Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ancient Space - Mission Walkthroughs - Mission 12 - Wake

Click here for the full index of Ancient Space mission walkthroughs as well as an overview of our playthrough paradigm.

Mission 12 - Wake
  • The only Mission where we allowed unit losses, in the form of expendable Small squadron ships.
  • Obviously you should carefully keep your Rovers out of combat because your Patriot cannot manufacture any. Same with the Trojan once you receive it later in the mission. Once you get the Chimera (which can Board ships), reconfigure your fleet to dump all your squadron ships except 1 squadron of Bloodhounds. Also try to grab more Trilobites, especially if you have lost any of your initial two Rovers.
  • In the early game, having about 2-4 squadrons of Scouts is nice against the Stations because even if you are detected, you can quickly EMP any Turrets and Interdictor Stations then swarm in with the rest of your squadrons.
    • Once Turrets, Artillery, and defensive units are destroyed at a Station, any unit will do to clear out the rest and start capturing Stations.
    • Later, change your Scouts for Wasps, but by then you will probably have almost finished the mission and have no need of cloaked units for scouting.
Ulysses I Defense
  • For the final defense mission, the Station nearest to the Dead Wormhole can have a Detector but its range is too short. However an Artillery station there will have enough range to shoot at enemy Scythe moving toward the Ulysses I, however.
  • Park your forces near the Dead Wormhole and put a Bloodhound in front to immediately detect them. You will know they are coming because of the two Trilobites in each wave, but the Medusas and Wasps will run any blockade cloaked until they reach the Ulysses I.
    • A Triton (Kraken alternate form) or Trojan works great here as you can EMP each attack wave with one blast then quickly take them all out before the next wave.
    • Your Replicant Count is low in this mission so just 1 Kraken is probably good enough. As a Kraken you have the long range needed to safely take out any Station. As a Triton, you have one extra EMP blast if you need it during the Ulysses I defense.
  • It is important to collect Trilobites, especially if you have lost your Rovers, because the defense of the Ulysses I is conducted quite far from any Stations on which you can plant a Repair Station.
In the video below, you can watch enemy units decloaking just to attack the Ulysses I.

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