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Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Radio Tower

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - Radio Tower

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A great place for maps and general information for Arizona is Here, we provide additional information about the various locations, and/or specific to the Director's Cut.

Spyke Alpha, Slick, and Mumbles
  • Best solution is to recruit them using Kiss Ass 1: You will receive the most dialogue XP plus more later on in the Ranger Citadel for having recruited them.
  • Killing the raiders south-east of their compound does not make them hostile. It also lets you circle around Spyke to talk to Mumbles or Slick.
    • Whoever you  talk to determines the outcome for the gang and the dialogue of the other two members is locked out.
    • You get different dialogue with all three gang members. Mumbles and Slick also gives you fewer dialogue alternatives.
  • If you speak with Slick or Mumbles and the gang remains in place, you can Animal Whisper the dogs but they will not follow the party nor leave. To get them to follow you must recruit the gang and then find them with their dogs later at the Ranger Citadel courtyard.
Raiders south-east of Spyke Alpha
  • If for whatever reason you are having trouble with them, there are two things you can do:
    • Make peace with Spyke and they will be neutral. That lets you attack first.
    • Go further south-east where there is a narrow passage (barred with a gate) leading up to an overlook. From that height advantage you get a bonus to hit and they get a penalty to hit.
Mutant Frog in Cave
  • The Mutant Frog here hits hard and is pretty much guaranteed to incapacitate a character on higher difficulties with a single attack. To give yourself the best chance, spread out first (its sight range is apparently pretty low) and have everyone use a gun and shoot it. Retreat from it to shoot some more -- the further it is forced to move, the fewer attacks it will have per turn.
  • If you are still having trouble, to the northeast there is a cave with a shrine. Before entering the cave, there is a hidden cache revealed by Perception 1 at the dead end, near the cactus. That cache always contains a pipe bomb.

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