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Gothic 4: Arcania Maps - Forgotten Graves

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The Forgotten Graves
You found a scroll talking about a Rune of Frozen Might. Rumour says this rune was smashed by Setarrifian mages, and each of the mages was buried with one rune shard. Perhaps you can find the mages' grave and put the rune back together again.
    Cleaved Maiden
  1. From The Cleaved Maiden, take the path that is just south of the path up the beach where you started with Diego. Follow this path till it forks, and take the north (right side) fork. The grave is along the north-south stretch of this path.
  2. Just north of the triangle formed by paths between the Watch Tower and Garv's hut. On the right side, to the north of large rocks.
  3. Follow the path leading south from The Cleaved Maiden to the mine entrance where you first encounter the Digger (for "The Abandoned Mine" quest). It is near the first fork, on the east side.
  4. Inside the mine in one of the caves. NOT the long mounds that cannot be interacted with. Note that the map incorrectly shows that there is a grave in the southern half of the mines -- that is actually an Ancient Relic behind a table of books.
  5. Beach south of the Watch Tower. South end of the beach.

  6. Stewark
  7. On the beach south of the bridge to Stewark Castle.
  8. Along the path to the northernmost part of the map where there is a locked door to a cave. Look near the big rocks that are on the right side of the path.
  9. From the first farm shed, head east to find a winding trail up the mountain. It is along that trail, before you get to the top.
  10. Follow the winding trail (see above) and at the top, turn right (east) and head away from the fields. Where the trail forks to allow going around a rock formation, go right (west) and look for a grave before rejoining the main trail.

  11. Hunter's Lodge / Valley of Blood
  12. East side of the battlefield.
  13. From the Hunter's Lodge, follow the path east and when it turns north, go off the path and continue east. In the area bounded by the path and the mountains, the grave is roughly in the middle.

  14. Silverlake South
  15. Just past the bridge, follow the rocks on the right till you find it near a beach.
  16. From Melog's Hut, follow the south-western path. It is near the bend where it turns north-west-west, on the left (south) side of the path.
  17. Goblin cave, east side of first cave.

  18. Swamp
  19. To the southeast of the Tooshoo region is a ransacked hut (Lester's Hut) in the swamp. From that hut, go directly south until you see a large outcrop of rock on the beach. The grave is at the base of this rock formation.
  20. At the western mountain edge there is a goblin cave where you find the Water Chalice. This cave system ends on a high cliff ledge. The grave is on the ledge.
  21. West of the great tree, in a large clearing with some ruins just past the fork in the western road.
  22. Further west of #17 are caves. Inside the northernmost cave, there is a grave in the northernmost point.

  23. Monastery
  24. When following the glowing swampweed in search of Lester, the path will go past a locked gate, then down the hill to a beach, The grave is just off the seaward side of the path, near one of the big rocks.

  25. The Black Gorges
  26. Just past where you meet Bartur for the first time, at the intersection, at the base of one of the big pyramid shaped rocks.

  27. Jungle
  28. East of the Jungle Ruins teleporter there is a very large rock formation in the clearing. There is a Grave near the base of that formation, on the south side.
  29. North-East-East of the Jungle Ruins teleporter, near the eastern rock wall and some Razors.
  30. East of Jabo's campfire (where you first meet him).
  31. From the bow of the ship with Varald, jump to the squarish area blocked on its three other sides by mountain/rock. Head to the area clear of grass and with two skulls on stakes.
  32. Directly north of the ship with Varald is a north-south rock formation (forming the western wall of the area described for Grave #24. Follow the west side of this formation up the beach until you find the Grave nearby the north end of the rock formation.
    • Note that you may be able to see two skulls on spikes atop the very tall rock formation. Get up there and there is a chest.

    Lost Goddess Temple - If you go too far into the Temple you will not be able to backtrack out of it
  33. In the cave before the fight with the Minecrawler Queen.
  34. From Beliar Artefact #26, jump south down off the rocky path and you will basically land right on top of it and activate the glowing butterfly marker.

  35. Village
  36. When you are at Khilian's cave again (now from other side) head to the northeast. It is near the path at the fork.
  37. In the northeast of the village you have to free follow the path to the north. It is beside the path.

  38. Thorniara
  39. Near the Temple in the nothern section of the map, where the charm is. S-W of the Temple is a building that looks like a cake slice. Near the lower left corner of this building (near the Innos statue).
  40. At the cemetery where Gorn is waiting.


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