Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Mission 4 - Been Caught Stealing

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Mission 4 - Been Caught Stealing
  • During the navigation with the stealth units, instead of fooling around with the controls to adjust the height of the waypoints in order to avoid Detector Stations, use the Discoveries (which are at different heights) as waypoints.
  • After disabling the Alarm and finding Yuri, bring your Scouts back and recycle them into Corsairs and one Rover.
    • If you do not disable the Alarm, you will have to destroy the controls for the bombs on Yuri's ship. Either way, the mission continues except you have failed one of the Optional Objectives.
    • You need 1 Rover to carry stuff later. For healing, steal Cutlasses as you go along.
    • If you like the EMP pulse of the Scouts, steal a Carnage for it. No point Cloaking or scouting anymore on this map.
  • As soon as you finish scanning the Warden's Office, enemy ships start spawning in Sector 1 and move toward you.
    • If you have built a lot of Artillery, very few will survive the gauntlet and you can wipe the stragglers in Sector 3 -- and this is if you don't bother using the Artillery Station special ability to help wipe them out.
    • At Sector 3, you can also build a trio of Repair Stations to support your flagships in addition to Cutlasses in the back row and Corsairs to immediately neutralize the strongest ships.
    • Remember that you can stop Boarding any time and continue attacking a ship. Also, Turrets and Artillery Stations continue to fire at ships being boarded.
  • After picking up Yuri, Pirate ships and Warp Gates also open in Sectors 2 and 3 to flank you from front and rear. Hold against one flank (at a clump of Artillery Stations, for example) and clear the Warp Gates in the big chamber with the Warden's Office in the middle.
    • Nothing too serious unless you didn't prep all the captured Stations to protect your rear as you advanced along.
    • You don't actually have to defeat these reinforcements, just finish the mission objectives. But this makes the final cutscene a bit odd since how are you supposed to raid the morgue if there are Pirate ships distracting you?
    • You can see the annoying mess the reinforcements can make in these videos:

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