Thursday, June 9, 2016

MARVEL Avengers Academy zoom-out trick

If you're playing MARVEL Avengers Academy you may find this trick useful.
Notice that when you open the game, it starts zoomed out so that you can see where all your completed tasks waiting to be collected / tapped are located. Once you tap all of them or tap something other than one of the checkmarks, the zoom goes away.
You can zoom back out, but it quickly zooms in again.

To hold that zoom, do this:
  • Zoom out on your smartphone with both fingers, then release. It takes a half second or so before it starts zooming in again automatically.
  • During that time, quickly tap a building that is NOT being used by a character performing an action. This calls up the building name, BUT the screen will also hold its current zoom level.
  • Now, tap the icon in the lower left corner for the mission board, and tap outside that interface to dismiss the mission board. The building label will be gone, but the zoom level will still hold where it is and not reset and try to zoom back in again.
Great for leaving your screen up while doing other things, so at a glance you can see if any tasks are complete.

MARVEL Avengers Academy zoom-out trick

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