Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Mission 3 - Take the Power

Click here for the full index of Ancient Space mission walkthroughs as well as an overview of our playthrough paradigm.

Mission 3 - Take the Power
  • After the rescue, recycle your smallest ships and get Corsairs. Throughout this mission, keep stealing Cutlasses because they are sturdier than Rovers and have strong offense against small ships. Overall they are better, so get a bunch. Mass them so they can heal each other and provide support against small ships. En masse they are also reasonably good against larger ships especially as they have staying power from healing.
  • A few Corsairs are very good from the very start as their boarding power immediately neutralizes an enemy ship or station, letting you deal with them later or just leave disabled if you don't have enough Replicants to take them over. About 4 Corsairs will be plenty. Captured vessels and station structures taken over can be recycled for more resources if you don't want them.
  • Some Warehouses have small units. Recycle them to make room for more Cutlasses.
  • Build Artillery at all captured stations to secure your rear. Whenever your Rover is not doing anything have them drop a mine at a Wormhole.
You can see in the following videos what happens when you do not support your fleet with enough Repair units in an extended battle. Firepower units are secondary to outlasting the enemy when they can endlessly spawn ships to kill you with attrition.
Also, collecting Discoveries is important because some of them increase your Replicant count, hence your fleet size.

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