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Arx Fatalis walkthrough level 3 - Tutorial Area, Goblin City, Troll Mines

Arx Fatalis - map level 3

Our notes:
  • [6 Campfire] A bit later into the game, two hostile goblins are here fishing.
  • [17 Supply Room] The message when you try to lockpick is that it is too complicated and your Tools are damaged by 1 Durability unit. However, even at over 100 Technical skill it cannot be lockpicked -- you must use the key.
  • [20 Throne Room]
    • You can bring the Goblin King apple pies (double click on pie, then click on door). Therefore you can also spike the pies with wine first to cause him to exit the throne room.
    • You can spike the cakes that the cook makes by going to the kitchen and using Wine on the biggest piece of dough (right side on table).
    • You can lockpick the door and enter. This will not make the guards hostile.
  • [22 Treasure Room]  When you are near the door, you can see out the crack between the door and the wall. This way, you can check if the sentry has moved aside, allowing you to work on the chest directly in front of that door (where you would otherwise be spotted). If you douse the torch with spell Nhi Yok, you can stand in front of the door and look through the peephole for the guard; as long as you have hidden status (crouching person icon at lower left corner of the screen) the guard will not spot you.
  • [28 Reservation]
    • There are five unlit torches in the Reservation that will be lit once you are formally granted access by the King. To preserve their 20/20 durability and stackability in your inventory, you need to lockpick the door and get them first. After lockpicking you can enter without the guard becoming hostile from your trespass unless you are seen taking something.
    • Do not open the chest (whether you take the Troll Idol or not) before getting permission from the King to get access to this area. If you do, Atok will appear but either have the wrong dialogue cutscene (if you haven't spoken with him at [26 Goblin Sleeping Room]) or just stand there after killing the guard. The quest appears to still complete normally, however.
  • [37 Troll King Pog]
    • There is a shortcut to King Pog's throne room -- Once you enter the troll area [36], go left up the stone stairs. There will be a "window" with bars on the right at the top of the stairs. Jump onto that ledge outside the window, crouch, and walk between the bars. You can exit the same way.
    • Once you return the Idol to Pog, the strike is over and the main quest proceeds back at the Throneroom in Arx. However, various parts of the strike are not completely over. You must speak with Izak the Foreman (who appears at [29bis]) and King Alotar (in his throne room; he becomes a gem trader but with inferior prices compared to Tafiok). Until you have completed this step, Mining Shares you bought in Arx cannot be sold for more than you bought them.
    • After you give Pog the book on Finance, you must exit the area and re-enter it for there to be changes: The goblins become hostile and Pog becomes the new gem dealer. He gives good prices if you buy from him, lousy ones if you sell to him.
  • [42 two chests] The trolls here move away to mine once the Troll Strike is over, and you can then come here and steal from the chests without anyone seeing you.
  • [44 Troll Prisoner] If the trolls become your enemy, you can still clear the rubble blocking the human city of Arx and the human Outpost on level 1 by freeing this prisoner (if you speak with him a second time he tells you who has the key). If you return the Troll Idol to King Pog, this room becomes unlocked, the prisoner will have vanished, and you can then pickaxe the gem deposits on the walls.
  • [49 Kultar]
    • Although Kultar cannot apparently die during the fight with the Goblin Lord, you can kill him after. Whether you do or not will determine the dialogue you get when you meet him again later.
    • The Goblin Lord will turn to fight you if you hit it. If it cannot hit you (e.g., because you ran away) and Kultar hits it, its attention will turn back to Kultar. In this way you can quite safely engage it. But unless you land the killing blow, you do not get XP for the Goblin Lord.

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