Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Arx Fatalis walkthrough level 4 - Great Sea, Crypt level 1, Serpent Pillar, Rebel Camp, Access to Ylside Bunker

Arx Fatalis - map level 4

Our Notes:
  • [7 Cult's Secret Room]
    • To rescue Shany, you must let one of the cultists open the secret door with the torch-lever; otherwise, she will always be dead by the time you enter. Her cries for help are scripted based on distance, so if you are having trouble letting the cultist open the door, just hang back until you hear the door opening, then charge in.
    • If a cultist is moving toward Shany at the altar, make sure you stop him first; sometimes they all turn to attack you, which makes it easier to just Aam Yok Taar the lot of them in one go.
    • If you are too slow, she will be sacrificed and transform into a demon. After the cultists are clear, you can sacrifice her yourself to summon a demon hostile to you.
    • You do not actually have to escort Shany back to her mother.
  • [9 Goblin Trap] If you can somehow get behind the chest, the goblins have dialogue where they charge out, but you do not actually encounter them until you open the chest.
  • [24 Food Corridors / Restricted Area]
    • Traps just sound an alarm.
    • Here and beyond, if you kill anyone quickly (before they pull the lever to sound the alarm or before anyone from the main camp notices) the rest of the Rebel Camp will not be alerted. In this way you can acquire Krahoz without making the main camp hostile. If you even just open the chest containing Krahoz (whether you take it or not) your quest log updates and a guard stands in front of the Rebel Leader's tent, making it impossible for you to get by and give her the Shield of the Ancients.
  • [30 Quartermaster] Buys and sells weapons, armour, food, and general goods.

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