Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dead Island Convenience Mod

GQ Dead Island v1.30 Convenience Mod
Download: version 2013-Nov-28

This mod edits various text files found in game .PAK files.
Files are from unpacking .PAK files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Deep Silver\Dead Island\DI with 7-Zip. Many are plain text files that can be edited. Be sure to overwrite base versions in Data0.pak with updated versions from other PAKS and DLC PAKS.

To disable logo and intro movies, for the shortcut to start the game, add the -nologos switch. E.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Deep Silver\Dead Island\DeadIslandGame.exe" -nologos

  • Data folder goes into C:\Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\
  • \Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\Data\Challenges.scr
    • Basic Challenges don't provide XP -- had a tendency to suddenly inflate level
  • \Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\Data\Collectables.scr, Collectables_Patch.scr, Inventory_Special.scr
    • You only have to have 1 of each required item in inventory, and that item is not consumed during crafting. E.g., If you have the Molotov Cocktail blueprint, 1 Alcohol, and 1 Rag, you can make as many Molotov Cocktails as you can afford.
  • \Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\Data\default.loot
  • \Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\Data\Maps\..\*.loot
    • DefColorSet(ColorSet_Default) also controls items found in containers. Cannot really change it just to adjust weapon drops.
    • Drop probability all changed to 1.0
    • Better loot from locked chests, minimum Green to Orange (lock level 3).
    • StandardMedKits changed to medkits only, no energy drinks; enabled Large Healthpacks
    • Removed cash from Bags, Toolboxes, and Wardrobes
    • Removed medkits and ammo from Safes
    • Legendary guns restored whenever legendary melee weapons were available. The probability of finding one is still really low, so use the Dead Island Save Editor if you really want to see any uniques.
      • Item("Firearm_leg_DefenderOfTheMotherland", 1.0);
      • Item("Firearm_leg_CrowdPleaser", 1.0);
      • Item("Firearm_leg_Mccall9Mm", 1.0);
  • \Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\Data\Skills\default_levels.xml, <char>_levels.xml
    • InventorySize 250 (from 12), and that property removed from individual profiles
    • Quickslots Count 8 (from 6), and that property removed from individual profiles
    • Breaking doors take only 1-2 attempts: BreakDoorEffectivens 1.0
    • Kill XP penalty 100% because it can quickly inflate level. You still get XP for effects on hits. To farm XP, do continuous quests.
    • Ammo Capacity x10. For Purna and Ryder, this change is made in their individual profiles.
    • Buying items is free. Upgrades and Repairs cost $1.
    • All characters get lockpicking level 3 and can therefore open all chests.
    • Add the following if you want Godmode (but you can still be killed by long falls and big explosions)
      • <prop n="MeleeDamageReductionPercent" v="100"/>
      • <prop n="BulletDamageResistance" v="1.0"/>
      • <prop n="AutoHealthRegen" v="600.0"/>
  • \Users\...\Documents\Dead Island\out\Data\Skills\<char>_skills.xml
    • Recommended that you change "Tree1" and "Tree3" to "Tree2". This puts all the skills into Tree2 so you do not have to linearly go down one tree.
    • Note that many skills add to a previous skill, so if you take Logan's Boomerang level 3 without Boomerang levels 1 or 2, you get 20% Boomerang chance only.

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