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Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Mission 8 - Revolution

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Mission 8 - Revolution
  • There's no point trying to capture any Sector because the endless streams of strong enemies will ultimately overrun your key positions anyway even if you grab all or almost all Stations in a Sector. Since you are just passing through, there are few areas where you need to hold ground. Hang back your ships until you need to move them. Scout ahead with cloaked units if necessary.
    • There are a couple of Hydras parked in Sector 1. You could rush in and grab one (especially with an Offensive Setup Ulysses I) and then keep retreating until pursuit stops. They are interesting good-against-all-units ships that you won't otherwise have a chance to try until Mission 14 when you again have the opportunity to Board them.
  • Despite what HECTOR says, there is NO direct-to-exit route via Sector 1-3-5.
    • The briefing makes it sound like you can rush through enemy-rich Sector 3 to get to Sector 5 without unlocking gates, but you still need to unlock the gate in Sector 5 first anyway, and that involves having to go through Sector 4.
    • The first route he suggests involves sending your XL ships through a gate with massed defenses in front of it, so it is really not much worse than the Sector 1-3-5 route.
    • Besides, there are NO Discoveries to be found in Sector 3.
  • ALL Discoveries can be picked up without triggering Scythe aggression if you skirt around their holdings and wait for patrols to pass and hold their position.
  • Wormhole Blockades in Sector 5 can be safely attacked from the rear without having to contend with the Stations in front.
  • Shortly after you enter Sector 5 there will be a Side Mission to protect Renner's ship. You can do this in various ways:
    • Collect Trilobites ahead of time. They are probably the best unit for the short-notice mission in Sector 5 as they are overall better than Rover Mk2 and good against Small squadrons. You can collect Trilobytes in Sector 4 where they go in and out of Wormholes in pairs. Two at a time appear from the Sector 2/4 Wormhole and head to the nearest Sector 4/5 Wormhole.
    • Low Mass Wormholes can transport L ships, just not XL ships, so you can bring a Patriot or Corsairs to Sector 5. You should enter the wormhole nearest to the Sector 2/4 Wormhole since that is the one one Renner goes to regardless of which Wormhole you use to enter Sector 5.
    • Renner's ship exits near one of the gates you need to unlock for your XL ships. Unlock it and send your XL ships to Sector 5, right on top of the enemy and in position to protect Renner's ship. Might take too long on anything other than Explorer Scientist difficulty, however.
  • Failing to protect Renner's ship does not lose you Renner but long-term consequences are uncertain as I did not play the game through with having failed this side mission.

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