Sunday, February 26, 2017

SWTOR Grade 10 Mission Discovery

Ever since SWTOR 5.0 (Star Wars: The Old Republic), Crew Skills were expanded to Grade 10. In case you haven't seen one of the elusive Grade 10 Mission Discoveries... Here are some. We'll update this post as we find more. So far, we have:
  • Slicing
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Underworld Trading
Mission Discovery: Slicing (Grade 10)
Doesn't look impressive and probably not worth a few hundred thousand credits that you might find it for on the Galactic Trade Network.

Slicing 10 Mission Discovery - Flying Factory

The mission resulted in a non-critical result of Code Recombinator x11, Signal Disruptor x4, Grade 10 Credit Case (item roll level 102), and Mission Discovery: Underworld Trading (Grade 10). The Credit Case returned only 5386 credits, which was less than the cost to run the mission.

Mission Discovery: Treasure Hunting (blue grade)
We found what appeared to be a low-level Treasure Hunting mission. It was blue (prototype grade), compared to the usual purple (artifact grade) that Mission Discoveries generally are. We didn't think much of it until we read it, and were surprised by the result, the mission "Secret Games".

Mission Discovery - Treasure Hunting (blue grade 10)

Our Influence Level 50 Jaesa returned a critical success result:

Mission Discovery - Treasure Hunting Grade 10 - critical success result

As is typical of treasure hunting lockboxes, these returned Green items that had a combined sale-to-Vendor value that was less than the cost of running the mission.

Mission Discovery - Treasure Hunting Grade 10 - lockbox content 1

Mission Discovery - Treasure Hunting Grade 10 - lockbox content 2

Mission Discovery: Underworld Trading (Grade 10)
Here's the Underworld Trading Grade 10 Mission we got from the Slicing Grade 10 Mission above.

Mission Discovery - Underworld Trading (Grade 10)

The main thing is you are guaranteed to get pink Artifact-grade materials, which you normally get only on a critical success result on a crew skill mission to yields blue Prototype-grade materials.

Mission Discovery - Underworld Trading (Grade 10) - result

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