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SWTOR Easy Heroics and Dailies

In SWTOR you can grind Heroics for credits, Experience Points, Renown (Onslaught 6.0 expansion) and Conquest Points. Here is a list of reasonably fast Heroics you can do, with some caveats:
  • You don't mind cheese. For example, using a terminal from the rear side or from behind a barrier, using it to block line of sight from enemies.
  • By skipping a lot of fights you are getting Conquest Points mostly from quest completion. If you do all the fighting (including many of the bonus mission objectives) you will obviously spend more time but get more XP, Renown, and Conquest Points. For mission completion, each quest awards a flat amount of Conquest Points whether it is long or short.
  • Not all are equally fast of course. You should consider which you have time for 
The codes are:
R - Republic mission
I - Imperial mission
G - Galactic Solutions Industries mission, which are available to both Republics and Imperials
S - Stealth required to make it fast

GSI missions require the Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid, which are obtained by starting those respective missions. If you are keen on "proper story order", the Macrobinoculars mission starts after Rise of the Hutt Cartel; and the Seeker Droid mission starts after the Belsavis planetary story arc.

G Retrieve, Restore, Recycle - north road from Luurdes toward weather tower
G Trade Secrets - just scan the nearest dish and abandon the mission to try again tomorrow if the spy not immediately found

RS Industrial Sabotage
RS Mandalorian Terror - to do the bonus, activate panels and keep running till the required panels are activated for the bonus, then use Force Cloak
R Shifting Priorities
IS Comrades in Arms - at the crate where you pick up the quest item, you should be able to put the crate between yourself and the nearest droids, and not be detected when you access the crate
IS Toxic Bombs - your stealth cooldown should complete before the bomb pile explodes, allowing you to re-enter stealth while using the bomb pile as cover; you only need to do this for one bomb pile out of four that you need to blow up

RS Open Communications - run to the side of the room; wait for initial flame burst from the spawned enemies then force stealth and they will vanish
RS The Tyrant
R Jungle Flight
IS Breakthrough
IS Freeing the Fallen
IS Old Enemies
IS A Rock and a Hard Place - you can activate the console from behind the pillar; hop up one step to stand close enough

Black Hole
RS Forced Labor
I No Trace Left

RS Concierge
RS Starfighters of Corellia

R Enemies of the Republic - kills for the bonus can be done at the Heroic travel landing site and the Jedi Ruins
RS Trouble In Deed

RI Dailies and Weekly - not particularly fast individually but they all happen in the same area, and the enemies are not as difficult as Heroic Area enemies; in total you get many quests done quite quickly

RS Frostclaw
RS Prisoner Extraction - talking to prisoners does not break stealth
G Beneath the Spires
IS Pirated Lockbox - if detected keep moving, let companion on healing role take enemy aggro, search bodies, then use force stealth to get out

Hutta - Bounty Hunters and Operatives only
I The Man with the Steel Voice - the other two heroics are easy but often quite long because of others in the area competing for objectives

Korriban - Sith only
I Armed and Dangerous
I The Hate Engine

RS The Viper's Nest - Stand behind the munitions to force the enemy to come to you and help you not draw too much attention; Evacuees can be talked to without breaking stealth.
    GS The Unbreakable Code
    • Republic: From near the western tower (1/4) you can scan the northern tower (2/4) as well. Just past the western tower is Grim Tooth; from the southeast pillar of his enclosure you can scan northwestern tower (3/4) and the eastern tower (4/4).
    • Imperial: At the light bridge there is a slope on the left that can take you up to the proper level. Go west to the western tower and follow the Republic route above.
    G(S) Quake Engines - it's not bad to do this without stealth as even Republic players can ride through the town portion pulling very little aggro and outrunning them
    GS Volcanic Metals - stealth makes this faster but the route is still quite long
    G Origin of the Makrin

    Makeb Dailies - available after completing the Rise of the Hutt Cartel story
    RS Reverse Engineering - The same imperial evidence can be scanned after a respawn period.
    R Among the Rubble + Stone and Steel - For Among the Rubble, just leave all the mobs alone and they typically keep busy with each other
    R Hostage Rescue
    I Clean Bill of Health - fairly easy to avoid most mobs; with the bonus from GSI tracking, most mobs are easily killed as well
    IS A Trace of Guilt
    IS Eviction Notice + Twisting the Truth - these two are in the same general location
    IS Landing Party

    Ord Mantell - Smugglers and Troopers only
    R Buying Loyalty + Cutting Off the Head + Destroy the Beacons - lots of easy kills to make and they all happen in the same area so you might as well do all three

    Section X
    RS Long Shots - at the final chamber, if you are too close to the boss he gets one chance to detect you through stealth (orange circle on you); if so, run to the side of the room and wait for it to pass; sneak to one of the side platforms and from the corner nearest to the cannon, throw the grenade
    IS Aurora Cannon - basically same as Long Shots

    RS Fallen Stars

    RS Breaking the Code
    RS Pirate Bullies
    G A Droid Defiant - faster once you learn the general locations where the dig sites are
    G Buried in Time - can be slow if you have bad luck with finding the eggs
    G Looking for Droids - if you're lucky you'll find the correct sandcrawler early; the southern sandcrawler is visible when you are close to the Buried in Time area
    Jawa Trade

    Tython - Jedis only
    R Chamber of Speech

    RIS Trial of the First - use stealth before each fight then crowd control on enemies to make fights faster and safer

    Ziost - these are available after completing the Ziost story
    G Dead Pulse
    G Death of a World - from where you can scan the tree and plant, you can scan the southernmost location; Dead Pulse ends at the northern scan location
    G From Ashes
    G Looking for Signs

    Space Combat - not a Heroic but easy to do and infinitely repeatable for subscribers
    R Operation Midnight Freedom / Fondor Escort - after the initial Fondor Escort mission, the daily operation rewards 5 Commendations
    I Operation Silent Roar / Jabiim Escort - basically the same as Midnight Freedom

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