Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Witcher 2 All Story Abilities Mod

GQ Witcher 2 All Story Abilities Mod
DOWNLOAD version 2013-Sept-16

This "mod" lets you get all story abilities by using Geralt's medallion. There should be 32 abilities, ending with Summer's Crown and Winter's Shroud. If you don't get all 32, wait a bit and use the medallion again.

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  1. Make a copy of your CookedPC\base_scripts.dzip file
  2. Replace the base_scripts.dzip file with the one provided
  3. Start the game and use Geralt's medallion.
  4. Save the game and exit
  5. Restore your base_scripts.dzip
  • EVERY time you use your Medallion, the script tries to give you all the abilities. This is harmless, but you will probably want to restore whatever base_scripts.dzip file you were using.
  • If you use a mod that changes the abilities, this mod may not work properly.
  • The script was inserted into basescripts.dzip > engine\player.ws > function TriggerMedalionFX()

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