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Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Ranger Citadel (exterior)

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Ranger Citadel (exterior)

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A great place for maps and general information for Arizona is Here, we provide additional information about the various locations, and/or specific to the Director's Cut.

Opening Cutscene
  • You do not need any dialogue skills here although you are given the options. The skill requirement is set to 0, so even if you have no dialogue skills you can get XP from speaking with Vargas.
  • Use Animal Whisperer 1 to tame Aberforth and not be attacked when you pick up the can. Dialogue will not reflect this, however.
  • Aberforth gives DEVIL EYES for +1 Awareness.
  • Aberforth is passive in combat and typically dies only if hit by stray fire or if it is caught in a blast. And like other animal followers, it is immune to most environmental effects.
Angela Deth
  • If you speak with Vargas while she is in your party and prior to bringing back evidence from investigating Ace's death, you can betray her intention to Vargas, causing her to leave your party and leave the map. The topic "Snake" comes up but you have to manually type it into the dialogue box to pursue the topic.
Ranger Brass Knucks
  • The fenced area near him is accessible.
Spkye Alpha, Slick, and Mumbles
    • When you return to the Ranger Citadel after recruiting them, if Vargas is addressing the new recruits they will be with them. You cannot really interact with any of the recruits and after Vargas dismisses them they leave the map.
    • Spyke's two dogs will also be there, and will stay there once the recruits disperse.
      • You can therefore Animal Whisper one or both for the PUPPIES (+1 Charisma) perk. Two dogs will not give you the perk twice.
      • They do run into melee combat and can die easily or be a drain on Field Medic kits trying to keep them alive. Therefore it is probably better to leave them be, and use Animal Whisperer only if you need the Charisma boost.

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