Saturday, February 28, 2015

Company of Heroes - Mission Walkthroughs Index and General Tips

Company of Heroes version 2.700.242 - Mission Walkthrough Index and General Tips

See below for our "Playthrough Paradigm" -- how we play and why. Also note that we are using the Historical Skin Mod.

Click to go to the Company of Heroes Wikia, choose the unit on the table of contents, and look for Veterancy.
Playthrough Paradigm

I played Company of Heroes two years ago on Expert and gave up because various things irritated me and I insisted on playing it "my way". Since then I've given up on needing to play every game at the highest level of difficulty and have returned to the game, hopefully refreshed.
I'm sure you can find lots of video walkthroughs where people just rush enemy positions knowing they can replenish their units. I don't like to play that way, but my conservative tactics should still be of benefit no matter what difficulty level you play at.
Also, because of my gameplay style, I do not make videos as each mission, combined with the repeated pausing and tactical thinking and reloading whenever units do unexpectedly stupid things (like automatically drifting closer into combat and getting killed) makes for long gameplay sessions.
  • Tried NOT TO HAVE ANY LOSSES AT ALL -- no full unit losses and no squad member losses if possible.
    • We could have kept pumping units out and spending them like water, but a real war doesn't work like that.
    • Sure, it's just a game, but I just don't like playing so callously -- breaks immersion.
    • We ended up with a lot of level 3 Veterancy units, although we didn't actually re-use them because they cost a lot of resources to call into a mission.
    • Starting with mission 4, partial unit losses (i.e., squad member losses, but not the loss of an entire unit) become almost impossible to avoid due to the number of enemy units and action in several parts of the map. We nevertheless aimed to not lose any models during gameplay, and retreated injured squads to the Triage Centre (which is available starting with Mission 5 - Montebourg) before a squad was entirely lost.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, I played at EXPERT Difficulty.
    • Some screens will be from Normal difficulty playthrough but the tactics carry over to Expert Difficulty.
    • Expert Difficulty, however, is not recommended as many situations are simply ridiculous.
      • Like grenades not killing infantry even if they are at ground zero and with no intervening cover. You can see this in action during Mission 2 when you are recommended to use Grenades but the enemy just crawls away.
      • Or enemy units that occasionally take forever to kill.
        • Example: AT gun shot at from the rear with no cover took forever to kill.
        • Example: 20 Riflemen taking forever to kill one unit that supposedly has heavy cover despite being fired upon from three different directions:
      • Or crazy mortar unit placements. Such as in the picture below. Two of the three members of the team are in the lower left corner where they were setting up, but somehow the third unit walked up to the northeast corner.

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