Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Witcher 2 Convenience Mod

GQ Witcher 2 Convenience Mod
DOWNLOAD version 2013-Sept-17

This mod edits various files in base_scripts.dzip to provide various convenience cheats. The location of the file edits is listed, so if you don't like some of them or need to integrate them into another mod that uses base_scripts.dzip, you can unpack the file and look at the code changes.

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  1. Make a copy of your CookedPC\base_scripts.dzip file
  2. Replace the base_scripts.dzip file with the one provided
  • Always win fistfights. Doing the QTE button-pressing is optional.
  • Automatically loot containers: As soon as the "search" option appears for a container, it is looted of all contents. Most of the time you can just run past the container and you won't even see the "search" option. Best used with an inventory weight mod.
    • Breaks the Hunting Magic quest: Any crystals you pick up cannot be used at the projector. You MUST pick them up normally, without this mod active. You can of course re-enable the mod after picking up all the crystals.
  • Dark Difficulty items and schematics won't be removed from a non-Dark Difficulty game.
  • Any randomly generated loot using a .csv table will appear with 100% probability. No editing of the .csv tables necessary.
  • Always win at Dice Poker.
  • Easy wins at Arm Wrestling.
  • Even slower time when aiming a bomb or throwing knife.
  • Witcher Medallion cooldown changed from 10 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Level 35 cap disabled. Without extending the .xml file that lists the bonuses for each level, you won't get increases to Vitality, etc... But you still get Talent Points.
  • +3 Talents per level instead of +1.
  • Dark-difficulty weapons do not have the "dark mode" camera FX.
  • game\combat\
    • event OnQTEFailure
      • changed code to the one for "event OnQTESuccessful" -- therefore, whatever the player presses, QTE will always succeed so fistfights will always have perfect victory
  • game\gameplay\
    • event OnInteractionActivated
      • swapped showing loot preview with grabbing everything. So, when you mouse over a lootable container, you automatically grab everything instead of having to click Search and press Space to grab all items.
  • game\gameplay\
    • function RemoveDarkDiffItemsIfNotDarkDiff, function PlayerRemoveDarkDiffItemsIfNotDarkDiff
      • commented out the code so that items and schematics won't be removed
      • items can then be added to items\def_shops.xml, which will show up in all difficulty levels
  • game\gameplay\
    • function FillRandomLoot, function FillRandomLootActor
      • disable probability check, which means we don't have to manually adjust .csv loot tables to 100%
  • game\minigames\
    • function GetWinner()
      • always returns player as the winner, so you always win at Dice Poker
  • game\minigames\
    • hotspot widths x 50 normal - just slide the pointer all the way to the right and wait for win
  • game\player\states\
    • private entry function StartAiming()
      • changed timescale modifier from 0.2f to 0.02f
  • game\player\
    • function TriggerMedalionFX()
      • changed 10s medallion usage cooldown to 2 seconds
    • function SetLevelUp()
      • disabled level 35 cap
      • changed skill points per level from +1 to +3
    • function SetDarkWeaponSteel, function SetDarkWeaponSilver
      • commented out parts that add/remove dark weapon effects to the camera

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