Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Arx Fatalis walkthrough level 6 - Crypt level 3 (Shield of the Ancients), Sisters of Edurneum

Arx Fatalis - map level 6

Our Notes:
  • [11 Tomb with Shield of the Ancients] When you open the tomb, a lich spawns and starts moving to your location. If you wait too long to exit and engage it, it may reach [14 Lava Traps]. Even if you have kept the floorplates closed, it will fall in and die instantly. You can still loot the body but you get no XP because you did not deal the killing blow.
    • Pull the levers to close the portcullis before you open the tomb for the Shield of the Ancients. This way the lich may not be able to pathfind to you at all.
    • Alternatively, lure it to the portcullis and rush ahead to pull the lever. It is then safely behind and you can bombard it with the blast radius from Aam Yok Taar (fireball) until it is dead, if you are having a hard time killing it. Using Aam Yok Spacium to roast it indirectly from safely behind the bars does not seem to work.
  • [13 Secret Tomb] This area is accessible when you have solved the guardian's puzzle [area 10].
  • [31 Galleries]
    • The Kaom Rune can be picked up from the ground. You can just see it on the ledge -- approach slowly until your cursor changes to allow interaction and then pick it up.
    • The Rat-Man assassin that stalked you since you found out you were the Guardian ends up here and stays in this area. If you kill it while it is becoming invisible (backflip and shrink), the corpse may be invisible until you exit the area and re-enter. You might also not get its weapon (assassin dagger, which you can get elsewhere).
  • [35 Sisters Throneroom] If you try to give the queen Krahoz, she will ask the location of the Rebels.

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