Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Arx Fatalis walkthrough level 5 - Twin Traders, Hostile Trolls, Crypt level 2, Ylside Bunker, Akbaa

Arx Fatalis - map level 5

  • [24 Twin Traders]
    • Prices are inferior to those in Arx, so try not to buy or sell here. Buy the Stregum rune first so you can cast Mega Stregum Vitae (Bless) to increase your stats, thereby increasing Intuition to get better prices.
    • In Rinco's room, if you douse all the lights he does not re-light them, so you can look around and steal safely as long as you are not too close to him.
  • [20 Iserbius's Room] You can kill the Black Beast by raising the portcullis in the tank (click the handle on top of the tank) and then lowering it again on the creature.
  • [22 Akbaa] Defeating Akbaa was disappointingly easy for a mage using Life Drain (and potions to keep up Health and Mana). See video below -- SPOILER!
  • [25-30 Hostile Trolls] Trolls here are hostile if you do not have a Troll's Amulet. Since they contribute nothing to the plot and are hostile, you might as well NOT carry the amulet and kill all the trolls anyway. They all carry an amulet, so cache them somewhere.
  • [32 Water Goblins] One of the goblins sits and uses a Pole to roast a fish. When he puts down the Pole, if you pick it up and put it in your inventory, they become hostile. If you use a Rope on it to change it into a Fishing Rod, you can safely pick it up. If you kill the Goblin while it is using the Pole, it disappears.

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