Friday, July 8, 2016

Darkest Dungeon - Interacting with Curios

According to C:\GOG Games\Darkest Dungeon\localization\curios.string_table.xml, here are the iteractions and required items (if any) for curios in Darkest Dungeon. Note that in some cases not using and item will not necessarily result in a bad effect -- for example, if you use Holy Water on the Holy Fountain the result replaces the chance of getting loot from it. In some cases, interacting with the item locks in a negative result (e.g., if you use Holy Water on Occult Scrawlings).

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party found a curio

Alchemy Table - no effect, loot, negative effect, loot (Medicinal Herbs) or light to 100 (Torch)
Altar of Light - none, buff, or buff (Holy Water)
Ancestor's Knapsack - none
Ancient Coffin - empty, loot, or quirk
Animalistic Shrine - loot (Pickaxe)
Bandit's Trapped Chest - trap or loot (skeleton key)
Brigand's Tent - loot
Barnacle Crusted Chest - empty, loot, bleed, or loot (Shovel)
Bas-Relief - quirk, or stress (Shovel)
Beast Carcass - empty, provisions, quirk, disease, or provisions (Medicinal Herbs)
Bone Altar - buff
Bookshelf - empty, quirk, stress, map, or old journal entry
Brackish Tide Pool - buff, disease, or heal (Antivenom)
Chirurgeon's Satchel - quest item
Confession Booth - loot, stress, purge negative trait, or stress heal (Holy Water)
Corrupted Altar - loot (Holy Water)
Crate - empty, or heirlooms
Decorative Urn - empty, loot, quirk, disease, loot (Holy Water) or negative trait (Guilty Conscience; Shovel)
Dinner Cart - empty, provisions, blight, disease, or provisions (Medicinal Herbs)
Discarded Pack - empty, loot, or map
Eerie Coral - empty, stress, stress heal, or purge negative effect (Medicinal Herbs)
Eerie Spiderweb - nothing, loot, quirk, or loot (Bandage)
Eldritch Altar - no effect, stress, purge illness, or remove one negative trait (Holy Water)
Fish Carcass - empty, provisions, trap, disease, or provisions (Medicinal Herbs)
Fish Idol - stress, or buff (Holy Water)
Foodstuff Crate - quest item
Giant Oyster - empty, loot, damage, effect (Dog Treat), or loot (Shovel)
Goal Strongbox - Holy Water
Heirloom Chest - empty, trap, or loot (Antivenom or Skeleton Key)
Holy Fountain - loot, heal, or buff (Holy Water)
Infected Corpse - loot (Antivenom)
Iron Maiden - empty, loot, quirk, disease, or loot (Medicinal Herbs)
Large Strongbox - loot
Left Luggage - trap, loot, or loot (Skeleton Key or Antivenom)
Locked Display Cabinet - trap, or loot (Skeleton Key or Shovel)
Locked Sarcophagus - trap, damaged loot (Shovel), or loot (Skeleton Key)
Locked Strongbox - empty, trap, damaged loot (Shovel) or loot (Skeleton Key)
Makeshift Dining Table - empty, provisions, blight, disease, or provisions (Medicinal Herbs)
Moonshine Barrel - empty, loot, quirk, blight, or buff (Medicinal Herbs)
Mummified Remains - empty, loot, disease, or loot (Bandage)
Occult Scrawlings - no effect, quirk, stress, or stress (Holy Water)
Old Tree - empty, loot, blight, or loot (Antivenom)
Pile of Bones - empty, loot, quirk, disease, or loot (Holy Water)
Pile of Scrolls - no effect, quirk, stress, map, or purge negative quirk (Torch)
Pristine Fountain - no effect, stress heal, or stress heal (Holy Water)
Protective Ward - use Lantern
Rack of Blades - empty, loot, bleed, or loot (Bandage)
Reliquary - quest item
Sack - empty, loot, or map
Sacrificial Stone - quirk, stress, purge negative quirk, purge negative quirk (Provisions) Food, or bleed (Torch)
Sarcophagus - empty, loot, or quirk
Sconce - nothing, or torch
Secret Stash - Skeleton Key
Shallow Grave - stress, disease, or loot (Shovel)
Shambler's Altar - summon Mash Shambler (Torch)
Shipment Crates - quest item
Ship's Figurehead - buff
Stack of Books - no effect, quirk, stress, old journal entry, or stress (Torch)
Suit of Armor - no effect, buff, or quirk
Traveller's Tent - no effect, loot, stress, or map
Troubling Effigy - no effect, quirk, stress, or buff (Holy Water)
Unlocked Strongbox - empty, trap, or loot

Interacting with curios is a basically a lottery of what curios you will encounter and therefore what supplies you will waste -- When you buy supplies, at the end of the mission any leftovers are sold back at approximately 10% of the buying price.
This sell-back doesn't make sense because you could simply hold supplies till your next expedition. To adjust sell-back prices, you can look at the .sell_gold_value entries in C:\GOG Games\Darkest Dungeon\inventory\inventory.darkest and adjust them.

If you adjust the buy and sell values to full AND you are also using our recommended values for more Camping in Darkest Dungeon, we recommend you adjust only the starting firewood values and leave everything else alone.

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