Monday, February 9, 2015

Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Mission 9 - Dead But Not Dreaming

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Mission 9 - Dead But Not Dreaming
  • All Discoveries can be collected without engaging the enemy, so park at the starting location, collect Discoveries (some of which can  increase resources and/or resource production rate) and build your fleet. Start with a couple of Javelins to start taking down enemy Hangar Stations.
  • Swap Javelins for Manticores when you get the chance as they can one-shot bases from a fair distance although not quite as far as Javelins and they can come under Turret or Artillery fire. There is a charge-up time of about 1 second, and it fires three shots, each of which has a chance of missing. Two hits will almost-destroy a Station on Explorer Scientist difficulty.
  • There is a Dead Wormhole behind the Baleathan that spawns units continually, including 2 Manticores that can severely damage your capital ships. Park your ships there with a Trojan and Repair Stations while you send your Manticores (supported by Rovers) to destroy the Defense Grids in a series of hit-and-run attacks. Or you can steadily sacrifice Ronins to slowly bombard them.
  • If you need your full fleet to defend against the reinforcements, you can build Artillery turrets around the Baleathan and the nearest ones should fire on the armor points.
    • The Baleathan's turrets can be attacked prior to destroying the Defense Grids. The Grids only allow you to destroy all of them in one go. If you want to build on the Stations around the Baleathan, then destroy the turrets first before completing the mission objective to destroy the Defense Grids.
    • The rear of the Baleathan is outside of its fire arcs so you can capture all Stations there and park your fleet on them to handle the periodic reinforcements from the dead wormhole there.

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