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Arx Fatalis walkthrough level 2 - Goblin Prison, Troll Sculptor, Crystal Caves, Ice Dragon Cave, Temple of Akbaa

Arx Fatalis - map level 2

Our Notes:
  • [3 Kultar's Cell] If you do not free Kultar prior to jumping down the chute, he does not appear to help you with the Goblin Lord at [level 3 area 49]. When you then return to the Goblin Prison, he no longer be there, having apparently escaped and killed another Goblin.
  • [4 Goblin Prison junction]
    • A hostile Goblin Lord appears here much later (after Sister Chinkashh teaches you Mega Spacium?)
  • [6 Polsius's Cell] Polsius can be made to sign the Goblin Authorization Papers before he is released from his cell, but he won't give them back until you release him. You will also not get the dialogue cutscene with him at the Yellow Tulip [level 1 area 41] later.
  • [12 Goblin Guardpost]
    • The Goblin Lord who controls the portcullis at the goblin prison upper level says he can do instead with a "little present" if you have neither a gem dealer's license nor the goblin authorization. This is 300 gold per document you haven't given to him; to give him gold, click on the pouch icon on the lower right side and then use the gold on the Goblin Lord. The gold remains in his inventory so you can kill him and get it back later.
    • You can also provoke the guards from your side of the portcullis by hitting the closest one with Aam Yok Spacium or the blast from Aam Yok Taar or by drawing pursuing goblins into their line of sight. The Goblin Lord will then open the portcullis to reach you. Whenever you re-enter this area the portcullis resets to closed position and a Goblin Lord has to open it; if they are dead, you can double-click to open the portcullis from either side.
  • [13 Guard Post Manager Office]
    • Secret button is a brick near the cupboard on the right side.
    • A hostile Goblin Lord appears here much later (after Sister Chinkashh teaches you Mega Spacium?)
  • [16 Cavern] The rat here occasionally respawns, sometimes without any Uncooked Ribs.
  • [19 Ice Dragon]
    • You can get (useless) dialogue from the Ice Dragon regarding being tasked by Queen Florence [level 7 area 9].
    • Killing the dragon gets you 800 XP and Dragon Bones but nothing much else of interest. It is very easy to kill:
      • Get ready with Dispel Field and Fireball. Fire off the fireball then run to the entrance and cast Dispel Field to get out. The dragon cannot follow. It can come up the ramp a bit but you can simply retreat. Only its Paralyze spell can hold you but you are out of reach anyway.
      • Safely in the tunnel you can wait for your mana to recover and prepare more Fireballs. Just keep using Fireball until it dies.
    • To steal the eggs, use the Telekinesis spell Spacium Communicatum.
  • [28 Lever #3] You can enter a wrong code and pull the lever to open a secret door, behind which is a hostile golem. Lead that golem to [26b] to stand on the pressure plate, then destroy it to keep it there. This saves you from having to use a Golem Heart. You still need to enter the correct combination and pull the lever in order to trigger the bridge to the Meteor room. 
  • [37 Meteor Chamber]
    • Life Drain (Vitae Movis) seems to be a good way to kill the Demon.
    • After you destroy the Meteor with Krahoz and Zohark, you can give them to Alia.
      • Give one of them to get a creepy cutscene with Alia.
      • Give both to get back the Shield of the Ancients.
  • [38 Crystal Caves]
  • [45 Corpse with Backpack] If you pick up this backpack before the one in the Castle of Arx, you can get a second extra page of inventory (total 3).

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