Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Arx Fatalis walkthrough level 8 - Dwarven Forge, Helm of King Poxellis

Arx Fatalis - map level 8
  • [6 Helm of King Poxellis]
    • To use the "glowing objects", use them on the column instead of dragging the item onto the column.
    • After you pick up the Helm, two liches appear and you must defeat both to exit the tomb. For weaker characters, the key is to hide and wait till you are ready to do a hit-and-run. The tomb is dark, so it is easy to stay hidden and rest to restore mana. Our tactic was to rush and Fireball them, then use Invisiblity to make them stop pursuit so we could hide. See the video below.
      • Invisibility and Drain Life also work just fine if you can sustain the Mana cost.
  • [15 Ore crushing room] The lever you need to work the crusher is not the wooden one on ground level, but upstairs on the walkway.
  • [23 Forge] Both chests can be lockpicked.
  • [26 Transfer Room] climb up the wooden chutes to get to the single large chunk of mithril. Use the machine on ground level to transfer it to [area 15], then use the crusher to get 4 chunks of mithril.


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