Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition - at a deep discount

Get Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition DRM-free and with no-risk Money Back Guarantee from Good Old Games.

With the fairly recent release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, now is a good time for new fans to experience the original Dragon Age: Origins, an extensive story with a lot of gameplay and storytelling, especially once you factor in the various backstory DLCs.

Now it is finally on Good Old Games, where you don't have to mess around with Steam or Digital Rights Management or any other hassles -- just install and play! And it has been released in the Ultimate Edition -- meaning the Awakening expansion and all the DLCs are there in one convenient bundled purchase at a price much less than Amazon. At the time of this article, it is:
For a game that's just a few years old, graphically it still looks really decent and with the bonus that on today's machines you can run it at high resolution and with all the bells and whistles (max AA, best shadows, etcetera).
If you're worried your game rig is too new to run it, GOG has a no-risk money-back guarantee on their games.

We reviewed the game here and scored it +12/-8.

Plus this weekend GOG is having a special promotion of 50/60% off new EA games and up to 90% off Interplay titles! -- Such as Fallout, Lionheart, and various Star Trek titles!

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