left until you can't go any further without entering swampwater.
  21. To the southeast of the Tooshoo region is a ransacked hut (Lester's Hut) in the swamp. Southwest of that hut are two caves. The Relic is at the back of the deeper cave with Snappers.
  22. Western end of the beach, at the very end among the tree roots.

  23. Blackwater
  24. Go to the south-west-south plank path leading out of Blackwater. Nearby on the walkway are a stack of three long boxes. Between them and the trunk of the great tree is a log in the water. The Relic is on the log; no glowing butterflies.

  25. Monastery
  26. As soon as you exit the orc tunnels after rescuing Lester, the relic is literally right in front of you on the edge of the cliff.
  27. Head to the west side of the monastery and into the room full of bookshelves. Inside, you will find a lever on a wall. Pull it and a bookshelf will move allowing you into a back room. Go in here and then pull another lever on your right as you enter (in the corner) and this opens another side room. Go in here and collect the relic and a nice crafting plan for mage armour.

  28. The Black Gorges
  29. Heading north away for Bartur, the gorge has as passage to the left. After that passage, follow the left (west) wall and keep checking the wall for the Relic. It is directly south of a trio boulders (the southern boulder has a sulfur deposit).

  30. Jungle
  31. As soon as you enter the jungle from the Black Gorges, follow the rock wall on the east side till you find a Relic on the ground. Continue following the east rock wall to find Innos Statuette #20.
  32. On the side of the Jungle with access to the beach and the shipwreck, there is a small lake on the west side. From this lake head north following the west rock wall. Following the wall will move you southwest before continuing northward again. The Relic will be on the ground somewhere in this detour. There may or may not be glowing butterflies marking the location.

  33. Refugee Camp
  34. Watchtower northeast of the Refugee Camp, on a narrow cliff. Like previous watchtower Relics, it is at the base of the stairs.

  35. Lost Goddess Temple - If you go too far into the Temple you will not be able to backtrack out of it
  36. Where you first encounter two Ice Golems, the are two temple entrances. At the entrance without red braziers, look behind one of the short pillars.

  37. Village
  38. After leaving the cave where you get the quest to kill the undead militiamen, head down to the immediate south and to the other side of the blocked road that you first saw in the Valley of Blood. The relic is behind a small rock.
  39. The relic is just before the "locked" rubble in the cave that connects back to the Valley of Blood (the one where Khillian was hiding). The cave is located in the south west of Thorniara.

  40. Thorniara
  41. As soon as you enter Thorniara, go right and climb up onto the battlements. Simply follow it to the end and relic is sitting in plain view in front of the rocks.
  42. After meeting Diego, find Snips. Follow the outer wall of the building he is standing at until you find a chest. The Relic is in a tight alcove nearby, at eye-level. You will probably see the glowing butterfly marker first.
  43. If you look at your map, you will see the circular arena (in the north east of Thornaria). At the very south tip of the arena outside, look at the rocks by the cliffs and you'll see some bushes. The relic is hidden inside the bushes.

  44. Zoldren
  45. Again, consult your map. You want to look at where you enter and trace the following route. Follow the path forwards till the first fork. At the fork, go south and follow this into an open area with some fire golems. The relic is inside this room tucked into a corner by one of the broken archways at the side of the room.

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