Saturday, February 24, 2018

Secret World Legends - Dungeon Loot - The Facility

This is the boss chest loot table for Secret World Legends dungeon The Facility (Story Mode).

Boss Chests 1-5: One item
  • Waist Talisman
  • Wrist Talisman
  • Talisman Distillate 450-500 XP
  • Weapon Distillate 450-500 XP
Boss Chest 6: One Item
  • Extraordinary Weapon
  • Head Talisman
  • Talisman Distillate 450-500 XP
  • Weapon Distillate 450-500 XP
Bonus Chest (blue beam of light, randomly replaces a boss chest): Two items
  • Extraordinary Weapon
  • Finger Talisman
  • Occult Talisman
  • Talisman Distillate 550-650 XP
  • Weapon Distillate 550-650 XP
Possible Items
Head Talisman choices:
  • Ashes of Crushed Cities
  • Blood Halo
  • Pigment from Beyond
Waist Talisman choices:
  • Black Sash
  • Jaguar Cord
  • Khonsu's Disc
Wrist Talisman choices:
  • Bone Timepiece
  • Bracer of Forgotten Horrors
  • Iron-Sulfur Bracelet
Extraordinary Weapon choices:
  • Auxiliary Loader (Assault Rifle)
  • Soulblade (Blade)
  • Eldritch Tome (Blood Magic Focus)
  • Otherworldly Artifact (Chaos Focus)
  • Unstable Electron Core (Elementalism Focus)
  • Bladed Gauntlets (Fist Weapon)
  • Fuming Despoiler (Hammer)
  • Six Shooters (Pistols)
  • SPES-C221 (Shotgun)
Since there are six bosses per dungeon, if you are going to run a dungeon multiple times, you may want to skip the early chests and save your keys for the final boss chest. Only the first run of a particular dungeon each day awards XP.

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