Thursday, June 16, 2016

MARVEL Avengers Academy - British Invasion - Black Knight

If you're playing MARVEL Avengers Academy and trying to keep up with the British Invasion event, here is a summary of the Black Knight chapter:

Step 1 - Portal
  • Follow the quest to build a portal. You need to collect Magic Runes from the Mission Board constantly to keep using the portal.
  • When you activate a portal, you can send 2 characters at a time.
    • A third slot was temporarily available if you clicked-and-hold-and-scrolled-up the portal slots but it was actually NOT usable. Watch out for this to be reactivated and made usable if TinyCo decides to help out players more, like they did near the end of the Union Jack chapter.
  • Like the Union Jack chapter, you cannot re-open a portal until everyone is out, so pair your search parties according to mission times.
    • Iron Man - 3-hour or 7-hour search missions
      • Note that Iron Man can fight Black Knight so watch your scheduling if you want to use him to also fight Black Knight.
    • Black Widow - 3-hour or 4-hour search missions
    • Enchantress - 4-hour or 7-hour search missions
  • You MUST send Iron Man on a 3-hour mission to advance the story and make the Black Knight available to fight.
    • You may then be confused by Pepper Potts saying the Black Knight will be back soon, but he is actually then in quad and you can fight him immediately.
  • If you have several characters due to story advancement or special events, take advantage of it by cancelling missions from the mission board that use Iron Man, Black Widow, and/or Enchantress, depending on who you are using to find Artifacts.
Step 2 - Artifacts
  • Portal missions get you Artifacts (rings). You need 1 per character fighting Black Knight
    • You can use a team of up to 3 against Black Knight, which is more efficient than sending them solo.
    • Since 7-hour missions guarantee you at least 3 artifacts, each 7-hour mission guarantees you a battle with a team of three.
    • 3-hour and 4-hour missions have a potential minimum return of only 1 artifact, so it is theoretically not safe for keeping up a steady stream of attacks against Black Knight.
  • The Stonehenge premium buildings (bought with Shards) automatically get you Artifacts but the drop rate is per 24-hours so you will probably still want to get more Artifacts with Portal missions to get the Black Knight quickly.
Step 3 - Fight the Black Knight
  • Captain Britain and Union Jack do the most damage, maybe around 4x to 3x compared to non-event characters.
  • Iron Man, Wasp, and Loki can also fight. If you have Union Jack, you can reserve Wasp and Loki to fight with him, leaving Iron Man free to do portal missions.
    • If you have several characters due to story advancement or special events, take advantage of it by cancelling missions from the mission board that use Captain Britain, Union Jack, Iron Man, Wasp, and/or Loki, depending on who you are using to fight the Black Knight.
    • Because there is a healing cooldown, you can use those periods to complete missions.
  • Union Jack + two non-premium characters will probably need 2x fights to defeat Black Knight once.
    • Make sure you have enough Artifacts to fight him at least twice in a 24-hour period as that is his time to heal to full health again.
    • Defeated hero teams require up to 3 hours (if the team was defeated by Black Knight, it takes 3 hours). Captain Britain reportedly takes 3x as long.
      • Watch out for a bug where the healing time does not tick down while you are in-game. Close the game and come back later.
  • You get 20 trophies per win and you need 100, so without Captain Britain you are looking at probably 10 fights at LEAST to complete the event.
  • After a win, Pepper Potts says "he'll be back soon" and the Black Knight has a timer on him, but he is actually available to fight immediately (?).
  • Watch for sidequests to appear after your wins. You may want to take care of them first.
10 fights with Union Jack + 2 characters = 10 x 7-hour portal missions = 5 x 7 hours x 2 characters = 35 hours or about 1.5 days. Since we have a week, this event should not be as tight as the one to recruit Union Jack.

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